Your wedding day will be “Your D-Day”. It will be one of the most wonderful days of your life. You must have planned to have a perfect wedding. You might have even dreamt and imagined it right from your childhood. So compromising your special day will be very disappointing. Who would have known that CoronaVirus (COVID-19) will attack at this time of the year? It has put a stop to every occasion. 

This does not mean that you will not get married. But your dream wedding will not happen. That is for sure as there should be proper social distancing, limited guests allowed, and a lot of government rules and regulations. Apart from COVID-19, there can also be various possible reasons which may lead to postponing a wedding. Don’t be heartbroken. Rescheduling your wedding can solve all your problems. You can take this article as a guide to how to postpone a wedding date.

Postponing A Wedding

Postponing a wedding is not as huge a mishap as people describe it to be. It is also not an ‘Abshagun’. So do not overthink.

If you wish to have your wedding the way you have always wanted to, then all you have to do is, talk to your parents, your future husband, your in-laws, and then plan for another new date. We know, it sucks to re-plan all the things you have once planned for, but it is worthwhile. 

To-Dos For Postponing A Wedding

Here are things to keep in mind while postponing the wedding

Check insurance

First and foremost, check and confirm the wedding insurance. Do you even have one?  If not, there will be hard luck to get insured now. It is always advisable to have insurance for your wedding. After all, who knows what circumstances might take place. 

Wedding insurance will surely be a great helping hand if it can cover up the extra expenses that may occur due to the change in dates. Go through the insurance plan, its terms and conditions thoroughly. 

That will definitely help you cut down costs during the crisis that leads to altering your wedding day. Rescheduling at the last moment is very complicated, pretty much next to impossible and it might cost you a fortune. Hence take action (Insurance) as soon as possible. 

Negotiate with your wedding planner

Once you have the knowledge about your finance, you can go ahead and think of spending a little extra if necessary. Talk to your wedding planner. It will be easier for you to first inform the planner about postponing the wedding date. 

They will manage the venues and vendors. In case, you don’t have a planner, go and directly talk to the venue and the vendors. If they have already organized the function, it might cost you something, but it will definitely cost you fewer bucks than canceling the whole wedding. 

Pay heed to the postponing a wedding etiquettes

If you want to maintain a good image as well as a good relation with your guests then it is very important that you follow the postponing a wedding etiquette. 

These are nothing but some good manners and procedures that one should follow when postponing a wedding. Believe us, you will increase your worth in front of your guests if you pay importance to the following.

Get in touch with your guests

When it comes to postponing a wedding,  you should contact your guests as soon as possible. Inform them about the recent changes. Some might have planned to visit your wedding across states or even countries. Here are some of the ways you can reach them. 

Personal Wedding website

If you have a personal wedding website, put a disclaimer on your homepage and give the wedding postponement announcement. If you haven’t decided on the exact date yet, then just inform your guest that it has been postponed. 


Send an email to all your guests. Let them know about the facts of your wedding. Emailing is the easiest and fastest way to inform a lot of people within a short period of time. It is very convenient too. Emails can at least keep your guests informed that the wedding has been postponed. 

Call every individual

Take out your time and make calls to every person on your guest list. Inform them formally and talk about the issues too. They might even end up advising you. 

Choose a date

Informing your guest is done. Now it is time to choose the next best date for your wedding. Firstly consult with the venue vendor about the availability of the dates. Bring the list of available dates to home to discuss. 

Discuss with your family members about the time when it will be convenient to attend the wedding especially the VIPs. Although it is impossible to manage the time if you consider every person’s convenience, you can at least consider the time of your relatives and loved ones. 

If you abruptly choose a date of your own, some of your loved ones might not be able to make it to your wedding. Your cousins might end up having exams in the middle of your big day. 

And you do not want to miss your cousins that day, do you? Cousins are the essence of a wedding. How can you not have them? So consult with everyone in your family and pick a date. 

Print new cards

Print new cards and this time it will be a ‘postpone wedding card’. Mention the new dates and invite them cordially. Once the cards have been posted out, call every guest and inform them via call or face to face. This is also a “postponing a wedding etiquette”. Doing so will definitely please your guests. 

Be optimistic

Even though the date or the venues have been changed, there are still a few things that will remain the same. 

Postponing A Wedding
Postponing A Wedding

It is still going to be “Your Day”

Dates may change, seasons may change too but your wedding day will surely be your special day. You will remember and cherish the day for the rest of your life. So don’t just compromise with it. Make it the most perfect day, no matter what the obstacles are. 

Love stays the same or grows as the days pass by 

Love grows every day. You will still love your husband-to-be and he will love you the same way as before, or even more. You might have already heard that everything happens for a reason. 

We know it’s not something you want to hear now but please have patience. Wait for your big day to happen the way you dreamt of. 

Bright Side

There is always a bright side to every situation. So look and focus on the bright side. You will have more time to prepare yourself for your wedding. If you are not yet in the shape then you got extra time to work on it to make the perfect figure you have always wanted to. 

Take care of yourself and make your skin bright and glowing so that on the day of your wedding you will be one of the most beautiful Brides of all time. 

Or, (in situations like Covid-19) instead of postponing a wedding, you can also get married on the date you have planned for. If not a grand ceremony, you can have a tiny homey ceremony where you can have just your loved ones.

With this can you imagine the cutting down of your wedding budget? 

Wow! Budget wise, this is a boon. With this small expense, now you can spend more on buying your dream villa, a car, or even convert your austere honeymoon to one of those luxuries! 

Can you see this? You are gaining this way

We hope with this article you are able to get an idea of how to proceed with postponing a wedding. Do not have a heavy heart, and simply stay positive. 

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