This might be a difficult pill to swallow but it is the truth that our bodies are constantly aging. With each passing day, we are getting older, this was the dream when we were young and loved the concept of growing up into an adult but as we pass that age, we realize that everyone is getting old. 

Not that getting old is a bad thing it is an inevitable truth but some things accompany age. Some people may even age before time, this condition is known as premature aging. So if you are someone going through this condition and want to know different treatments to reduce it or if you just want to have a heads-up this article is for you. 

What is Premature Aging?

If you have only just been introduced to this term then you must be wondering what is premature aging? 

Aging, however, is a phenomenon where the natural tendency of our body to repair and real the cells takes a back seat. This means that instead of working on recovering the cells it starts to slow down the process which results in wrinkles, etc. These changes that happen internally start showing on the outside. Although this is a natural procedure and we all have to go through it someday, some people tend to have these signs of aging quite early in their life. 

Generally, a person starts seeing signs of aging when they cross the mark of 30 or 40. The age for this procedure to start is different for every person and when it begins depends on various causes. 

So if you are someone who can see certain signs of aging that we will shortly discuss then you short continue reading further to find out what remedies can help prevent or slow down this procedure. 

Signs of Premature Aging

The best way to determine premature aging is by looking for these signs. 

1. Wrinkles

So as one gets older there are a lot of changes in one’s body, sometimes our bodies are not able to do certain tasks that they did better earlier or it may not be able to make certain nutrients for the body. 

Collagen is very important for your skin to maintain its elasticity and prevent it from sagging but as you get older the skin’s ability to produce collagen slows down. So one of the obvious signs of aging is that you find your skin sagging and notice the appearance of wrinkles around your forehead, eyes, mouth, hands, etc. 

2. Hyperpigmentation and Sunspots

With so many years of your skin’s exposure to the sun, you may start to notice the appearance of flat spots around your neck, chest, and forearms. These are also known as sun spots or liver spots. 

You may also notice hyperpigmentation or discoloration on different parts of your body these may develop over time. Often these may also be caused due to a different skin problem other than aging. So you need to make sure by consulting a doctor before you jump to any conclusions. 

3. You’d Start Losing your Hair

This is not only a sign of aging but can happen because of several reasons like stress, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Just like the other body parts are finding it difficult to constantly recover from dead cells so do the cells present on your head. 

4. Watch your Hands

Premature Ageing
Premature Ageing

Most people believe that your hands show the earliest signs of aging. Due to hours into the sun and helping us with everything they are the first to show these signs. 

As the top layer of our skin loses its elasticity over time you’d see wrinkles appearing on your hands or see them getting smaller. This starts in the late 30s but if it is something you observe very early then it can be a symptom of premature aging. 

Causes of Premature Aging

You should want to know what are the reasons behind aging so fast for some of us then it can be because of any of these reasons:

1. Excessive Drinking or Smoking

What’s fun in the younger years may not seek good results in the later years. Drinking alcohol in huge amounts results in your body getting dehydrated which in turn results in dry skin. Similarly, cigarettes can do for your skin because of all the toxins it has. 

2. It’s Passed on to you 

Sometimes you have nothing to blame but just your genes. Premature aging may run in the families so you will have no control over it. The best thing you could do is watch your elders and start taking care of your skin very early in your life to be prepared for later years. 

3. Pollution and Environmental Reasons

The world we live in today has a lot going on all the time. We, on the other hand, have no other option but to accept it. So there are a lot of environmental reasons that can result in premature aging if you are not careful. 

4. Your Habits

Your everyday habits say a lot about you and your skin. So if you have an irregular sleeping pattern and consume unhealthy food most of the time then you would see the consequences of it in the form of premature aging. 

Now that we have talked a lot about the signs and the causes behind premature aging, it is equally important to learn about different remedies or practices that will help us to reduce the signs and slow down the process.

How to Reduce these Signs and Precautions?

  • Never skip wearing sunscreen
  • Moisturize your face and your body, a lot!
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Cover yourself when heading out
  • Eat proper meals
  • Use home remedies for your skin and hair like aloe vera regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Quit smoking or drinking

Aging is not a bad thing, you may think premature aging is unnatural but it is something that you have to accept. You can still take care of your skin by using the aforementioned measures. Taking care of your skin should be one of your priorities as you get older.

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