Breast ptosis or how to fix saggy breasts is a condition that’s faced by most women in their lives. It can be caused due to a lot of reasons. While it’s possible to cure saggy breasts up to a certain age, not much can be done in old age since it’s a natural cosmetic procedure. In this article, we’ll be talking about the causes, the remedies, and the myths that are associated with saggy breasts. Are you facing saggy breasts at an early age? Are you wondering how to cure saggy breasts? You’re at the right place! Read along and find out the answers. 

How To Fix Saggy Breasts 

Aging is the primary cause of saggy breasts. This happens due to the stretching of Cooper’s ligaments, located in the breasts. The various other factors are: 

  • lack of estrogen
  • greater body mass index
  • bigger breasts
  • lack of collagen
  • pregnancy
  • drastic weight loss or weight gain
  • smoking
  • menopause

Busting Myths 

There are several myths attached to the issue of saggy breasts. For example, it is known that not wearing a bra or wearing an ill-fitted bra can lead to saggy breasts. Scientifically, this is not proven and studies show that wearing a bra or not wearing a bra has got nothing to do with the sagging of breasts. Bras are meant to protect the boobs and are not capable of changing their shape or affecting their firmness. Next, breastfeeding does not lead to saggy breasts either. It is a natural phenomenon that involves the consumption of breast milk by a child, of the mother. This myth is quite popular but has no proper facts to fall back on. 

How To Fix Saggy Breasts? 

The following are a few lifestyle changes that can help you to fix saggy breasts. 

1. Avoid Smoking

Avoid smoking
Avoid smoking

According to experts, smoking speeds up the process of aging because of its harmful effects on elastin, a body protein. Elastin is responsible for regulating the softness and suppleness of our skin. The ligaments and tissues of the body gradually lose their elasticity and firmness, leading to saggy breasts. 

2. Avoid Weight Gain

If your body weight increases, your breast size is invariably going to increase. This wouldn’t be good news since bigger boobs have higher chances of sagging. To fix saggy breasts, you’ve got to maintain a particular weight, without losing or gaining weight drastically. Staying fit and healthy curbs the occurrence of saggy breasts. 

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3. Hormone Supplements

The production of the estrogen hormone diminishes after menopause. This also leads to a decrease in the collagen levels of the body. Saggy breasts are caused due to a lack of estrogen and collagen. You can consume supplements or phytoestrogens to alleviate the problem. Talk to your physician if you experience saggy breasts after your menopause and discuss this method. 

4. A Good Bra

Investing in good lingerie is important but that’s not just because of saggy breasts. A well-fitted bra is suggested during workout sessions to keep a check on the breast movement. This can lead to pain and other discomforts but not saggy breasts, as mentioned before.

5. Muscle Workout

Keeping the pectoral muscles, under the breasts active, by regular working out is a good way of ensuring their good shape. There are specific exercises for these muscles that lift the breasts and avoid sagging. 

6. Pregnancy


The body goes through a wide plethora of changes during pregnancy. The natural hormonal balance is altered. The changes often result in saggy breasts and take a long time to gain back their previous shape. In the case of multiple pregnancies, the problem becomes graver. 

7. Surgery

The only way which can completely transform your breasts is plastic surgery. Not everybody can afford it but once done, your breasts are going to look perfect, permanently. If you can splurge that much to get rid of saggy breasts, go for it!

Home Remedies for Saggy Breasts 

  • Egg Yolk and Cucumber 

The high concentration of vitamins and minerals present in egg yolk and the toning features of cucumber come together to cure saggy breasts. Blend one cucumber and mix it with an egg yolk. You may add a bit of cream or butter to give it a creamy consistency. Massage it for half an hour on your breasts in an upward motion before washing off with cold water. 

  • Egg White, Honey, and Yogurt  

Make a mixture of one egg white and one spoon of both honey and yogurt. Apply it in an upward direction on the breasts and for about 20-30 mins. Wash it off after that. 

  • Olive Oil  
Olive Oil
Olive Oil

It’s known to battle against free radicals, due to the presence of fatty acids and antioxidants. It also smoothes skin tone and improves blood circulation around the breasts. Rub some olive oil in your palms and apply it on the breasts in an upward manner to fix saggy breasts. Do this for 15-20 minutes. Repeat it 3-4 times per week for best results. 

  • Ice Cubes  

Rubbing ice anywhere on the body is very effective. The tissues contract and make the skin firm when ice is applied to it. Thus, saggy breasts are treated and they gain their structure back. Take 2-3 cubes of ice and apply them either directly or in a handkerchief, on the breasts for about a minute. Remember to dab them upward, instead of pressing downwards. This can be repeated at any time of the day. However, avoid an excess. 


Saggy breasts can hurt your self-confidence but remember, you’re beautiful the way you are. However, if you want to reduce them, you can easily do that using the remedies and methods mentioned above. You’re not alone and there are tons of other people who suffer from the same issue. If you follow a proper regime, you’re going to notice a change soon. Don’t lose hope and keep at it! 

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