Play Online Games And Earn Money

You probably love playing those little games on your phone, I mean, we all do it to kill time. Back in the day, it was Snake on those old basic phones where you could just call and text. Now of course it’s the likes of Words With Friends and Candy Crush. Not much has changed, human beings like to be kept amused, and we dislike boredom!

How would you like to hear about games which can actually earn you money? That’s right, play online games and earn money, and not just fake currency for that game, but actual money! 

Okay, what’s the deal here?

So often these games display ads, or feature surveys or will ask you to watch ads or promos. That helps create some cash to give out. Also, some of these are games that require dedicated time. Some have their own unique system of currency that is later converted to real money, or they can pay you through Paytm or other means, like gift cards. Others are gambling games. Some are also luck-based, so you won’t win all the time, but you can still try. So that’s how it works!
Now get to it and make that extra cash, and earn gifts and rewards. Play online games to earn money!

Online Games To Earn Money

Here are some of the best games to play online to earn money:

Online Games To Earn Money
Online Games To Earn Money

1. Swagbucks

Aside from being able to watch ads and complete surveys on this site to get paid, you can also get a wide variety of games and play them to earn money. You can play fun online games like Swagbucks Live, which is a live quiz show where you can put your general knowledge to the test! For the games, you can earn up to 10 ‘Swagbucks’ by playing online games, which is the in-site currency, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. You can also get Swagbucks by shopping from certain websites (perfect if you’ve been eyeing a new handbag or a nice skirt!), taking part in polls, referring friends, and so on.

2. RummyCircle

Do you miss playing Rummy with your grandparents? Well, this is a chance for you to get back in the game. Have fun playing online with people all over the world. You can refer more people to join, and there are special offers every day. You also get cashback offers, and whatever money you make from the games themselves.

3. TapCash

TapCash is another app where you can play games to earn credits, through which you can earn gifts and rewards, like Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

4. Sitago

Do you love skill games that require some thinking power? Then you can give Sitago a shot! There are competition games of all kinds through which you can make real money if you’re up to the challenge. Play archery games and basketball games, and even a game curiously similar to Candy Crush!

5. WorldWinner

You have to pay a deposit to start playing the tournaments with people around the world, but then you can earn real money. There are lots of fun online games, like Bejeweled and Angry Birds Champions, along with tons of card games and wheel of fortune games. You can play opponents of similar skill on WorldWinner and you can practice for free before you play the actual tournaments that will make you money.

6. Second Life

A huge hub of online gaming, Second Life is a virtual world where you can create a new identity. But you can also earn real money through gameplay! Always wanted to set up a fashion line or a jewellery line? You can set up your own virtual business on Second Life, and create and sell items to other people playing on it, and make profits. You can also become a landlord, or create experiences like amusement parks, night clubs, and other fun entertainment zones. And you can get a job! Work as a host in a club, or take up a salesperson’s job, or work in customer sales. If you’ve always loved playing Sims, this is the next best thing!

Is this all worth it though?

Be aware that while playing fun online games is a blast, and you will earn a little bit of money here and there, this is in no way a get rich quick scheme. These websites have high conversion rates of their own currency to yours, so you won’t make hundreds and thousands. After all, they’ve got to make profit somehow.

However, it’s a really fun alternative if you’re looking for some time to kill and you need some extra pocket money. And if you happen to love spending your down time gaming, there’s nothing like it! 

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