Getting hanky panky is a fun and intimate bonding activity for two adults in a relationship!! When two people are in a relationship, lovemaking makes their bonding even stronger, thus making them feel connected to one another more than ever. 

So, when you have to visit your relatives and stay with them for quite some time, it seems impossible to “get jiggy”. Some of you must be thinking, it’s just better not to do it over someone else’s place and avoid getting embarrassed in front of others.  Well, if you can be stealthy during the act, then it is a win-win situation. 

But why go so far or why do we need to try so hard to get intimate with so many obligations? The answer is to keep your chemistry going on or keep the fire in the relationship alive or make your relationship interesting and adventurous. So, today I will give some tips and tricks on how to get some action silently when there’s someone else in the house. 

Making Penetrative Intercourse Less Noisy

  • During penetrative intercourse, we women especially make a lot of sounds. It is hard not to make a few noises when we are being thrust by our partners. So, one trick which can come in handy is to go slowly. Having slow intercourse is kind of romantic as well.
  • Another trick that can be applied is kissing during penetration. When you feel like making a sound, lock your lips with your partner.
  • One more trick is, to keep pillows ready nearby. In such situations, you will try your best not to make a sound, but the moment you can’t hold it any longer, place your face over the pillow to muffle your sound up to a certain point.

Now the thing is when you do ‘stuff’  in bed, a little bit of creaking sound is unavoidable. If your room is located far away from the other members of the house, then it is safe. But still, to avoid this as well, firstly you have to try to make love on the bed and see if there’s any bed creaking noise. If not, have fun!! If there is a prominent sound, then you can try having intercourse in positions that do not require the bed. 

1. Try Oral 

Keep a pillow ready with you and the moment your partner begins with the oral; you can easily moan by muffling it with the pillow. Or else, you can also try breathing nice and slow in the meantime. Give your partner an intense and slow job as well. Try to improvise the job with different techniques that involve touching, cupping, sucking of the balls, etc.

2. Get some action with your hands

Concentrate on giving pleasure with your hands. Let your partner touch you down there with his fingers and you give him a passionate hand job blowing his mind. 

3. Use other sounds like a cover-up

Now, this is a bit tricky and you have to be very smart. Play some music or watch something with your doors closed when the others are around in the next room. Let them know that you are watching or listening to some music. At some point, everyone will get back to their chores or get busy with their own thing. This is when you can get intimate with the sound still on which will act as a cover-up. I know, this may sound childish or a bit too obvious. You have to decide whether this trick will work in your situation or not. If you think it will work, you can give this a try. 

4. Wait until everyone is asleep 

This is the most important tip if you want to make love without anyone finding out. No matter how silent or careful you are to not alert anyone that you are getting busy with your partner, it is wise to do it after everyone is asleep. Otherwise, someone may come and knock on your door or call you out for a chat. This will be a mood killer, right? 

Bedroom Action Quietly
Bedroom Action Quietly

So, these were a few tricks that I think can help you out if you want to get intimate without getting embarrassed or letting others find out in the house. Making love in such situations where you have to control yourself is a turn in itself. Intercourse with no boundaries or obstruction is always satisfying but when there is a restriction, the whole thing becomes more exciting and fun.

Next time when someone visits your place to stay for some time or you have to stay somewhere if you haven’t tried getting intimate with your partner, I say, do try this and experience the rush and pleasure at the same time. 

Have Fun♥

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