Having dark spots on the face is very annoying and unattractive. They make you look dull and old. So, what are dark spots? Dark spots are patches of skin that are discolored, this is also known as hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Melanin, a pigment that gives color to the skin is much higher, which means the production of melanin is higher in that particular area. Having dark spots on the face or body reduces your confidence level. So, you might be thinking about how to get rid of dark spots? Read on to find out the causes and prevention of dark spots. 

Causes of Dark Spots

There are various causes for the occurrence of dark spots on the skin. Some of them are:

1. Hormonal Change

Change in our hormones leads to a lot of changes in our bodies. There are a lot of symptoms you can experience when you encounter your hormones changing. One of these symptoms is dark spots. Melasma is a skin condition that leads to dark spots on the skin.

2. Damage from Sun

You can develop dark spots if you are exposed to harmful rays of the sun. Sunspots, liver spots, and solar lentigines are some common names for sun damage. When your skin is exposed to the sun your skin can develop dark spots.

3. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

If you had skin conditions like acne, lesions, or rosacea in the past, you are more prone to having discoloration of the skin or dark spots. Your skin can get dark after coming into contact with a skin condition. A wound may also leave dark spots on your skin but it can fade away with time. 

4. Medications

Some medications can result in discoloration or dark spots. This happens when the skin is hypersensitive to some medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and psychotropic drugs can give side effects to your skin. 

What do Dark Spots look like?

The color of your dark spots depends on your skin tone. Dark spots can range from light brown to dark brown. They have the same texture as your skin and they should not make you feel any pain. Dark spots can occur in any part of your body which is constantly exposed to the sun which includes your face, neck, arms, legs, or back. 

Potato for Dark Spots

Potatoes are great and versatile. They can be prepared in different ways and they are highly nutritious too. Baked potato without any salt with its skin has 160 calories and is naturally cholesterol-free. It is fibrous and full of protein. While you can eat potatoes for various health benefits, potatoes are also great for the skin too.

Potatoes can even-out your skin and yes it means it can reduce dark spots on your face or body. Potato is known for its brightening properties. Adding potatoes to your skincare routine can reduce your problems with dark spots. 

Dark Spots
Dark Spots

Potatoes possess an enzyme known as ‘catecholase’ which can help brighten the skin. Even your dark circles can be reduced with the usage of potatoes. Potatoes are also known to be a good exfoliator and an anti-aging agent for your skin. Here are some benefits of using potato on the face. 

1. Skin Lightening 

Some components in potatoes can help lighten the dark spots like freckles, sunspots, and melasma due to the catecholase in it. Hyperpigmentation can be ameliorated with the usage of potatoes on the face. 

2. Treats Acne and Acne Scars

Acne which is caused by inflammation can be treated with potatoes. Potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen the occurrence of acne on the skin. There can be acne scarring after you have had the acne. Potatoes are known to brighten the skin and lighten the scars

3. Gives Anti-Ageing Glow

If you are worried about your skin getting aged or wrinkly, potatoes may help you. Potatoes have brightening and lightening properties which will make your skin anti-aging plus glowing. 

4. Revives your Tired Eyes

We have always used cucumbers for giving freshness to your eyes after a tiring day. If you have run out of cucumbers, potatoes can be a great alternative. Not only it may refresh your eyes but it can also reduce the occurrence of dark circles

How to Use Potatoes for Dark Spots?

You can make various skincare masks for reducing dark spots on your skin at the ease of your home. Potato which can reduce your dark spots and gives you a pretty glow on your face can be used to make masks. Here are some ways you can use potatoes for dark spots

1. Lemon and Potato Juice

Lemon which is full of antioxidants and vitamin C is the best for skin brightening and gives a fresh look to your skin. How can you use lemon juice with potato juice for dark spots? Well, just take both of them in equal quantities and mix them well.

Dark Spots
Dark Spots

After mixing, put this mixture on your dark spots with the help of cotton. Let it dry on your skin for around 5 minutes and then you can wash your face. Repeat this process 3 times a day. 

2. Turmeric Powder and Potato Juice

You can make a DIY mask at your home with the help of turmeric powder and some potato juice to get rid of dark spots on your skin. Just mix a pinch of turmeric powder into potato juice and mix. Apply this to your skin and keep it for a few minutes. After this, you can rinse the area properly. Apply this twice a week to get rid of dark spots.

3. Potato Juice Toner

If you don’t like toners available in the market because of their high chemical concentration, you can make a natural toner for yourself! You just need potatoes and water for that. Take a potato and make juice out of it and take one cup of water. Mix them both to make toner and apply it to your skin. Tada! Your homemade toner is ready. You can use it every day. You can store it in a spray bottle for continuous use. 

Your humble potato is going to save the day

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