They say that if you snooze, you lose. But the truth is that the one who gets some proper snoozing done often turns out to be a winner because their mind and body are well-rested. Every day, our bodies go through so much exhaustion, pulling our weight through all those tiring hours, aching and groaning in protest. No one gets a break from being themselves and so, we all have to deal with so much without a pause.

It is when we sleep that we finally give our bodies time to recuperate and regain the energy lost in the rush. It is in sleep that we allow our mind some peace from the constant overthinking, allowing it to express its suppressed thoughts and emotions by the way of dreams. It is when we sleep that we give our selves a chance to start another day and try to be happy once again.

Hence, we must attempt to maximise the comfort in our sleeping experience, so that we can relax as much as possible. Different things can affect your sleep cycles, such as the nighttime meals you eat, the activity you did before sleeping and even the position in which you sleep! If you are doing any of these in a manner which does not suit your body, then your sleep will not go as well as you need. 

Today, we are going to talk about the best sleeping positions, so you can find the one which makes you most comfortable. These positions ensure that you feel relaxed, without putting too much strain on any body part. Read on to find out how you can make your next nap as wonderful as possible!

Why do Sleeping Positions Matter?

Before we get into the actual best sleep positions, you may find yourself wondering why they matter in the first place. Well, if you are sleeping in the wrong position, you might be putting your body under the strain of a bad posture, which can affect certain body parts.

Also, if you already have pain in certain areas, it is best to sleep in a position which does not disturb that region. The wrong position combines with the wrong place, such as sleeping on the couch, can deteriorate your quality of sleep. 

Hence, it is important to try and make your sleeping position as comfortable as possible. That way, you will wake up feeling fresh with a smile on your face, instead of grimacing because of a stiff back or neck.

Of course, it will take time to adapt it a changed sleeping position, so you must remember to be patient with your body. After all, the goal of the activity is relaxation and that only comes if you go easy on yourself.

Best Sleep Positions

The trick to finding the best sleep positions is to listen to your body. If something feels wrong or painful, your body will show it to you through signs. If something feels right, it will show it to you through a sense of calm and peace. So, even as you go through this list, keep your needs in mind. Ultimately, the best sleeping position is that which works the best for you.

That being said, here are 4 best sleeping positions that you could try out:

1. Sleeping on your Back

Sleeping flat on your back is considered to be the best sleeping position because your spine remains supported, while knee and hip pain could also be relieved. When you sleep on your back, your body rests evenly aligned over your spine, which prevents any awkward bends or stiff spots.

Sleeping Positions
Sleeping Positions

This position minimizes the pressure points and also ensures that your neck and head are in good alignment.

You can make this position extra comfortable by placing a small pillow under your knees, which will then align with the natural curve of your back. This way, you can give yourself more support and maintain a good posture even while you’re asleep.

Although a beneficial position, sleeping on your back might be troublesome for those who experience snoring or conditions such as sleep apnea, a disorder in which your breathing frequently gets interrupted mid-sleep. 

So, make sure to see how your body responds when sleeping in this position and always use a good pillow to make sure that you are supported throughout.

2. Sleeping on your Side (With a pillow tucked between your knees)

Sleeping on your side, especially your left side, can help with reducing snoring, while also relieving heartburn. This position also helps in the functioning of your digestive system, which is a great bonus. 

Good Sleeping Positions
Sleeping Positions

You can make this position extra comfortable by placing a small pillow between your knees which will then protect you from lower back pain. This position will lift your upper legs, which helps in aligning your spine, hips and pelvis properly. 

You can also try hugging a pillow while in this position. This is to provide support in case you do have a habit of turning on your front mid-sleep.

Though sleeping on your side is a comfortable position, it could lead to tightness of the jaw or stiffness in your shoulders, since you put pressure on them in your sleep. So, be mindful of how your body feels, grab a pillow which keeps you relaxed and decide which side you rest best on.

3. Sleeping in a Fetal Position

Sleeping in a fetal position is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of sleeping. It is comfortable and can feel extra cosy, curling so easily into your body. It is a great position to sleep in when pregnant, especially when equipped with good pregnancy pillows. It is also an excellent position for those who experience lower back pain.

Best Sleeping Positions
Sleeping Positions

This position makes your spine bend less and also opens up the joints.

However, if you sleep with your limbs curled too tight, or with a stiff posture, you might end up limiting deep breathing while asleep. So, make sure to keep your limbs loose and comfortable. 

Always get a good pillow to support your head and neck, so that you sleep easily throughout the night. If you are someone who suffers joint pains, then this position might just make you sore.

4. Sleeping on your Front (With a pillow placed under your stomach)

Typically, sleeping on your front is often called one of the worst sleeping positions because it adds a lot of strain on your joints and muscles, making you wake up tired in the morning. It can also contribute to pain in the neck and back regions.

Best Sleeping Positions
Sleeping Positions

However, you can turn into a more comfortable position by placing a pillow under your hips and abdomen. This will then raise your stomach region, which will improve your spinal alignment. Doing this might help reduce back pain.

Sleeping on your front is a good position for those who have sleep apnea or those who snore. Still, without the pillow under your lower belly, the position has a lot of downfalls, so see how your body responds when sleeping in it.

Getting a Good Night’s Rest

As you can tell, each of the above best sleeping positions has its pros and cons. Thus, when choosing, always let your body have the final say. What works for you, works for you and you do not need anything else.

Best Sleeping Positions
Sleeping Positions

Another than a good sleeping posture, make sure that you sleep in a comfortable place, with comfortable pillows. Try to have healthy meals at night and maybe go for a walk or do some exercise before sleeping. When in bed, create a relaxing atmosphere around yourself, such as with music and books. You can try calming activities such as sleep meditation or even listen to ASMR if you find it helpful.

Ultimately, what matters is how you feel when you are sleeping. So, tell your body that it can take its time to decide on the methods it prefers. However long it takes, eventually, you will surely find a good sleeping position and atmosphere to give you the rest that you so deserve.

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