It’s the second week of your second trimester already! Only 25 weeks to go and you will be able to hold your tiny human in your hands. The first trimester surely must have been one hell of a ride. But the second trimester holds the promise of good honeymoon days in your entire pregnancy. This trimester is the sweet fruit of patience and endurance. So pull up your socks and treasure every living moment of these days!

Pregnancy Week: 15

Your 15 week baby bump will be out for show while everyone would be asking about your due date. At 15 weeks pregnant, a lot is going on inside. Your baby finally looks like a human baby now. It is growing at an accelerated pace and is developing a bit every passing day. The size of the baby at 15 weeks is about 4 inches and weighs somewhere between 70 grams to 100 grams. The height and weight are very similar to that of a standard size pear. 

If you want a more visualizing idea, hold one average size pear in your hands, that is exactly how big your 15 weeks baby measures inside you. 

Pregnancy Week 15
Pregnancy Week 15

At 15 weeks pregnant, the baby is acquiring a lot of skills that it would need for survival outside your womb. Turns out, your baby is as excited as you and is already practicing body movements. Your baby can now suck, swallow, breathe, and make a lot many body movements. It can stretch and even do summersaults inside your womb. 

However, the baby is still under development. Although it has undeniably made a lot of progress while you are just 15 weeks pregnant. The baby’s ears and eyes are moving towards their supposed locations. Very soon your baby will develop its ears and be able to hear from you. Also, the baby’s skin and skeleton are still very fragile and in the progress of development.

The skin is so thin that you can see the blood vessels and muscles right through it. Meanwhile, your baby’s skeleton or rather bones have begun to ossify. Different bones in the skull, feet, spine, hands, shoulders, and collar are hardening and getting ready for the new world. 

15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

In the second trimester, most of your pregnancy symptoms like nausea from your first trimester fades away. However, as we always tell you, every pregnancy is different from the other, some pregnant women may still experience a few of those symptoms. It is okay if some pregnancy symptoms linger in your second trimester as well. Thankfully, the second trimester pumps you with good energy and mood to tackle them all easily. 

Also, you may develop a few new pregnancy symptoms in your second trimester. These symptoms are a good sign. They indicate that you and your baby are making progress.

1. Weight gain

During pregnancy, there isn’t much gain in weight during the first trimester. A pregnant woman hardly gains a couple of pounds during the first three months of her pregnancy. However, this is no more the case in the second trimester.

A pregnant woman starts gaining at least one pound almost every week after the completion of the first trimester. This weight gain is very evident with your growing baby bump. If your body hasn’t shown these changes and has gained significantly more or less than this, you must consult your doctor. 

2. Bleeding gums

This may sound absurd but your pregnancy also affects your dental health. Your gums may become sore, red, or swollen. This can happen when you get gingivitis caused by your pregnancy. Your gums may become very delicate and sensitive and likely to bleed, especially when you brush your teeth.

Usually, gingivitis makes its appearance in the first trimester itself and progresses and worsens your dental health gradually through the second and third trimester. Anyhow, in most cases, it gets better after the baby is born. 

3. Nosebleed

The hormone levels and blood circulation are going on at a good pace. With more blood circulation in your blood vessels throughout your body, the blood vessels in your nose also experience this pumped flow. During this pumping, sometimes, a few of the blood vessels in your nose break and bleed consequentially. 

It can scare you at first but it is not a pressing issue. In fact, 20% of pregnant women experience this nose bleeding symptom and is quite normal. The problem is usually manageable and goes away after the baby is out. 

4. Varicose veins

The excess blood circulation can also affect your legs. During pregnancy, you may develop varicose veins that can make your legs ache. Although they are unlikely to cause any harm. Getting enough rest and keeping them elevated would help you ease this pain.

15 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

An ultrasound scan at 15 weeks of pregnancy will show a lot of cute things. Your baby’s facial muscles have progressed significantly while you are only 15 weeks pregnant. Your baby can now make cute funny expressions like grimacing, frowning, smiling, and even squinting.

Pregnancy Week 15
Pregnancy Week 15

This week you will just fall in love with your baby’s adorable quirks and would be eagerly waiting to see your darling live in your hands. You may also be able to see your little munchkin suck his little thumb, make fists, and move around.

Some Self-Care Pregnancy Tips

Chart your bodyweight- To ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy, chart your weight by consulting your healthcare provider. Weight plays a big role in pregnancy thus it is extremely important to make sure you have the right weight. Get a diet chart and follow it religiously for you and your baby both.

Look after your oral health– To avoid your pregnancy gingivitis (if you have) from developing into a more serious infection, periodontitis, take care of your dental health. Getting periodontitis can have severe implications on your pregnancy. It can even cause preterm labor or a low birth rate. 

The second trimester is all about the good times of pregnancy that you would want to cherish. This trimester will give you the most surreal experience of your life. You will be able to see your little one developing each passing day. We know that you can’t wait to see your darling little one with your loving gaze but you gotta wait. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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