Breast Sagging!!! As you grow up, your breasts grow with you. Your breasts have to deal with gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding and other things as you age. Not to mention, aging also affects the structure of your breasts drastically. Well, you can’t stop time, neither can you stop gravity. But there are some ways using which you can improve your saggy breasts and make them appear less saggy, by opting for certain methods and applying some lifestyle changes in your routine.

What is Breast Sagging?

Breast sagging, medically known as breast ptosis happens to all women as they age. This a part of the change that happens to a woman’s body as it grows old. This happens due to the loosening of ligaments that make up the breast tissue stretch and gradually lose their elasticity. Breast Sagging also happen during pregnancy and breastfeeding as the skin and muscles around the breasts loosen during this time and stretch, leading to saggy breasts eventually.

5 Remedies For Sagging Breasts

By exercising some healthy habits, you can regain the firmness of your breasts. Some of these are listed below:

1. Wearing the right bra, the right way

As comfortable as you might feel at home in those loose t-shirts and baggy hoodies, wearing no bra underneath, well you need to stop doing it if you want to have firm breasts. Wearing no bra gives zero support to your breasts, which makes them sag early. Additionally, sagging breasts can be a result of wearing the wrong type of bra daily. Either your bra is too loose, providing no support to your breasts, or too tight which can be problematic. So ladies, always get the right bra that fits you perfectly and is adequately supported. Also change your brassieres frequently because even though they might look perfectly well, they might lose their elasticity.

2. Your Posture

Your body posture affects the firmness of your breasts too. Having the wrong posture or walking, sleeping in a way that puts a strain on your breasts may loosen the muscles around your breasts and lead to breast sagging, drooping breasts. Always have a straight posture when sitting or walking, and make sure you have a really straight back. Sleep in a position that doesn’t put too much strain on your breasts. The best way to avoid this is to sleep on your back rather than your side, as it will also ensure your breasts are positioned correctly while you sleep.

3. Workout

Too much workout is not the key, it is the right workout. Many women have these immense rough workout sessions but their breasts are only affected minutely. Saggy breasts can be made firm by doing the right workout on a regular basis. Opt for exercises that strengthen your pectoral muscles, your shoulders, back, and core. Some of these exercises include doing planks, push-ups, and chest press. You can include other modified exercises too in your daily routine, get the help of your gym trainer if you are looking for faster results.

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Breast Sagging
Breast Sagging

4. Eating Right

Watch what you eat for better results and thus better breasts. Taking care of your skin and body will help you for getting the results you wish for. Include lots of antioxidant-rich foods in your diet. This will keep your skin supple and reduce any sag or wrinkles from your skin. Always have a consistently balanced diet. Losing too much weight may lead to sagging breasts because only the fat underneath your skin goes away but your skin is left sagging as it is unable to retract. Also, keep your skin and body hydrated by drinking enough water and eating water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. They help keep your skin young and wrinkle/sag-free. 

5. No Smoking

In addition to all the other life-threatening effects related to smoking cigarettes, it is hugely responsible for the sagging of your breasts too. This happens because smoking causes collagen in the skin to break down, thus leading to sagging, drooping breasts for the rest of your life. So, cut out on smoking as much as you getting firm breasts.

These methods will help you regain the firmness of your breasts if exercised regularly in some time. However, if you are looking for immediate results without having to go through the above steps, you can always go for a breast lift surgery. This is your own personal decision but consider all the risks, costs and recovery time before going in for it.

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