Are you expecting? If yes, then you must be confused about what are the essentials for your newborn as well as what are the best products? I am here to help you! Let’s shop for your little one together. Frankly speaking, it is overwhelming to shop for babies as there are many attractive & cute baby equipment out there. It is high time to start planning for your baby soon and purchase every major item before birth. 

Newborn Must-Haves

Take a look at the list below including all the baby essentials you may require during your pregnancy period as well as for your little one during the first few months.

1. Carriers & Pushchairs for newborn

A baby carrier/baby sling is one of the best options to carry your newborn with you. Why? Well, you will be free to move while doing other stuff. A travel system is also worth buying as it helps for transporting a baby while sleeping. It is also a pushchair that can easily be interchanged with car carrycots and seats. 

2. Car Seat

A car seat for your baby is important for his/her exciting journey home. You can find different types of car seats. There are specially designed car seats for specific heights and ages. For example- Group 0 and 0+ car seats are only for newborn babies respectively. You can also select an i-size car seat. These car seats meet new EU safety standards and offer better protection to children.

3. Nursery

It is always advised that newborns should be live in their parents’ room, particularly in the initial 6 months. Most parents make a portable cradle, crib, or Moses basket for their newborn’s first bed. Not every cot comes with a mattress, however, a mattress is essential. A supportive mattress helps a baby to sleep comfortably. So, pick a good mattress!

4. Bathing

Newborns can be undoubtedly very slippery and wriggly. Hence, be prepared. Make your baby’s bath time easy and fun using baby support or baby bath.

5. Sleep & Safety

No list is complete without a baby monitor. It will allow you to walk around your house when your little one will be sleeping. In addition to a baby monitor, thermometers are also an essential thing to get an accurate and quick reading of your baby’s temperature. Also, a room thermometer inside your newborn’s nursery will help you to know whether the room is cool or warm for your baby.

6. Breastfeeding

A double pump or an electric single pump for effective & fast pumping. Pumps, sterilizing bottles, and various feeding accessories are also essential as warm milky environments attract harmful bacteria, hence sterilizer is a must Make sure to buy a cover-up as it will give you privacy to breastfeed in public places 

7. Baby Clothes

Baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, hence make sure that you buy only 100% cotton clothes for your little one.

8. Nappies

Choose the right brand for your little one. You will probably change the baby’s nappy over 10-14 times a day. Find nappies specially made for your baby’s sensitive skin. You may also find some wetness indicators, which change their color to inform the correct time for changing. 

9. Grooming & Bathroom Essentials 

Very Important! Purchase two hooded towels, four washcloths, an infant tub, a bath seat (for after six months), a baby bath wash, baby shampoo, baby comb & brush set, nail scissors, cotton swabs, and cotton balls Also, buy a bath toy for your baby, a mesh bag to put bath toys, and a bath thermometer as well. 

10. Feeding Essentials 

Finally, purchase 5 or more bottles along with newborn nipples (again choose the right brand), a bottle-cleaning brush, a bottle-drying rack and 5 or so burp cloths. And for outings, but an insulated carrier or cooler for your baby. 

Newborn Must-Haves
Newborn Must-Haves

Bottom Line

Even though most of the women believe that one should shop only after the little one is born, however, it is not true and you must know it by now! You should shop it before the delivery as it will help you to be well-prepared to welcome your baby. You should know every little factor of having a baby. Your newborn baby will require different sets of accessories and clothing. Be prepared and give your newborn a bundle of joy!!! 

All the best!! 

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