Our faces are full of acne marks, blemishes, and dark circles so no wonder makeup is our best friend. In order to put our best foot forward, we all use makeup whenever we are stepping out of the house. But are you using all the products in our make up bag in the right way? Do the marks on your face are still visible even after make? There may be chances that you are not using the right product, shade or form of makeup to conceal your dark areas of the face. 

Concealers are our makeup bag essential, without which our makeup is just incomplete. Sometimes, no matter how much concealer or foundation you layer on, our dark circles, blemishes, scar marks still show through. But so is not the case when a good makeup artist performs makeup on us. We are definitely lacking somewhere. Here we are going to reveal the secret of top professionals for color correcting. 

Color Correcting Techniques

Let’s take you to step by step to how you can do a professional like color correcting:

  • Know your face– Look at each of the discolorations on your face closely. Your dark circles might be of brown color and acne marks of red color. After that moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer and over that use a nice primer to smoothen your skin surface. No matter if your skin is dry or oily or normal, a moisturizer is a must, prior to your makeup.
  • Rules of color correction– Before putting that concealer on the face that doesn’t do its job 100%, look at the color wheel that we used to study in school. As the rule of the wheel says, the colors that are opposite to each other cancel out each other. This is the trick to conceal the worst possible discolorations on the face. The rule says that green color cancels our zits and red pimple marks. Purple concealer is used to cover yellow spots and orange for those dark circles. Cover your face discolorations with these colored concealers first. Blend them immediately as you put them since they dry out very fast. Secondly, never put the excess of these colored correctors, they will show if used heavily. Use small portions at a time to cancel out the skin defects. Apply them with a light hand with gentle patting motions.
  • Put concealer– After adding this colored concealer trick to your makeup routine, apply the concealer you use over it and blend it well with a beauty blender. Make sure you use a concealer that is exactly matching to your face color. Do not try and go for a lighter shade as that is the job of the foundation. Gently dab on your concealer and never rub it because you don’t want to create a mess and let it spread all over your face.
  • Time for foundation– It is important to choose a foundation that is of exact color or a shade lighter to your skin tone. When you are done with hiding your face marks and color defects, it’s time to play with the complexion. Put foundation on but with a very little amount at a time as it can smudge your color corrector beneath. After that, have fun with your eyeshadows, liners, mascaras, lipsticks, and blushers in whatever way you want.
Color Correcting Technique
Color Correcting Technique

How to Color Correct on Dark Skin Tone?

The color-correcting shades of purple, pink, orange and green are for light-skinned beauties. For the one with darker or olive skin color can correct with deeper and not pastel shades. The shades of peach, orange and red works best for dark skin colors since they work best to neutralize purple and dark brown skin discoloration.

How to Color Correct on Medium Skin Tone?

Concealing your face in the right way makes your makeup look more beautiful. The color correcting technique may sound a little odd the first time but it can do wonders if used in the right way. Have fun with your makeup routine. But it is also important to love your skin the way it is.

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