As a college student, you probably know what it’s like already. Typical college student problems: you need money. Now a lot of college student problems you actually can’t do anything about: bad professors, friends, or a boyfriend bailing on you, being stuck inside classes endlessly from morning till evening…but money is something you can control, actually. Earning money as a college student may not always be particularly lucrative. You’re not going to become a billionaire overnight, but you need some independence.

But there are actually several avenues you can pursue. There are an abundant number of student part-time jobs that you can consider. You have to be wise and careful about the job you pick, but not too picky. It has to suit your study hours, and leave you with enough free time to breathe. Earning money as a college student can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially if you feel like you’re underpaid, but there are certain jobs that are more valuable than others.

Great Jobs to Earn Extra Money As A College Student

So how do you know which part-time job to go for? Here’s a list!

1. Be a tutor

Tutoring is a super popular choice for college students, especially if you’re pursuing a degree in the subject that you choose to tutor in, or if you’ve had very high grades in high school and in the qualifying exams held in your country, whatever they might be (like SATs, A-levels, and so on). You can tutor high school students where their parents would be willing to shell out a fair bit of cash to make sure that their kids pass the class.

This is a part-time job that you can schedule according to your convenience. The price might not always be to your liking, but if you’re a good negotiator you can ask for a raise. Also, if the parents are happy with the job you’re doing, they might recommend you to others. In addition, you can check if your college juniors need tutoring. And there are lots of websites out there where you can register as a tutor. If you were the girl who was the star pupil in school, but all that cramming to good use to make extra cash!

2. Sell your old textbooks

This is actually a good way to make extra cash. Some of your old textbooks are lying in the corner of your room, gathering dust, and you never look at them anymore. Often, especially if they’re compulsory to buy, they can be worth quite a lot! Sell them second-hand to your juniors or younger students and earn some money.

3. Babysitting

If you don’t mind hanging around kids, this isn’t a bad part-time job. Of course the payment you get depends on the neighborhood and the family, but you can always build up a few clients so you have a reliable source of income. It’s also a job you can do where you can actually get some work done once the kids are asleep (if you can make that happen). This is a side hustle that is worth considering. 


4. Become a teacher’s assistant

Teachers in many countries have teacher’s assistants who help take a few classes here and there, grade papers, conduct research, and do other administrative tasks. If you’re a decent student and your teacher likes you, this could be a good way to make extra cash while getting some good experience on your portfolio. It’s valuable if you want to go into research or academics.

5. Be a campus tour guide

If you’re lucky enough to be going to a university that gets a large number of applicants and has a large campus, you probably have the option of becoming a campus tour guide as a side hustle. Often prospective candidates will come to see the campus and they need people to show them around and answer their questions. This is good if you’re a people person, encouraging, and you really love the place you’re studying at.

6. House sitting or pet sitting

Yes, that’s right, you can get paid for just living in someone’s house for a short time, or taking care of their pets! People often go on vacation and worry about home security and about their dogs or cats. As such, they want someone who’s reasonable and responsible to be there if anything happens. Not only do you get a temporary place to stay, you also get paid! There are plenty of websites out there to connect you with prospective clients. 

House sitting or pet sitting
House sitting or pet sitting

You might think you’re doomed and you can’t make it through this semester without putting yourself on a diet of instant noodles. But actually there are a lot of opportunities out there for college students who are looking for part-time jobs. You have to know who to ask, and where to look, and you’ll be making some money in no time!

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