Infertility issues like PCOS Pregnancy have been plaguing women since the beginning of time and in the current scenario, with our lifestyle choices, the percentage of women who are unable to conceive even after trying for a year is much higher than what it was even 2 decades ago.

There can be several conditions that can lead to female infertility and one of the most common causes that doctors are noticing is PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This condition is more severe than you think because 1 in 5 women between 20 to50 years of age have PCOS-related issues. The symptoms of PCOS often remain undetected and hence untreated. If a woman undergoes PCOS pregnancy, then the complications might worsen.

Understanding PCOS

So, to combat the problem it is first important to know one’s enemy. PCOS is a hormonal problem, wherein a woman has more than a normal level of male hormone or androgen. It can also cause enlargement of the ovary and the presence of cysts or fluid-filled sac-like structures on the outer edge of one or both ovaries. You need to know some symptoms of the symptoms, so you can easily identify them and reach out for a consultation with your gynecologist as soon as possible because you most certainly don’t want to undergo a PCOS pregnancy.

Symptoms of PCOS in a Woman

PCOS in a Woman
PCOS in a Woman

1. Heavy and Irregular Periods.

2. Sudden Weight Gain

3. More development of facial hair.

4. Skull Hair fall and hair thinning.

5. Increased Acne Problems.

Symptoms of PCOS Pregnancy

Even if you have ignored the above symptoms and do get pregnant, you will see other symptoms related to PCOS pregnancy.

  1. Constant fatigue
  2. Bloating in your abdominal area.
  3. Constant headache.
  4. Constantly changing mood
  5. and lastly, Back pain.

Most of these symptoms are similar to normal pregnancy symptoms, but if you have a history of irregular periods or have high BMI, then these can be signs of PCOS pregnancy. In that case, a thorough examination from your gynecologist is required.

Things you can do

Now you are wondering what can be done from your end? If detected early, then by taking proper medications, embracing lifestyle changes, and exercising to keep your body weight under control, you can avoid the woes of a PCOS pregnancy.

PCOS pregnancy
PCOS pregnancy.

But all of that depends upon your gynecologist’s suggestion. Try to maintain your ideal body weight and undergo regular tests to ascertain whether you have PCOS or not. That will avoid a lot of problems in the future. One of the side-effects of PCOS is diabetes and insulin resistance in women, consult your doctor regarding the same.

Observe and record your menstruation cycles, timing, and regularities. If you observe any irregularities, then inform your gynecologist in your next visit. These early steps can save you from PCOS pregnancy complications in the future. Timely intervention and embracing lifestyle changes can help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life with PCOS and also allow you to embrace motherhood. Regularly consult your gynecologist and adhere to their advice.

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PCOS and Pregnancy Complications

Due to PCOS, hormonal imbalance is prominent in a woman’s body. Increased release of androgens can cause ovulation problems. This ovulation problem can cause an early release of infertile eggs. Normally a healthy egg combined with sperm causes a successful pregnancy. 

But early release of eggs can disturb this process and lead you towards the failure of pregnancy. In addition, androgens can cause an inhospitable environment for the growing fetus in a PCOS pregnancy. Androgen can cause increased growth of your baby in your womb. That can lead you to cesarean delivery or early delivery or, in some cases, miscarriage. All you need to control it is extra care and medication.

PCOS IVF Treatment

Many women face Infertility issues due to PCOS. If medication has no effect, your gynecologist can suggest IVF. IVF increases your chances of getting successfully pregnant. 

PCOS IVF Treatment
PCOS IVF Treatment

But for some cases, IVF can be expensive. Going by India’s PCOS pregnancy success rate, Almost 90% of women affected by PCOS can successfully conceive. With the help of IVF and proper care. If you have a history of PCOS and have problems while getting pregnant, you should go to an IVF center with a high IVF success rate and has expertise in PCOS management. Similar to MISHKA, an IVF Center in Jaipur. 

That way, you will get a proper management of your condition, and an experienced gynecologist will ensure that you have a successful pregnancy and gestation. It may take a few tries and different methods, but eventually, you will get positive results.

Take away

PCOS pregnancy might sound scary but it doesn’t mean that you will never enjoy the joys of motherhood. The right treatment and help can lead to a successful conception. The advancement of science with treatment methods like IVF has made everything possible. With the advancement of age and the degree of severity of your medical conditions, you might need multiple rounds of IVF. 

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