Essential oils and aromatherapy have a great effect on our mood and health. Are you committing to a healthy lifestyle this new year? Well, complete this resolution with hydrosols! You might not be aware of the benefits of hydrosols and what they actually are. For a much better and healthy beauty routine, you need more naturals in your life and one way to do it is committing to hydrosols! There are numerous benefits of hydrosols for your skin and beauty routine. 

So, are you curious what are hydrosols and what are the benefits of hydrosols? Read on to discover all about hydrosols and how to add them to your routine! 

What are Hydrosols? 

First things first, what are hydrosols? Hydrosols are natural and pure water that is produced by distillation. Hydrosols are often called “flower waters” because they are produced by distilling fresh and blooming flowers, leave and plant materials. When a plant is distilled, the end products left are the essential oil that contains the oil-soluble constituents and condensate water which contains water-soluble constituents and microscopic droplets of essential oil. The condensate water is called the hydrosol. 

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Hydrosols are used in countless ways and they look clear and water-soluble. They are highly aromatic and also have healing properties of essential oils. Hydrosols are actually a byproduct of the production of essential oils. Hydrosols may be known by several other names such as hydrolats, floral waters and plant waters. 

Difference Between Hydrosols and Essential Oils 

Both essential oils and hydrosols are made with the same method, steam distillation and the benefits of hydrosols are almost alike essential oil benefits. However, there is still a little difference between the two. Essential oils are typically an end product of the steam distillation process and their use is largely for medicinal or healing purposes. On the other hand, hydrosols are the byproduct of the steam distillation method and you use them for other different reasons. There are several hydrosols uses too! 


During steam distillation, water vapour warms up the plant material and the steam is quickly cooled to condense it into liquid. The concentrated oil is separated to create an essential oil. The leftover water is called the hydrosol. They are 98-99℅ water and 1-2 % plant matter. Essential oils have a shelf life of 3-8 years depending on the quality of the oil. However, hydrosols have a shelf life of 8-18 months. They are stored in the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth. 

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Benefits of Hydrosols 

There are numerous hydrosols uses and benefits. Due to its aromatic and healing properties, you can use hydrosols for many purposes. There are different types of hydrosols for different purposes. Here are some benefits of hydrosols you should know: 

1. Soothes Minor Cuts and Burns 

Soothes Minor Cuts and Burns
Soothes Minor Cuts and Burns

Due to the healing properties of hydrosols, it can be used as a relief for minor cuts and burns you get from cooking. For minor cuts, you can use lavender or neroli hydrosols to promote healing. Sunburns or other minor burns can be healed with hydrosols too! It has cooling properties that can provide you with quick relief from the pain and redness. You can try lavender, rose or chamomile hydrosols for burns. 

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2. Soothes Skin 

Soothes Skin
Soothes Skin

Redness and other minor skin irritations can happen. To get rid of these minor skin irritations, you can use lavender, rose, chamomile, peppermint, or a combination of peppermint, herbs, witch hazel and rosemary essential oil. They are cooling so you can use it in summers to get rid of hot flashes and other skin irritation and redness. 

Helps you relax

Hydrosols are known to bring comfort and calmness after a tiring day. Using them may uplift your bad mood and sadness by calming your senses. You can use rose, Melissa and lavender organic hydrosols to help freshen you up and give you a relaxing breath. 

3. Sound Sleep 

Sound Sleep
Sound Sleep

Can’t sleep at night? Try using hydrosols! They give a relaxing atmosphere that promotes a good night sleep. You can mist it on your bedsheets, furniture and pillows before sleeping to help you relax and sleep easily. It may help your babies or toddlers sleep easily. You can try lavender, chamomile or rose organic hydrosols for a sound sleep. 

4. Great for Hair and Skincare 

Can you actually use hydrosols for hair and skin? Well yes! You can use hydrosols for skin and hair care. For itchy and dry skin, you can use hydrosols for skin to make it smooth and soft. For skin, tea tree, peppermint and lavender organic hydrosols might be a good option. For hair, you can combine jojoba oil, essential oil and hydrosols for damage repair and overall healthy hair. 

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How to use Hydrosols? 


As you already know the hydrosols uses and benefits of hydrosols, the hydrosols can be used for various purposes. Here are some instances of hydrosols uses: 

  • Facial Toner: Hydrosols are great toners. You can add them to your skincare by using rose, neroli, witch hazel, cucumber, lavender, lemon and geranium hydrosols.
  • Anti-Itch Spray: Peppermint and witch hazel hydrosols can help soothe itchiness.
  • Body Spray: Ditch your harmful perfumes and deodorants with natural and herbal hydrosols.
  • Hair Fragrance Spray: Give your hair a young fragrance and keep it hydrated by using gentle hydrosols.
  • Facial Spray: mist your face with a light hydrosol to feel fresh and relaxed.
  • Linen Spray: Have a good night sleep by spraying hydrosols on your sheets and pillows.
  • Aromatherapy Spray: You can enhance and practice yoga or meditation by using hydrosols.
  • Garment Freshening Spray: Feeling sweaty all of a sudden? Give your garments a little mist of aromatic hydrosols.
  • Air Freshener: Spread aroma in your room to have a relaxing and therapeutic environment by spraying some hydrosol mist.
  • Foot Spray: Mist under and over your foot to control odour and freshen up your foot.
  • Post-Sun Reliever: Say goodbye to sunburn by misting some hydrosols on your body after coming out of the sun.
  • Daily After-shower mist: Spritz the hydrosol all over your body after a shower to feel fresh and smell good.

This was all about the benefits of hydrosols with hydrosols uses. You can use hydrosols for skin, hair, body, room, garments, aromatherapy and so on. So, do not forget to try it once! 

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