What are the Things Babies Dislike When They Are In Womb during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing for the expecting mother and father. On conceiving successfully, you do your best to stay well informed on how to take care of yourself and the unborn baby during pregnancy. As your pregnancy starts to progress, your baby bump grows, which is a sign of the growing baby inside your womb.

In the meantime, you and your loved ones often caress the baby bump. In the movies, it is shown that some even talk to their babies inside the womb. While these actions seem loving and adorable, how does the baby feel inside the womb? Do they like what you do, or is there something that unborn babies dislike during pregnancy? Truth is, there are a few Things Babies Dislike When They Are In Womb.  To know further, keep on reading this article and get your mind blown.

Things That Babies Dislike Inside Mothers Womb

Here are the 5 major things that babies dislike being inside their mothers womb

1. Noisy and loud environment 

Babies start to hear sounds as they step into the 14 weeks to 16 weeks of pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is advisable to listen to some good music as babies can hear from inside the womb as well, even though it is a bit muffled. 

The fact is, when we listen to good music, we tend to increase the volume. Unfortunately, your unborn baby inside your stomach hates loud music. Similarly, if you visit any location that is very loud and noisy, the baby gets disturbed.  So, if you want your unborn baby to enjoy some music, play at a moderate volume enough that you can hear.

2. Poking the baby bump now and then

Your baby will start to move or kick for the first time between 16 weeks to 25 weeks of pregnancy. The movement of the baby during pregnancy is known as quickening, which is an overwhelming moment for the expecting mother.

In such times, it is natural for the mother to poke the baby bump and bond with her baby during pregnancy. But how do you find out if your baby inside your womb likes your poking or not? When you touch or poke your bump to get any response from your baby inside the womb, if you sense your baby moving away, then it is most likely your baby dislikes being poked.

3. The mother laughing out loud

Babies Dislike
Babies Dislike

While it is healthy for a mother and the baby to stay happy and positive during the pregnancy, laughing out loud in a shaky manner may possibly annoy the baby inside the womb.

Just imagine yourself stuck in a confined space, and suddenly you are being tossed inside from one corner to another. Not a pretty feeling, right? This is exactly how your baby feels during pregnancy when you start laughing like crazy.  Controlling your laughter is not an easy job, but you have to take down a notch to make your baby comfortable inside your womb. 

4. A stressed-out mother risks the pregnancy

It is a well-known fact that during pregnancy, taking stress is bad for the mother and the baby inside the womb. When we get stressed out, cortisol hormone is released in our body to make us capable of handling the stress. However, excessive cortisol levels during pregnancy may affect the baby inside the womb negatively. It is possible that, if you may go through a premature delivery or else your baby may be born underweight. So, stay away from stress as much as possible during pregnancy.

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5. Too much physical activity disturbs the baby inside

When you conceive your baby, amongst the different pieces of advice from your doctor, one advice that is common for all is proper rest. Performing too much strenuous physical activity is bad for you and your baby as well. There are two reasons why this is bad, one is your cortisol levels in your blood will increase, and second is during such activities you may move around a lot, which disturbs the baby.

On a different note, going out on a bumpy car ride also disturbs your baby negatively. These are the 5 Things Babies Dislike When They Are In Womb that hopefully will come in handy for you. The entire journey of pregnancy is full of jovial and crucial moments, along with some serious changes in the body of the mother. It is a pretty overwhelming experience with the flood of hormones due to pregnancy.

Babies Dislike
Babies Dislike

Apart from the above mentioned, some also say that babies during pregnancy also dislike some particular type of food that you eat such as spicy food. But this is a myth. Consuming spicy food doesn’t affect the baby directly. It affects the mother with heartburn in most cases and, in some cases, spicy food induces labor as well. Moreover, it is said that your diet choices during pregnancy influence the growing baby’s taste buds a lot. So, choose your diet wisely during this phase. 

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