The coronavirus and the consequent events that have unfolded for some weeks across the globe is not only taking a toll on our physical health but our mental health as well. This is primarily because of the ambiguity of the present situation.

This lockdown though necessary is creating major changes in our lives. While we all hope to be recovered from this as early as possible let us also look into the positive aspects. Fill your lockdown manual with simple pleasures we have long forgotten. This is a great time to try that recipe, do a makeover or check out DIY room decor ideas that will totally transform your room.

The best part? There is no strict adherence to rules. You can try and modify anything according to your taste, choice and availability of things.

Complete DIY Room Decor Ideas

  • What Does DIY Actually Mean?
  • Why Should You Decorate Your Room?
  • Why You Should Opt for DIY Room Decor Ideas?
  • How You Should Get Started with Revamping Your Room?
  • What is Your Style?
    • Colourful Floor Cushion
    • Repaint Your Walls
    • Photo Fun
    • Cheese Grater Earring Holder
    • Jute Twinkle Light Shade
    • Star Mirror
    • Closer to Nature
    • Glitter Switch Plate

What Does DIY Actually Mean?

The term “do-it-yourself” has been associated primarily in the domain of home improvement and maintenance activities with consumers since at least 1912.

However, the realm of DIY is constantly expanding and can turn out to be entirely different images for different kinds of people. It is free from any rigid structure and can be about a variety of things.

DIY is an umbrella term which is about the subjective taste of any individual woman depending upon the way she wants her inner domain to be. We encounter the word ‘DIY’ nowadays almost everywhere.

Basically ‘DIY’ is about attempting to do a particular task all by yourself. This includes creating, modifying and repairing your own products and using those as your resources,  without taking any professional help.  It can range from cutting your own hair to decorating a cake or even painting your own walls. 

Therefore DIY is not only a great way to develop your skill and knowledge in addition to that opting for DIY without seeking expert help can help you to save a lot of money.

So basically by adopting DIY room decor ideas not only you will get a makeover but also can save that money for buying perhaps that designer saree you have been longing for.

Why Should You Decorate Your Room?

Home is where the heart belongs. Therefore it is important to undertake certain activities and decorate your space with the things that make your living worthwhile.

Room decorations often indicate the way you feel and live your life. Just like an untidy room can be an indication of your irregular lifestyle similarly a well-kept room can exhibit the good vibes within you. The appearance of your room plays a major role in determining the mood and atmosphere for you. Adding decorative touches can uplift the appeal of your room. Thus decorating your room is always a satisfactory idea. 

Many wellbeing experts have recommended cleaning and redecorating one’s room space when a woman feels cluttered and in need of a change. For example: changing your sheets and pillowcase, decluttering one’s room, getting rid of pointless items or trying to develop ideas for DIY room decor with those.

The main motive is to ensure that the room in which you are living relaxes you and does not become an object of your stress. A dull room can make you feel more tired than you already feel and can make your mood dull as well. Hence decorating your room gives your mind an indication of how you as an individual cherish the space you call home.

Why You Should Opt for DIY Room Decor Ideas?

If you are looking for smart DIY room decor ideas to renovate your room without burning a hole in your pocket or you are simply just tired of having the same style for years and want to give a new look to your room, then you should definitely consider opting for DIY room decor ideas.

Here at Voice Of Woman, we bring you the stories by the woman who cares so that it becomes easier for you before you make your decision. 

DIY Decor Ideas
DIY Decor Ideas

How You Should Get Started with Revamping Your Room?

With a pen and paper in hand, stand in the middle of your room and look around. Take notes as to which things are keepers. Try not to concentrate only on the losers! List DIY room decor ideas in three categories: Keepers, losers and maybes. Think about how much money you will need and try to come up with a budget. DIY room decor ideas do not mean everything has to be brand new. But you will still need some money even if you want to make improvements to the things you already have.

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DIY Room Decor Ideas

This will help you decide what sorts of colours and patterns to use for things such as walls, bed linens, rugs, furniture and pillows.

Let’s talk about Smart DIY Room Decor Ideas.

1. Colourful Floor Cushion

Cut strips of colourful fabric and sew them onto two large fabric circles, then stitch and fill them to make a huge comfortable floor cushion. You can choose colourful threads to customize according to your preference. You can also make a pillow pocket by cutting a pocket from old jeans and sewing it onto the cushion cover for a more versatile use.

DIY Decor Ideas
DIY Decor Ideas

2. Repaint Your Walls

Is your room crying out for colours? Repainting your walls is one way to give your room a totally different feel. You can dress up that empty wall by enlarging that favourite picture of yours digitally. Then stick colourful straws or cardboards along the top and bottom as a frame. You can create your own pattern by outlining it on the wall using a cardboard model.

3. Photo Fun

Nothing captures a moment like a photograph. One-click of the camera and you can forever hold onto that precious moment. Just think of the pictures that mean a lot to you. It can have pictures of your favourite persons, your pet, places that you admire or even self-portrait.

Now think about the way you want to arrange these photographs on your wall. Want something a little different? Go wild! Choose a variety of different frames and photos and create a wall that is both funky and stylish. You can hang your picture with a picture string, ribbons, magnets and even clothespins. These methods will be most appropriate for lightweight pictures. Arrange your photos so that they tell a story.

4. Cheese Grater Earring Holder

An affordable easy way to keep your earrings from tangling. Just get hold of an old cheese grater, spray paint it with your favourite colour and stick large beads to the bottom to make it stand. This is one of the easy smart DIY room decor ideas for girls.

DIY Decor Ideas
DIY Decor Ideas

5. Jute Twinkle Light Shade

Upgrade your DIY room decor ideas with this project. The things that you will need are some string lights, double braided jute twine, a white plastic cup and glue gun to decorate your room with such a beautiful hand made lighting that is not only just perfect but budget-friendly as well.

Take the cup and shoot hot glue around it and begin to coil your double braided jute twine until the entire cup is covered, let it dry and then attach the twine shade with the string lights and hang them where you want.

DIY Decor Ideas
DIY Decor Ideas

6. Star Mirror

When it comes to DIY room decor ideas, cute framed mirrors should be at the top of your DIY room decor ideas. Measure the length and width of your mirror then think about a pattern, colour and shape to decorate the trim of the mirror.

Sketch and colour the way you want your mirror to look then apply the decoration to the outer edge of your mirror. Place it on the vanity to add a splash of colour to your morning and also to feel proud of your creativity.

7. Closer to Nature

Adding living elements into your room can change the vibe instantly. However, houseplants can be costly but you can still fill your room with houseplants by maintaining your budget.

The easiest and the most inexpensive way to get it is by propagating houseplant. It works with a variety of plants such as ivy, pothos etc. All that you need to do is to cut 4-5 inch long stem of that plant, place it in water and change the water regularly and when you see a good root system plant the stem into a soil pot.

DIY Decor Ideas
DIY Decor Ideas

8. Glitter Switch Plate

Nothing makes a room sparkle more than glitter. You can easily replace your boring switch plate into something fascinating by giving it a glittery finish. Start with removing your switch plate from the world and be careful while doing so.

Use a paintbrush and apply a coat of acrylic paint on it. Let it dry and then put a thin layer of glue and sprinkle a good amount of glitter over it. Allow the craft to dry finish off by applying a clear nail polish as it will keep the glitter in place and give it a shiny finish. Attach the switch plate and see your room glow. 

So do not wait for any further and turn your dream into reality with these DIY room decor ideas. Stay safe and be happy!

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