At 30 weeks pregnant, your little one isn’t so tiny anymore and neither is your baby bump! You may start to realise just how much your body has changed in all these weeks. Don’t let it make you feel self-conscious. Instead, own the magic that exists within you.

Because it is magic, all that your body is capable of, just how much strength it has when it comes to holding the infinite weight of love. Right now, you are beautiful in more ways than one. As your skin glows, so does your smile. This week, you will also have some more changes other than your 30 week baby bump. As your baby keeps on growing, the reality of the wonder will settle in, especially when you look back at the beginning, when you kept doubting if this was even real.

Right now, your baby is breathing inside your belly and experiencing the few final developments in their organ systems. You can finally look forward to that big day properly because it is only 10 weeks away!

Size of the baby at 30 weeks

The size of the baby at 30 weeks is around 15.7 inches, weighing approximately 2.9 pounds. Almost 3 pounds, doesn’t that seem like a lot? Your baby has grown a lot and the size of the baby at 30 weeks is around that of zucchini. The baby will continue to gain half a pound and half an inch with every week to come.

This week, your baby’s skin is getting smoother as compared to before. In contrast to this, their brain grows wrinklier, forming creases and folds so the brain can make room for more tissue. Even as the bones begin to harden, the bones of the skull will remain soft and flexible to allow for the safe passage of the baby through the narrow birth canal. 

Though the baby may still spend a lot of time with their eyes shut, they can now distinguish whatever is around them when the eyes are open. Did you know that when your baby is born, their vision will be 20/400 as compared to the normal 20/20? This means that when they are brought in this world, the baby can only focus on objects close to their face. This means that you now have one more reason to snuggle close to them.

As the baby increases in size, so does your 30 week baby bump. The fundal height (distance from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus) for those with single babies will be around 28 to 32 centimetres, while the weight gain may be around 18 to 25 pounds. For those pregnant with twins, there is no average fundal height, but the weight gain may be around 24 to 40 pounds.

You will find yourself filling out your maternity outfits in the best way possible, with your 30 week baby bump being the star of the show as it deserves. There is only some final progress to be made before you and your tiny one can finally unite in the outside world.

30 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

As you go through your 30 weeks pregnant symptoms, you may feel more tired than usual, as a combination of the sleeplessness, the body changes and the stress. Braxton-Hicks contractions or “false labor” are more common this week, with you experiencing irregular bouts of tightening in your belly. They can be relived by sitting down, lying on your side and drinking water.

However, if these contractions become more frequent and get stronger as well as longer with time, call your OB immediately to inform them. 

Other than that, a few older symptoms carry forward and your body continues to grow to accommodate your baby. Remember to be patient with yourself when going through all these discomforts. You may have a lot of plans, but the number one thing on your checklist should always be enough rest.

Here are the 30 weeks pregnant symptoms that you may experience:

1. Heartburn

Heartburn is a burning painful sensation in your chest, below the breastbone, which usually worsens after eating, or when lying down or bending. Heartburn during pregnancy can occur to due to a combination of many reasons such as hormones, the growing pressure of the baby on the stomach area, as well as the slowed-down digestion.

Try to find out just which foods are the culprit behind making this worse. Usually, spicy, greasy, heavy or acidic food is the one responsible for heartburn. Try to avoid these foods, while also eating 5 to 6 smaller meals throughout the day to not over-burden your digestive system.

2. Swelling

Mild puffiness and swelling of hands, ankles and feet are common due to the accumulation of excess body fluids in the tissues. However, keep an eye on this swelling, to make sure that it is not severe or sudden. In case you have any reason whatsoever to be concerned, inform your doctor immediately. 

3. Aches and discomforts

As your baby grows and puts pressure on your body, you can have a hard time getting comfortable, feeling aches and pains as a result of the pregnancy strain. Try to seek out certain maternity comfort products, such as a maternity belt, along with considering other options such as prenatal massage, only after discussing the safety with your doctor.

4. Trouble sleeping

Due to all the achy discomforts, fluctuating hormones and the anxious dreams, you may have a hard time catching some well-deserved rest, which in turn builds into fatigue. Try to listen to soothing music and create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere around you during bedtime. 

5. Shortness of breath

The growing baby is still close to your rib cage, putting pressure on your lungs this week, which can make you short on breath. Remember to sit down when you feel yourself gasping for air and to take breaks from moving around. You should find some relief from this in the coming weeks as the baby drops lower into your pelvis.

30 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, then a 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound isn’t likely to be in the plans, no matter how desperate you are to catch as many glimpses of the baby as possible.

However, if you could take a look inside, you would see your baby growing and developing as their skin smoothens, while the brain wrinkles more and more. Your baby’s grip is rather strong now too and they are now able to grasp a finger. You will soon feel the power of that hold grip when baby holds your finger.

If you are pregnant with twins, your doctor may order a biophysical profile of the babies, which is a combination of a 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound with a non-stress test (NST). A non-stress test is a procedure in which sensors are put on your belly to detect and measure your contractions, along with the babies’ heart rate.

This is done to check how a baby’s heart rate corresponds to their movement. If the results are normal, then your doctor will be able to rule out preterm labor and fetal distress as risks.

Self-Care Tips for Being 30 Weeks Pregnant

Going through your weekly suggestions is now a habit to you, so get ready to add some new ones in. As the due date approaches, there are a few things you need to complete right now, so that you won’t have to deal with them amid labor pains.

Pregnancy Week 30
Pregnancy Week 30

Healthy diet

Continue with your balanced meals and remember to eat them in small increments throughout the day to reduces the chances of heartburn. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins as well as your daily sufficient water intake.

Make a birthing plan

Though it is impossible to have a perfect birthing plan, go over some things, such as discussing labor medication with your doctor, deciding who you want by your side in the labor room and other such details. Remember to keep your plans flexible, because one thing or another is bound to go differently.

The most important thing is to have a safe support system around you made up of your doctor, partner, friends or relatives. Knowing that someone has your back in that vulnerable moment can put a lot of doubts to rest. 

Consider options for getting help with baby care

Consider your options for getting assistance with your baby in the first few months after delivery, such as asking a relative, getting a nanny, a postpartum doula, etc. Remember to discuss this with your partner (if you have one) so that you can finalize a few things together.

Set up the nursery and car seat

Though it may seem too soon to be doing this, setting up a proper nursery with a safe crib and getting a secure car seat ensures that you do not have to worry about these things at the last moment. Buy certain newborn essentials that you may need, which will make your baby care journey much smoother.

Make a test drive to the hospital

Find out the quickest, safest route to your chosen hospital and do a test run. This way, you will know what to expect on the due date and there will be no confusion. Doing this will put your inner anxiety to rest because you now know that you are prepared. 

As the days pass, the magical moment you have been waiting for draws closer. Remember to breathe and remind yourself that you are doing whatever you can beforehand to ensure that your baby will be safe and comfortable when they arrive. Have faith in your doctor, your loved ones and above all, have faith in yourself. You have been doing so well since day one and you are definitely going to see it all the way to the finish line. 

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