By the time you are 19 weeks pregnant, you have almost completed the first half of your pregnancy. Only 21 weeks to go! Having a baby means the beginning of all new things- wonder, hope, dreams, and a lot of new possibilities. The moment your child will step into this world, you will gain a new perspective on life.

Everything would seem to change and for good. You would finally get to know what it is like to be a parent. All those times when you were mad at your parents for being overprotective or being ‘extra’ about a lot of things regarding you would suddenly start making sense to you.

Pregnancy Week: 19

Your baby has gone through a bit of growth spurt when you are 19 weeks pregnant. The size of the baby at 19 weeks would have grown 22.8 cms tall and weighs about 272 grams. For a better visual idea, hold an average size mango. That is exactly how big your baby has grown inside you. 

Your baby’s skin is developing this week. Did you know your baby already has its own skincare routine going on inside? Your baby is bedaubed with an anti-wrinkle cream. This might sound absurd but is absolutely true. Your baby’s skin is laminated with a thick, white, wax-like substance to protect your baby’s skin. It is called Vernix Caseosa.

It helps your baby in a lot of ways. It prevents your baby’s skin from becoming dry and having wrinkles for being marinated in amniotic fluid in your womb. Had it not been this waxy coating, your baby would look like the way your fingers would become wrinkled after being soaked in water. Also, it keeps your baby’s skin moisturized. Facilitates easier passage by making the birth canal more lubricated for the baby. Along with that, it also heals wounds, maintains body temperature, and prevents infections.

Besides these major changes, some small changes are also taking place in your 17th week of pregnancy. The baby’s hair canal or tunnel that grips hair has now formed fully on its head. Between 19 weeks to 21 weeks of pregnancy, the scalp hair would become visible. Also, in the 17th week, your baby already started producing white fat, now it will develop brown fat to keep itself warm after coming out of your womb. It is preparing itself for the outer world and has also developed its first set of teeth that can only be seen after your baby is a few months old. 

Pregnancy Week 19
Pregnancy Week 19

The best part of being 19 weeks pregnant? You may experience your baby’s kick for the first time! You can finally feel it moving inside you. In case you don’t, wait for a few days. It is about time that you start getting a kick out of your pregnancy.

19 Weeks of Pregnancy Symptoms 

Below are some symptoms of 19 weeks of pregnancy:

1. Round ligament pain

You might be taken by surprise or rather shock when you would feel this sharp or stabbing pain in your lower belly or groin area. However, there is nothing to worry about. Your baby is still due and on time. This pain is a common pregnancy symptom. It happens due to the stretching or pulling of the ligaments along the sides of your uterus.

Your baby is growing and the uterus is expanding inside you, consequently causing this pain. The pain can be felt suddenly when changing body postures, coughing, sneezing, or even while laughing. Although the pain lasts for only a few seconds and doesn’t have any other effects or discomfort besides this. Also, the intensity of pain differs for every pregnancy. Some women may feel a slight discomfort while others may feel stabbing pain.

2. Pregnancy brain

Pregnancy takes the reins of your body and rules over it. Including your brain as well. During pregnancy, about 81% of pregnant women complain about many problems related to the brain. They tend to become forgetful, absent-minded, have foggy memory, lacking concentration, and feeling confused most of the time. This pregnancy symptom is also known by various names like pregnancy brain, mom brain, or baby brain. 

3. Trouble sleeping

Your 19-week baby bump could make your sleeping positions a little uncomfortable. If you are someone who prefers to sleep on your stomach or back, you won’t be able to do so. You will have to sleep on your sides. Although, you can add a few pillows on your sides or in between your legs for some comfort.

19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Getting a scan at 19 weeks can prove to be really thrilling for the parents. Your baby has shown marvelous growth by now. You would be able to see a lot of new developments this week. In case you are getting a 4D scan, your consultant will help you point out the bones and limbs of the baby.

The baby’s skin may seem red and transparent due to the blood vessels beneath. The doctor will show and tell you about all the organs that the baby has developed by now and rule out any potential pregnancy complications after the scan.

Some Self-Care tips for Pregnancy

Dealing with forgetfulness- The pregnancy brain can make you feel very disorganized or scattered. The possible reasons behind this symptom could be stress, lack of sleep, or improper diet. Although this symptom can’t be avoided completely, you can surely improve a little bit. You can start having a nutritious diet, sleeping extra hours, and meditating to relieve stress

Healthy teeth- This week you have got two sets of teeth to take care of, yours and your baby’s. Avoid drinking sugary drinks or sodas, drink plenty of water. Take good care of your teeth by painting oral hygiene. 

Being pregnant can make you envisage your parenting techniques. It can put you in deep thoughts about how and who will play good cop and bad cop as parents for your baby. What are the dos and what are the don’ts of parenting? You would worry yourself if you are going to be a good parent or not. A lot of thoughts would come across your mind as you step towards the final day.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is it is all going to be amazing and you will make a good parent for sure. Anyhow, for assurance and confidence you can also start reading books on parenting. They will help and guide you.