If you have your period, you know that you have to use it, roll it, and then throw it away. At least if you use a disposable tampon every month. Did you know that about 121 million of the 336 million girls and women who have periods like you use disposable pads? If we say that eight menstrual pads are used every month, that's more than 12.3 billion disposable napkins every year. If that didn't raise any red flags, here are some more.

The Menstrual Health Alliance India thinks that it could take at least 800 years for a sanitary pad to break down. This is because plastic doesn't break down in nature and can be bad for your health and the environment. Each pad is the same as four plastic grocery bags. Isn't it then high time to switch to more environmentally friendly options? There are many benefits of organic sanitary pads. Keep reading to learn about the best organic sanitary pads brands for periods and the benefits of biodegradable organic cotton pads. 

Benefits Of Biodegradable Organic Cotton Pads 

1. Healthy And Cost-Effective 

The price of organic sanitary pads is about the same as the price of regular sanitary pads, but they don't irritate the skin or do as much damage to the environment. Because organic cotton is so absorbent, many people who use these products find that they need less of them every time they have their period. Because of this, organic cotton pads are a good way to save money on your monthly routine. 

2. Comfort 

Most standard pads are made of plastic and have very little or no cotton. The fabric that comes out of this process can feel rough against the skin and cause itching and rashes. If regular pads bother you, you might find that organic cotton pads are more comfortable to wear all day and even overnight. These soft, slim products aren't bulky at all. They won't show under your clothes and won't get in the way of your busy day. Styles with wings keep leaks from ruining your clothes, and you can get versions that are bigger for use at night. 

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3. Breathable  

Unlike pads made of man-made fibers, organic sanitary pads let your skin breathe and keep you dry thanks to a cellulose core that soaks up moisture. The plastic in standard pads can cause allergies and skin irritation, but this material is softer and less likely to do that. You'll also be less likely to get bacterial or fungal infections in this sensitive area, which can happen when airflow is cut off. 

Best Organic Sanitary Pads Brands For Periods  

1. Peesafe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads  

If you want to be good to the environment, you can choose this pack of organic sanitary pads that are biodegradable. These pads are made of organic cotton and bamboo fiber to keep leaks from happening. These pads don't have any scent, and each one is wrapped in a disposable bag. There are both daytime and overnight versions of these pads. So, you can choose based on what you need to make sure your comfort and hygiene are kept up.

Peesafe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads 
Peesafe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads 

2. Anandi Pads 

Here is another pack of organic sanitary pads that you can buy online for a reasonable price. The bio-SAP sheet in these pads is made from plants. It has a high absorption rate and lets you deal with your period without feeling wet. Since these pads are thin and let air through, you won't feel any pain when you use them. With many layers of protection, leaks are less likely to happen. You can get these pads with side walls to protect against leaks even more.

Anandi Pads
Anandi Pads

3. Nua Sanitary Pads  

This pack of cotton sanitary pads is another good thing that you might want to think about buying online. This pack has a variety of pads in different sizes to meet all of your needs on a bike. This pack has three pads for heavy flow, five pads for medium flow, and four pads for light flow, so it has everything you need to stay clean during your period. The pads are made of non-woven fabric with a superabsorbent core, so even when the flow is heavy, you won't feel wet.

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Nua Sanitary Pads
Nua Sanitary Pads

4. Laado 

Laado Organic Sanitary Pad is a step to reinvent feminine hygiene in India by Reckon Care. The company aspires to be a global feminine hygiene product company by creating an environment where Empowered Women can look out for one another. Its mission is to bring premium quality, eco-friendly sanitary pads to women at affordable rates in India and empower them with a choice for their necessities.

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Laado Organic Sanitary Pad
Laado Organic Sanitary Pad

5. Azah Rash-free Organic Sanitary Pads 

Another excellent alternative to assist you in successfully managing your periods is this package of sanitary napkins. These pads, which are made of organic cotton and have a smooth, velvety surface, prevent period rashes in the intimate area. Even on days when there is strong flow, the superabsorbent system rapidly makes you feel dry. These pads' perforated layers guarantee airflow, preventing excessive heat, wetness, and sweating. So you may effortlessly maintain your comfort during your period. 

6. Corman Biodegradable Heavy Flow Sanitary Pads  

Here is a pack of pleasant night-time sanitary napkins for you. To reduce the likelihood of leakage, these pads are constructed of organic cotton and are naturally absorbent. These pads are designed to handle strong flow nights and minimize irritation so you may enjoy managing your periods. These cotton sanitary pads are free of plastic, latex, parabens, chlorine, bleach, and other chemicals. They are safe to use, so you don't have to worry about infections or rashes.

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Summing Up

If you like to use pads when you have your period, you can help yourself and the environment if you switch to organic sanitary pads. Now that you know more about how these products can help you stay clean and comfortable during that time of the month, you can definitely decide if you want to give them a try.

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