Rytasha Rathore Shared Her Views About Social Media Abuse

Rytasha Rathore grabbed everyone’s attention with her portrayal of Gia Irani in MASABA MASABA. We ladies just loved the way she brought the character to life as a headstrong woman who is bold and beautiful, someone who is always there for her friend, and the way she takes control of her family business all by herself. 

We all find ourselves at different crossroads in our lives where we have to decide what we truly want. In such cases, people say, “Always follow your heart and believe in yourself”.  Rytasha realized her passion for acting in her school days. And she decided to follow her dreams.  People often say when you want to do something in life, do it the right way, and enjoy the results. And that is what Rytasha Rathore did!

She went through an acting programme from La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore before pursuing her acting career officially. Before winding up in the tinsel town of Bollywood, Ryatsha Rathore dived into the world of theatrics, taking part in several plays. After this, she made her debut acting with the Indian Television Serial Badho Bahu that turned out to be a catalyst in her career. 

She has also done outstanding work as a host of a documentary series, Sex Rated: A Vice Guide To Sex In India. Not only this, but Rytasha is also a part of the IVM podcast series Agla Station Adulthood with her bestie, Ayushi Amin. 

In a world where we women are compelled and brainwashed to look good and have the perfect body, Rytasha Rathore is like a breath of fresh air for the audience. Why? For starters, she is a dynamic actor and someone beautiful inside and out. Most importantly, she has been inspiring us ladies with her body positivity image and her advocacy towards gender equality, sexual positivity, and women’s rights.

Recently, she was also seen rocking a bikini bathing suit like a boss lady at a beach, giving us the strength to break those body stereotypes.

Rytasha Rathore, you go, girl! 

The Voice of Woman had the immense pleasure of interviewing the one and only Ryatsha Rathore and got the opportunity to know more about her. Did you know that Rytasha and Gia from MASABA MASABA are very much alike? Well, keep on reading to know-how! 

Other than this, Rathore shared with us the challenges she has to face in her acting career, the changes she wishes to see in the industry, and society as a whole, the toxic reality of social media. 

She points out some vital factors that need to change in society that will further contribute to ending the greatest battle of all times – The battle of the two sexes.

We loved your portrayal of Gia in Masaba Masaba. What was the best part of that role that you can relate to?

Gia and Rytasha have similar urban backgrounds. We are both parts of the very small percentage of women who have the autonomy, freedom, and a voice. I could relate to her ambition, drive, and free-spiritedness.

What challenges did you face initially in your acting career? Do you still face any such challenges?

Every day is a challenge in this career. And not just for me, it’s for everyone who is trying to do good work. Sadly, we live in a country that celebrates mediocrity, and I am anything but that. That in itself is a major challenge because I expect better-written roles and more leading roles written for women who look like me in mainstream cinema.

Women are always depicted with beautiful, flawless skin and the perfect body on screen. Do you think this will ever change, or do you already notice any changes in the industry?

Mainstream movies, sadly, are still catering to the lowest common denominator and have not been able to evolve their sensibilities. OTT, however, is a whole new world. 

There is hope for a shift in the way we represent women on screen. I’d love to play the lead role in a romantic comedy opposite a conventionally attractive “Hero”, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Does that mean I cry about it? Or does that mean I write myself a leading role in a romcom?

How do you like to utilize the breaks during your rehearsal shoot?

Take a nap, scroll on Instagram, write my journal, take selfies. It depends on how long my break is and what my mood is that day. 

Rytasha Rathore
Rytasha Rathore

As a woman, what changes would you like to see in the industry and society?

I’d like to see women better represented on screen. Also, I would like to work on more female-led projects. In society, I’d like to see women being respected and given equal opportunities. I want the girls of our country to have as much freedom and safety as boys do.

There must be more women in positions of power and decision making. We need equal pay, paid maternity as well as paternity leave. The list goes on and on.

Celebrities and women in general, nowadays face a lot of social media abuse and trolling. What are your thoughts in this case?

Social media can be extremely toxic, and even though I personally just block trolls, it can still get one down. Kindness is the new cool, and we need to foster an environment filled with kindness and love.

We totally love your body positivity image. What would you like to say to all the girls and women in this regard?


Have you ever been asked to change something about yourself?

No, nothing!

Rytasha Rathore
Rytasha Rathore

The true definition of feminism has somewhat become tainted. How should we try to deal with this fact?

We must educate ourselves and move towards an equal future. It is the only way to rectify such a blunder. 

What message would you like to share through the Voice of Woman?

I hope more women find their voices and use their voice to get what we deserve, that is equality in every aspect of life.