Breasts are the most treasured assets of women. We are taught to keep them hidden. We call them by various nicknames. Like boobies, melons, bouncers, The girls, bosom, breast friends, breasticles, and many more. Breasts are what makes you feel like a lady.

Breasts are one of the most controversial topics that you can think of while promoting women empowerment. Movements like ‘Free the Nipples’ have initiated a free discussion about a woman’s breast.

Why Are Bigger Breasts Attractive?

It is a common myth among women and men that a lady appears more appealing if she has large breasts. Many women who do not have larger breasts feel less of a woman. They are ridiculed and asked to stuff their bras with socks. This is insulting. Women with smaller breasts are called flat. These comments are hurtful. Also, women and her big breasts problems cannot be ignored.

But why do men think the breasts of a woman should be large? Is it because it appears sexy? Or because men feel that they are only a sex organ and nothing else?

Some men feel that women with large breasts and broad hips can harbour a child during pregnancy. They want their mate to have such body proportions. The breasts of a woman have to prepare themselves before the baby arrives during pregnancy.

Breasts are not only used during sexual activities to suck and grope. A woman has to carry the weight of her breasts throughout her life. Many women who think that they don’t have large breasts undergo surgeries.

Larger breasts have severe consequences. It might appear sexy when you are young. But as you grow older you will face severe problems due to larger breasts.

Problems Of Having Bigger Breasts

There are certain big breasts problems that women with large breasts have to deal with.

Weight Of Breasts

With bigger breasts; come a huge amount of weight. Girls with bigger breasts usually face back and spine problems in their 30’s. They usually have to undergo breast reduction surgery.

Breasts Cancer

Women can be diagnosed with breast cancer from their late 20’s to 50’s. Larger breasts increase the chance of breast cancer. Especially if they are not natural. Do you feel that there’s a lump in your chest region? Or if you feel pain in your chest region; consult your doctor.

Breasts Enlargement

Many women who have smaller breasts undergo silicone implantation. These breast enlargement surgeries are painful and not always a success. Women who have larger breasts naturally underdo breast implantation as well. Girls with their big boob problems; we understand you!

Bigger Breast

Men think that larger breasts will be more sexually arousing. These silicone implantations are plastic and fake.

Comments From People

Women who undergo surgery or have naturally large breasts are always subjected to unwanted attention. People generally stare at their huge breasts and make them feel uncomfortable. These women are usually ashamed of their breasts. Most of the big boob problems are because we are ashamed of our assets.

Are Those Real?

One of the big boob problems is this. Women who have larger breasts are always asked this. People keep checking if their breasts are real or not. This could be insulting and irritating.

Dress Doesn’t Fit Your Breasts

Women who have larger breasts often have a hard time finding the right dress. Women with larger breasts cannot wear shirts because the buttons in the chest region cannot hold your ‘Girls’ together. They cannot wear deep necks; because they don’t have subtle cleavage. Bikini tops are not able to cover the whole breasts. If they wear tops that are too tight it is going to highlight their breasts even more.

Bras Are A Tension

You need to find the perfect bra to cover your breasts. Generally, with bigger breasts, you have to look for a D or even a DD cup. Even then, your breasts might not get covered properly. You won’t be able to find stylish bras. Just plain white, nudes, and black ones.

Your Boobs Don’t Let You Run

The major problem with big breasts is that you cannot run. Your boobs will start bouncing. And they will grab unnecessary attention. Women with larger breasts have this complaint. They cannot run.

Strapless Dress Is A Nightmare

For women with bigger breasts, strapless dresses are a big No. You cannot leave your breasts without the proper support of straps. You cannot wear a tube bra or a strapless bra. It becomes impossible to manage your breasts. We get you, girl.

Hot Weather

Women with large breasts fear hot seasons. You will sweat more. It will lead to itchy skin and rashes. Since your breasts are heavy; you might develop rashes.

Breast Cramps

Breast cramps are quite common among women with larger breasts. When you are on your periods you might feel some pain every once in a while. These breast cramps are harmless. But if it is occurring frequently then do consult a doctor.

How To Take Care Of Your Breasts?

  • You can massage your breasts regularly to keep them firm.
  • Many women fear saggy breasts. If you have big breasts it will be more problematic for you.
  • Wear the right bra that fit your breasts.
  • Avoid breast enlargement surgeries.
  • Wear a Sports Bra while exercising.
  • Moisturize your breasts and keep them dry and clean.
  • Do not wear a bra when not needed. Let your breasts breathe.

You Are Sexy, Girl!

We understand that there are a lot of problems that come with bigger breasts. But at the same time, you are sexy as hell. Curvy girls are sexy too. You can always wear a size larger than your actual size. You don’t have to hate your breasts. Do not undergo breast enlargement surgeries. You are beautiful, naturally! 

There are so many problems with having bigger breasts. Breasts are a natural body part. They are not hideous. You should not be ashamed of your breasts. You are no less of a woman if you have small breasts. 

Your confidence or sexiness is not limited to your breasts only. If a woman shows her cleavage she is not giving consent. She is just experimenting with her sexuality. Stop making breasts sound so vulgar. 

Be proud of your breasts, not ashamed of them.