At 16 weeks pregnant, you may start to finally feel like you have got a hang of this. For the last four months, your body has been going through a series of changes. While you may not have realized it, inside your belly, your little one is hard at work too, growing more and more with each day.

Your baby is experiencing many changes and experiences for the very first time, but they’re handling it all like a champion because they know that you are out there, doing your best to make this journey a kind one for you both. Even without having actually met yet, the love you share between you is beyond this world.

Many new things await you this week, along with a more noticeable 16 week baby bump and the evergrowing life underneath. While you may be finding it easier to finally rest, inside your belly, your baby is only growing more active. Soon, they will be ready to start kicking hard enough for you to feel it. Remember that the more you take care of yourself, the more energy it will give your tiny one. Thus, self-care is even more important from this week onwards.

Size of the baby at 16 Weeks 

The size of the baby at 16 weeks is around 4.6 inches, weighing 3.5 ounces. Yes, your baby has come so far from being that tiny zygote in your uterus. Now, they’re the size of an avocado! As your baby starts to become more active, their body is developing too, with the circulatory and urinary systems functioning at a much more advanced stage. The baby’s eyes and ears have settled in their permanent positions and the legs are developing rapidly, too. If your baby is biologically female, then thousands of eggs will begin forming inside her belly.

You may soon start to feel the first hints of movement inside your belly, which may seem like muscle twitches or gas before they feel firm enough like kicks.

Your 16 week baby bump will make it obvious to others that you are expecting, so you may need to decide how to break the news if you haven’t yet. You will definitely need to invest in a newer wardrobe, with dresses and pants that suit this evergrowing bump. If you have been eagerly waiting for this moment, get ready to flaunt your 16 week baby bump in your comfort clothing and let all the giddiness fill you up.

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

By this time in your pregnancy, symptoms such as morning sickness may have faded away completely, or at least, till a considerable amount. You may find it easier to relax because your body is slowly settling into itself, but there will be certain discomforting symptoms to look out for.

16 weeks pregnant symptoms bring with a touch of the positive too, with your new baby bump showing, fluttering movements starting inside and your skin beginning to glow. So, get ready for the positive side of pregnancy to come in now and know that you deserve it. 

Here are a few 16 weeks pregnant symptoms you should be on the lookout for:

1. Nosebleeds

The excess blood flow in your body due to pregnancy can lead to the rupturing of tiny blood vessels, causing nosebleeds and even gum bleeding at times. Remember to keep your head higher than your heart and keep your nose pinched between your index finger and thumb for at least 5 minutes. You can use an ice pack to stop the bleeding soon.

Do not tilt your head back as it will lead to blood flowing into your throat. If you are concerned, call your doctor to share your queries. In case of bleeding gums, consult your dentist just in case.

2. Forgetfulness 

No one knows the exact cause of this, but it is probably the hormones and stress. At 16 weeks pregnant, may yourself having trouble focusing and concentrating on things. You can forget things more easily because of this. If you find yourself feeling frustrated over this, especially if this not usual for you, talk to a friend who has experienced this or a therapist. It is important to soothe your mind, too.

3. Backache

The morning sickness might be gone, but the hormones aren’t done, yet. Thus, backaches can be a symptom this week, making you feel uncomfortable. Try to sit and stand up while maintaining proper posture. Practice some light stretching and low-impact exercise to relieve your muscles.

4. Bigger breasts

Your breasts must have increased in size as your body prepares itself for breastfeeding, so you go for the comfortable, bigger bras. Don’t feel conscious about this, because this increase in size is proof of the amount of strength inside you to carry a new life. 

5. Constipation

As your growing uterus presses down on your intestines, you may find yourself having a difficult time on the toilet. Go for foods that are rich in fibre, so that they can relieve your constipation and make things easier for your digestive system.

6. Dry, sensitive eyes

Pregnancy hormones can also cause dry, itchy and sensitive eyes, which may make you feel irritated. Before going for any over-the-counter eye drops, make sure to ask your OB which ones are safe.

7. Glowing skin

Finally, the positives you have been waiting for! Pregnancy can give you visibly vibrant, glowing skin and make you feel even more confident as you walk out into the streets with your new bump.

16 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

You will most likely have a prenatal visit around this time where your OB will be checking your urine for signs of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. If you have 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound along with it, you will be able to see the baby’s facial features much more clearly with a close-up. As you look at them, it will be more and more obvious to you that yes, you are carrying an actual human being inside you and isn’t that absolutely amazing? You will never really get used to this magic and that is the beauty of it.

At the 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you will also get to hear their heartbeat again! 

Self-Care Tips for Being 16 Weeks Pregnant 

As you start adding things to your growing planner, make sure to add some self-care reminders in there, as well. Right now, you need to hold your own hand.

Pregnancy Week 16
Pregnancy Week 16

Next prenatal appointment 

Schedule your 20 weeks pregnancy appointment, which would also be your time for the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Ask your doctor about the process beforehand if you want to know.

Healthy diet

If you’re finding yourself starting to crave certain foods, then know that it is normal. However, you still need to keep your health in mind, because even as you gain weight, it should be through proper nutrition. Thus, if you want something sweet as a snack, don’t go for the sugary stuff immediately and try out the fruits and yoghurt first.

Sleeping positions

Your doctor may advise you to start sleeping on your side from now on, to accommodate your belly well. You will need extra pillows for support so you can get comfortable, so try searching for special, pregnancy pillows that are made for this very purpose. While sleeping, make sure that your room is the correct temperature, so that you can rest soundly without any interruptions.

Start a Baby Name List

Start discussing possible baby names with your partner so that you have a list of options for when the time comes. Read up on the various meanings, significances behind each name, so you can choose the one that resonates with you the most.

You’re 16 weeks into this journey and you just have 24 weeks to go! Time must seem like it’s passing both excruciatingly slow and rapidly fast at the same time, but remember that every second is important for the growth of your baby. So, be patient, relax a little and take good care of the two of you.