Want to appear suave and rattle off names of luxury fashion brands like a real fashion connoisseur? But even though luxury fashion has become affordable, yet those foreign tongue-twisting names can be off-limits for many of us.

Most of us pronounce beauty brand names wrong. Sometimes it may embarrass you when you pronounce it wrong in front of your colleagues or your friends and family. But you are not alone! We all have made this mistake once in our life. We all want to pronounce beauty brand names right.

You might not want to make this mistake in front of a salesperson (who would judge you the most) when you are shopping for a beauty brand and you badly want to know how to pronounce beauty brand names correctly. 

But do not worry! Next time you won’t make that mistake because we are going to tell you some common beauty brand names which are pronounced wrong. You will learn how to pronounce beauty brand names the right way! 

How to Pronounce Beauty Brand Names Correctly?

Makeup and the beauty business is growing day by day and we seem to use popular beauty brands more often. It is important to know how to pronounce beauty brand names the correct way. Most foreign brands from France, Japan, and Korea have different accents and are spelled differently from the way we may spell. 

Pronouncing it correctly can make you look a lot more knowledgeable and especially if you are a makeup junkie, it is a must to know how to pronounce the names of popular beauty brands correctly. Here is how you can pronounce beauty brand names correctly! 

1. Chanel 

We’ve all misspelled this one wrong. Chanel is a popular brand name that focuses on high fashion clothes, perfumes, makeup, skincare, luxury goods, and accessories for both men and women. Because of its French name, people mostly pronounce it wrong. ‘Chanel’ is a French name for girls. You must have pronounced it as ‘cha-nell’ but it is the wrong way. 

Correct Pronunciation: ‘shun-nell’

2. Clinique 

Clinique is focused on skincare and cosmetics for women according to every skin type and concern. It is a popular brand name and sold in high-end department stores. This name is often pronounced wrong. Sometimes ‘slee-Nik’ but this is absolutely not how it is pronounced. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘clin-neek’

3. Givenchy


To be honest, you were waiting for this one. Weren’t you? Givenchy is a popular French brand for luxury clothing, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics. You might be shocked to know how it is pronounced. You might be pronouncing it as ‘Give-en-chee’ Uh-oh! It’s the wrong way. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘zhee-Von-shee’

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is an American high-end cosmetic company which is known for its good quality makeup products especially eyebrow products. You might be pronouncing it wrong. If you spell it as ‘Ana-stay-shia Bev-er-lee Hills’ you are pronouncing it a bit wrong. Shocked right? 

Correct pronunciation: ‘On-ah-stah-zee-ah Bev-er-lee Hills’ 

5. Estée Lauder 

Estée Lauder is an American multinational company that manufactures high-quality skincare, makeup, hair care products, and perfumes for women. It has a popular brand name and is widely purchased but still pronounced wrong. Pronouncing it as ‘Ess-tay La-ow-Der’ is the wrong way. The correct way:

Correct Pronunciation: ‘Ess-tay Law-der’

6. Moschino 

Moschino is an Italian luxury brand which is famous for its specialization in leather accessories, shoes, luggage and perfumes. It is a Milan based luxury fashion house. Another brand which is often pronounced wrong. You may have been pronouncing it as ‘mos-chi-no’ which is not correct. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘mos-kee-no’

7. NYX 

NYX is an American cosmetics company that deals in high-quality and cruelty-free makeup products that are widely used all over the world. You may have been pronouncing it as ‘nayx’ which is a little wrong. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘Nix’ 

8. Versace 

The famous Versace is a high-end Italian luxury fashion brand that deals in clothing, accessories, and other fashion products. The pronunciation of this popular brand is quite complicated. It may be commonly misspelled 'ver-sah-ce’ which is sadly not correct at all. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘ver-sah-chae’ (ch as you spell ‘ch’ in chocolate) 

9. Huda Beauty 

Huda Beauty is a popular brand name and is used widely in India. It deals in cosmetics like eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, foundations, and other makeup products. You may have been pronouncing it as ‘Hue-dah Byu-tee’ which is the wrong way. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘who-dah byu-tee’

10. Kiehl’s 

Kiehl’s is an American cosmetics company which deals in skincare, haircare, and body care products. It is a known brand for its good quality products for skincare. You may get shocked to know the correct pronunciation. It is commonly misspelled as ‘kils’ which may sound right to you but isn’t. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘keels’

11. YSL 

YSL is a French luxury brand which is known for its clothing, shoes and jewelry. 

Most people are not aware of its full form which is ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ and it is not very easy to pronounce for some. Mostly it is mentioned and called by its short form which is ‘YSL’. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘eve-san-lou-ron’ (pretty complicated right?) 

12. Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

One of the most popular brands which are famous for luxury clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry and other fashion goods. But, it is still pronounced wrong. It is normally pronounced as ‘loo-is-Vou-itt-on’ which is quite wrong because of its a French name it is pronounced correctly as: 

Correct pronunciation: ‘loo-ee-vee-tawn’ 

13. Aesop 

Aesop is a Brazilian global skincare brand that also deals with hair care, soaps, and colognes. This beauty brand is also famous for the interior design of its stores. You may have pronounced it as ‘ae-soap’ which is not the correct way. 

Correct pronunciation: ‘ee-sop’

14. Morphe 

Morphe is a Los Angeles based cosmetic company which is known for its good quality makeup and skincare products. The widely used wrong pronunciation of this word is ‘Morf’ which is not correct. The correct way of pronouncing Morphe is:

Correct Pronunciation: ‘mor-fee’ 

To pronounce beauty brand names sounds scary as your tongue may twist at any time. These were some commonly mispronounced beauty brand names. Practice them 3-4 times and you’ll be able to know how to pronounce the names of popular beauty brands.

You are now aware of how to pronounce the makes of beauty brands. Next time you are shopping at a high-end store, be sure to pronounce names of beauty brand names correctly! 

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