As much as healthy eating and exercising are important, having a deep good night sleep is also very important for a healthy being. Having fewer hours of sleep or disturbed sleep can impact your mind and body greatly.

Researches indicate that poor sleep directly damages our hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. It can cause loss of appetite and anxiety issues. Sleep deficiency can also directly trigger some of the diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and a few cancers as well. 

Since a decade the average sleep quality and quantity graph has slid down rapidly because of multiple reasons like work burden, stress, less social interaction and so on. Due to rigorous change in the lifestyle of the current generation, sleep disorders are quite common.

How do I get a good night sleep?

  • Establish a bedtime routine:

    It is important for your body to commit to a bedtime routine for good night sleep. Make sure to hit the bed at a fixed time and wake up at a fixed time even on the weekends.

    At least 6-8 hours of sleep is a must to maintain a healthy body. Establishing a strict bedtime keeping aside everything else will help your body to relax and sleep better.

    Do not delay in going to your bedroom at a fixed time no matter what work or party or gathering you are in. Prioritize your good sleep.
  • Increase bright light exposure and decrease evening light exposure:

    Exposing yourself to natural sunlight or bright light helps to keep your circadian rhythm healthy.

    It improves your energy levels during the day and sleep quality at night. The evening or night light exposure has an opposite impact at the same time. 
  • Don’t consume caffeine late in the day:

    Many of us are addicted to caffeinated drinks like cola, tea, and coffee. It enhances focus, energy, and sports performance.

    Hence, taking caffeine late in the evening hinders the body to naturally relax. Caffeine can stay elevated in the blood for 6-8 hours so it is best to avoid large amounts of tea or coffee post 4 pm especially when you are caffeine sensitive or have sleep problems. 
  • Create a sleep-friendly environment:

    Make sure to nicely clean your room before you hit the bed for good sleep. Let your room be cool and dark. Make sure there is pin-drop silence in the room to let your body relax.

    Do not use any electronic devices and switch off your cell phone.
Good night sleep tips
  • Say no to long daytime naps:

    Taking a half an hour nap is fine but do not sleep for too long in the day. Even if you are sleep deprived the previous night do not sleep for long hours in the day because the same will be repeated the following night.

    Sleeping for more than half an hour in the day can harm your health and sleep quality at night. 
  • Physical activity: It is very important that your body energy gets used up during the day time for you to have a good night sleep.

    Indulging in physical activity for about an hour in the day keeps you healthy and helps you to sleep better. Exercising regularly is a major remedy for a sleep disorder.

    It will help to improve your sleep by 3-4 times. So do indulge in any physical activity like walking, aerobics or yoga for good sleep. 
  • Avoid heavy meals before bedtime: Never overeat at dinner time. Eating excess can lead to gastric issues, heartburn or bloating and will cause disruptive sleep. So always take a light meal at night to sleep better. 
Good night sleep tips
  • Prepare your body: Take a shower at night, especially in summers. Taking a quick shower at night before bed relaxes your mind and body.

    Wear a loose cotton night suit that makes you feel comfortable. Put all the gadgets including your phone away, sit on your bed in the dark and take 10-15 deep breaths. It will ease your body to sleep better. 

If you wish to have a healthy body it is very important to sleep adequately. A healthy mind and a healthy body can only be achieved by attaining at least 6-8 hours of good night sleep.

So do all this if you have any sleeping problems because a good night’s sleep is very important. Sleep well!