Trends are like the foundation of the internet and social media for e.g : peachesmakeupchallenge – they keep the audience captivated and contribute by adding more content to social media platforms. But some trends and challenges end up blowing up so much that whenever you open almost any social media platform, you would see that trend on it. Whether it was the “Vogue Challenge” or one of the more recent ones where you make a reel of you with makeup/filter and then show yourself without it to promote more self-love. And the PeachesMakeupChallenge is one such trend that has been crawling on almost all social media platforms!


What is the Peachesmakeupchallenge About? 

Have you heard Justin Bieber’s new song release called “Peaches”? Well, you should because it’s an absolutely lovely song. But, coming back to the topic at hand, as this song reached No.1 on Billboard charts. Hailey Bieber, a popular model and Justin’s wife, started a makeup challenge based on that on Instagram as well as Tiktok as a means of celebration – the PeachesMakeupChallenge. 

She even wrote on both the popular social media platform that the song was what inspired her makeup. As the name might have given you an idea, this trend involves a ‘peachy’ makeup look, i.e., all the makeup done should be of a similar peach or coral pink colour and that involves, eye makeup, the blush, the lip shade, everything! And who doesn’t love a fun and quirky makeup challenge? So many influencers and Instagraminstagram models participated in this challenge along with a number of other people. Naturally, this trend picked up super quickly and it has about 5.4 million views on Tiktok already! 

Why Go for a Peachy Makeup Look?

Partaking in social media trends and challenges is always fun and it gives you multiple chances to showcase your creativity and your own style. The PeachesMakeupChallenge is definitely a lovely beauty trend but you could also go for a peachy makeup look in your daily routine too! This is because this makeup look is the perfect way to go for a ‘natural’ look. 

Besides, the monochrome tones really give that special beauty effect to your skin, especially if it’s sunny out there; you would literally be golden hour picture ready! It is also a minimalistic look and that being said, it requires comparatively less makeup so there are almost negligible chances for makeup to look cakey. Here’s how to get the perfect peachy look!

Create your Own Peachy Look

You can participate in the challenge too by simply using the hashtag – #PeachyMakeupChallenge. Here’s how to get the perfect peachy look to go with and ace this amazing trend: 

1. Set your Face 

It is incredibly important to set your face for the makeup you’re going to be applying on it and this part where you get ready for the rest of the makeup is the most essential part of any makeup routine. Start by gently moisturizing your face and then apply the primer. It is always more advisable to start the eye makeup first, so, let’s get to that now! 

2. Pink and Smoky Eyes

Pink and smokey eyeshadow is just the perfect look to go with for your eye makeup. Prime your eyes first and then pick your favorite shades of pink and peach. Now, softly apply the lighter shade like baby pink or light peach first and then add depth/detail with a darker shade of salmon or pink. If you want a more dazzling eyeshadow, then you could also apply some highlight on the edges of your eyes or spark it up with some pink glitter! You could also do a bold eyeliner or just put on some mascara and go with a minimal eye look. 

3. Peachy and Cheeky 

Peach blush is a cue for a natural-looking and absolutely beautiful flush in your cheeks. So, what are you waiting for? Start by applying your foundation (it can be either liquid or powder) and concealer and then put some of that lovely bronzer on top. Now, dust some of that pale pink or coral pink blush powder on your cheeks from your ear, then in a downward motion to your cheekbones, and then towards your mouth. Put a slight amount on your chin too if you want to make your face appear a bit longer. And remember, the trick to give your cheeks a natural flush is to keep it minimal so don’t overdo it. 

4. A Peachy Smile 

You’re almost done with your peachy look. It’s time for a few final touches and adding a peachy shine to your lips! If you’re more of a classic lip gloss person, then pick a lovely shade of coral pink lip gloss, but before applying it, prep your lips – use a lip pencil of a similar or slightly darker shade to properly define your lips, use some concealer to outline your lips (this one is optional but recommended). 

And then set your lips with the help of some setting powder if you want. Now, apply the lip gloss and watch your lips radiate the perfect peachy shine! However, If lipstick is what defines your fashion and style, then pick a light pink or peach matte lipstick and start by applying some lip balm to your lips first. Then, use a lip liner of a similar or slightly darker shade to carefully line your lips, and then apply the lipstick! Oolala, what a beautiful smile you’ve got there. 

Voila, your peachy makeup looks just amazing! Now you are ready to win the PeachesMakeupChallenge, so go make a lovely reel and let your friends and followers see your talent and beauty! Just don’t forget to remove your makeup at the end of the day; cleanse your face properly, wipe the makeup thoroughly, and make sure you moisturize your skin too! 

Have fun!

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