Stomach Pain
Stomach Pain

Whether you had food that was too risky for you, some good old spicy dish, or some new but weird tasting seafood. These are all the foods that you know don’t agree with your stomach but you eat them anyway. Aftermath is that you are either curled up in your bed waiting for the pain to stop or you are practically living in the washroom. Either way, you know that you have an upset stomach.

Upset stomach, stomachaches, and irritated or irregular bowls can also be a result of stress, traveling, new medications that your body is getting used to. In these cases, you do not need to worry about your stomach ache getting severe or consulting a doctor for it. After all, it’s just the food, you know? But what if the stomachache prevails and lingers for more than a few days? You are forced to question if it was the bad food at the restaurant or do you have a serious issue? 

Signs That Indicate A Serious Stomach Problem

Here in this article, we talk about the signs you can notice and catch if you have a serious stomach problem which is to be treated immediately, read on to follow:

1. Left/Right Lower Abdominal Pain In Females

If you feel a sudden pain in the lower right or lower left abdominal region, it could indicate a serious problem. It could be a ruptured ovarian cyst in a female who is mid-cycle. It can also indicate ovarian torsion, which is the twisting of rotation of the ovary and some portion of the fallopian tube. Twisted ovaries are a result of compromised blood supply to the organ. In this case, urgent medical help is recommended. Consult your nearest doctor and get yourself checked for any of the things listed above.

2. Knife-Like Pain In Lower Abdomen

Pain in your lower abdominal area could be a threat too. If you are experiencing severe pain in the lower abdominal region, along with nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills, it could be an indication of kidney stones. You are recommended to visit a doctor immediately. He will do an ultrasound or a CT scan to diagnose the stone and treat you for the pain. You will be prescribed medications based on the number and size of your stones and regular medical treatment according to your doctor for this situation. 

3. Belly Pain In Lower Left Side And Inability To Move

If you are experiencing lower abdominal pain that is severe and it gets even worse when you try to bring about any movement, it could indicate a condition called diverticulitis. Diverticulitis is small pockets that are formed in the colon and become obstructed and perforate. You need to see a doctor immediately if such kind of pain prevails. Your doctor will recommend proper medical treatment accordingly. These are usually dealt with by prescribing antibiotics to the patients and stool softeners for reducing the risk of any abscess formation. 

4. Sudden Pain In Abdomen

Sudden and extreme pain in your mid-abdominal area can be an indication of perforation. This is especially for people who have a history of peptic ulcer disease and those who take aspirin regularly. Perforation is a surgical emergency and is to be attended to immediately. If you have this kind of pain consult your nearest hospital as soon as possible.

5. Vague Upper Abdominal Pain

If you are experiencing a vague upper and mid-abdominal pain accompanied by burping, nausea, and belching it could be an indication of a possible heart attack. Vomiting when accompanied by jaw pain and shortness of breath can be critical conditions leading to some serious complications. In any of these cases go to a hospital immediately.

6. Sudden Pain In Lower Right Abdomen

Sudden pain around the lower right abdominal area accompanied by a fever could be a sign of appendicitis. Vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation along this pain are also indications of certain complicacy. If this pain occurs suddenly multiple times over the day you are advised to visit your doctor immediately. Appendicitis if left untreated can lead to a ruptured appendix which can be very lethal.

7. Upper Abdominal Pain Between Rib Cage

If you are experiencing sudden, extreme pain in your upper abdominal area under the ribs, it can be an indication of heart disease. This can be particularly confirmed if the pain persists or you show other symptoms like shortness of breath. 

8. Cramp Like Pain With Diarrhoea Or Constipation

Lower abdominal pain accompanied by bloating and constipation or diarrhea can be a sign of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is a common problem but medication might be needed in some cases.

9. Stomach Ache After A Fatty Meal

If you have recently eaten a high-fat meal and are experiencing a severe stomach ache, it could be a sign of a gallbladder attack. The pain worsens after eating and becomes more constant and severe over time.

These are all the types of stomach aches you should look out for and be aware of. If you see someone or find yourself showing symptoms listed above, you should consult a doctor immediately for reducing any risk of further damage and complications.

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