What Are The Possible Options For Childless Couples? Parenthood is an amazing feeling. It is a cluster of emotional turmoil and responsibilities mixed with the joy of bringing new life into this world. It is very natural to develop a parental instinct at a certain point in your life. Reproduction is a natural process that makes sure that the survival of the species is not hindered.

A young one is brought into this world. In the Animal Kingdom, a mother generally bears the child inside her for a certain amount of time. Both the parents anticipate the arrival of a little baby. It is a wonder how connected the parents feel to the foetus who hasn’t been born yet.

Childless Couples
Childless Couples

But sadly not all the couples are inherited or blessed with this miracle. Many infertile couples are devoid of this happiness. There are many childless couples trying to conceive a baby. But the joy and merriness of childbirth and parenthood escape their fortune.

Why Are Some Couples Not Able To Get Pregnant?

There are many reasons why a couple is not able to conceive a baby or become pregnant. Sometimes the reasons for infertility are unknown. Most of these reasons revolve around medical and clinical terms.

Not being able to produce a child is not entirely the mother’s fault; it can be the father’s as well. Infertile couples have many alternatives today.

Before proceeding further, it is important to mention that fertilisation is the fusion of egg and sperm. This fusion results in the zygote formation which eventually forms the baby. You can only conceive when the egg has reached the Fallopian tube from the ovaries. If a couple is trying to conceive a baby when the egg is yet to be released. Fertilisation will never occur.

Here we have listed a few reasons why a couple might not be able to reproduce. The reasons for infertility are as follows-

  • The womb and cervix of the mother do not have the right environment to grow or implant a foetus.
  • The low mobility of sperms. If sperms have low mobility then they might never reach the egg for fertilization.
  • If the uterus or the Fallopian tube doesn’t have the right pH. It will kill the sperm before fertilisation can take place.
  • Male impotency can be another reason. In this case, the male suffers from erectile dysfunction. He is not able to penetrate the vagina of the female. As a result the sperms never enter the female reproductive system.
  • Female infertility can occur due to lack of ovulation. There are many reasons behind it like hormonal disorders such as PCOS.
  • Sometimes it is the age. The older you get, the harder it becomes to get pregnant. Late Pregnancy is not considered healthy.
  • Male infertility can also be because of the less sperm count.
  • It also depends on the fact whether the parents have any disease, stress or anxiety, infection, etc.

So as mentioned above, there are plenty of reasons behind not being able to conceive a baby. Even though these couples might not be able to bore a child by natural methods. Science and technology have advanced so much that there are a lot of alternatives available for these couples.

What Are The Options For Childless Couples?

Here’s a list of all the Assisted Reproductive Technologies available for childless couples. We have also looked into some other alternatives available to enjoy parenthood.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is one of the best options for infertile couples. If the father is not able to produce enough sperms or if their mobility is low. The sperms will never reach the egg. In case of impotency as well; the fertilization cannot occur. In such a case, sperms are taken from a donor. The sperm is then made to fertilise with the egg in a culture medium. Later on, the embryo is implanted in the womb of the mother.

Test Tube Baby

Generally, fertilisation occurs inside the female body. But if the sperm count or its mobility is low; it can occur outside a laboratory environment. If the egg and sperm are healthy enough, they are taken outside the parent’s bodies and fertilized artificially. They are fertilised in a petri dish and kept on nutrient media. Infertile couples can opt for a test tube baby. Once the fertilisation has occurred, it is implanted inside the mother’s womb.


Out of the many options for infertile couples surrogacy has been practised rarely. If the mother’s womb is not suitable enough for the foetus to grow and pregnancy to sustain. Another woman who has a suitable womb to sustain the baby can be asked to be a surrogate. In such cases, after the in vitro fertilization, the embryo is implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother.


Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer is a method for women who cannot produce an egg. These women can provide a suitable environment for fertilisation and implantation. The egg from a donor is placed in the Fallopian tube of the mother for fertilisation.

Track Your Periods

As mentioned above for fertilisation to occur the egg has to reach the Fallopian tube. The eggs are made in the ovaries. One egg from either of the ovaries is released in between your menstrual cycle (14th day) to the Fallopian tube. This is called ovulation. It is here where the sperm fuses with it and fertilisation occurs. Maybe you are not able to conceive because you are not trying on the right day.

Mark your period and keep a track of your cycle. Try to have intercourse near the date of ovulation. This will increase the chances of fertilisation.


Adoption is the ultimate method if you want to be parents. It is one of the best options for childless couples. It is a noble cause to provide home and love for an orphan child who was devoid of that happiness. We urge childless couples to adopt children. Parenthood does not have to originate from your own flesh and blood. This will not involve spending or investing a lot of money.

What Are The Limitations Of Artificial Reproductive Assistance?

Even though assisted reproductive technology is gaining popularity. All these options for infertile couples have their own limitations.

  • The cost of such procedures is too high. It is a complicated process and does not guarantee a 100 % result. The childless couples have to spend lakhs on Artificial Reproductive Technologies.
  • There are bioethical concerns as these are not the natural ways of reproducing.
  • In the case of surrogacy, the woman who carries the baby in her womb develops an attachment to it. In many cases, the surrogates have denied or refused to give the baby to the biological mother.
  • In the case of the sperm or egg donor, the baby will have the traits and characters of the donor. Many parents have problems with this.

Whatever may be the reasons for infertility; an individual cannot be blamed. Being parents to your kids is an amazing feeling. To watch them grow and learn. To witness their first walk, to listen to their first word. There is no other emotion equivalent to this. Luckily we live in an era where it is possible for all of us to enjoy the bliss of parenthood. There are many options for childless couples. 

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