Name any big shot athlete – the late Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, or other NFL players. They all tried and tested the treatment that has been going around for a few years now. Despite being unproved, a lot of players were willing to take their chances, pay with their own money and travel across the world to undergo this treatment. This is what is called Regenokine Treatment. It falls under the umbrella of biologic medicine that believes that our body has all the healing power we will ever require to cure any kind of pain or injury. 

To put it simply, in this treatment, you take a person’s tissue from his body and process those tissues. Then they are injected back into his blood. However, despite being popular among all the major athletes, nothing about this treatment has been researched extensively enough to be conclusive. So, does Regenokine Treatment work? Keep reading to find out more. 

This is mostly used to treat joint pains and any kind of inflammation in the tissues. Once processed, your tissues are injected into the specific areas that are affected or inflamed. This treatment is the brainchild of one Dr Peter Wehling hailing from Germany. He managed to secure approval for this process within his home country. Other nations still seem to be skeptical about Regenokine Treatment. The FDA has not given approval for its use. However, there are some places within the US you could get this done. If you want to deep dive into the Regenokine world, read on. 

What is Regenokine Treatment?

It all started when Dr Wehling was successful in treating joint pains or injuries of horses using the Regenokine he developed. He further researched into applying the method and technique to humans. He created a detailed plan of the formulation and the process which thereby got the approval of Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medicine in 2003.  

Regenokine Treatment

Image source: Healthline

This is the most basic and non-technical answer to what is Regenokine treatment – the tissues that are extracted from the person’s body have a high concentration of the protein that helps in reducing inflammation and promoting regeneration of cells. Thus, once this protein is processed right, injecting into the affected area is supposed to relieve the pain and help heal it quickly and efficiently. The processed serum is called ACS and it works mainly for blocking pain receptors.

It is a cutting edge but experimental treatment, mostly used for lower back pain – a chronic pain problem that is rampant in most people. The response rate for this treatment is about 80 per cent as it directly targets the source of the inflammation. The supercharged dose of proteins works wonders, according to all the physicians working on this Regenokine Treatment. 

What goes on in the Regenokine treatment?

  1. Before allowing you to undergo this treatment, you need to be eligible for the same. A physician will have to look into your medical history and certify you fit enough. They’ll need a sample of your blood and a standard x-ray of your affected joint or the injury.
  2. Once you’ve cleared this stage, they will prepare you for the treatment. Firstly, they will eject some blood out of your arm or wrist, whatever seems suitable.
  3. The second stage is when your blood is processed to form a serum-like substance. This is done by increasing the temperature of your blood for over a day. Then, by way of centrifugal force, your blood will separate itself from the proteins that are useful for combatting inflammation. Depending on the protein concentration of your blood, more might be added. The end product is a serum which contains no red blood or white blood cells. After the ACS is duly produced, it is refrigerated and put into syringes for use.
  4. Lastly, all they need to do is inject the serum back into your body. For better precision, the doctor will suggest an ultrasound of the affected joint so he can effectively reinject it into the right place.

The best part about this treatment is that there is no recovery period per se. You can go back to living your normal life and doing your day-to-day activities once you’re through with the reinjection. Depending on the healing ability of your body and the rate at which it can regenerate cells, you will feel relief accordingly. It differs from individual to individual. 

Does Regenokine Treatment work?

Most studies concluded that this treatment is effective, but the results vary from person to person. It works, but not for everyone. The definition of effectiveness differs in different countries.

For instance, the Wehling foundation itself considers the treatment a success if the joint pain of the person undergoing it is reduced by 50 per cent or more. The rate of success does not have to be one hundred. Dr Wehling assures that the treatment is more effective in middle-aged people with severe knee arthritis. There are a few doctors in the United States that have permission to carry on this treatment. According to them, they witnessed a 75 per cent success rate among their patients who underwent this treatment. The pain relief causes most patients to either postpone their knee replacement surgery or completely avoid it. 

Worldwide, there have been over one lakh patients that have been treated using the Regenokine Treatment over ten years. It can categorically be said that it is a safe procedure – there have been no patients that reported adverse effects. Considering the drug used in this process is your blood itself, the safety is not in question. 

While this Regenokine Treatment is promising, it does not have FDA approval in the US or any other major nations. FDA approval will warrant millions of dollars in research and most governments do not consider it necessary. Back pain specialists across the world overwhelmingly suggest doing physical therapy before opting for any kind of surgery or treatment. But if physical therapy does not work, then what? We are sufficiently intrigued by what they are doing in Dusseldorf, Germany and we hope this article piqued your interest as well.