5 Best Tips On How To Take Care Of Premature Baby

Having a premature baby is no more an indifferent thing owing to a large number of premature births these days. Just taking well-precautioned care of your little one, is enough to raise it up the best way. A recent data reveals how more than 14% of births out of 100% are premature. Most of the triplet babies, twin babies are born out of premature delivery.

But you don’t need to worry because we are here with some of the best tips on how to take care of premature baby out there!

  • Make peace with being a preemie baby:- If you have a premature baby, life may seem a little different for mother of premature baby from how you imagined it to be. A little extra care, a little breathing assistance, and many such adjustments would be required at your end as a parent. But then, having accepted it all, there you go on to be a happy mother. You get to experience some really beautiful things with such a baby that normal parents don’t get to do. Just like seeing, the sunshine for the first time, feeling a cool breeze, all these things are a first-time experience for such a baby who has just come out of the baby unit. So yeah, you are going to love it!
  • Appropriate temperature:- One thing that you need to be the most cautious about is the temperature you keep your baby in. It should be safe as well as comfortable. The best way of having this assured is to cover the baby in layers i.e. a three-layered clothing or a two-layer or a sleeping zip-up bag; whichever suits you the most. But yes, keep a good check over the temperature, and if you don’t have a fine idea, then consult some healthcare team. Generally, a little cold temperature, like when you give your baby a bath or a little more hot temperature, like overloading the baby with hot blankets, both are risky. One can cause immediate cold, whereas the other can cause cot death (sudden infant death syndrome). Hence, keep a check!
  • Quality night sleep:– Once your baby comes home, it is possible that it may not be getting as much sleep as in the hospital. But this is something really important for a premature baby. So, in order to maintain good sleep hygiene of your preterm baby, you need to provide such an environment to it. A quiet room, with dim lights; such things can be of great help. But yes, the initial days of a preemie baby are restless days, for the mother of premature baby as well as the baby, as they get hungry very often. Also, the smaller the baby born, the more is the amount of milk it requires. So, goodnight sleep is a must!
  • Washing tips for a preemie baby:– The number of times you should wash your preterm baby, solely depends on how premature its birth is. Depending on the softness of the skin, for many babies, normal water is considered as good for the initial 6 months. Even for changing diapers, use normal water and soft cotton, as the baby’s skin is quite soft. Also, it’s no necessity that you wash your newborn every day. Soaking a piece of cotton in water and cleaning the baby’s face, neck and buttock will be enough on a daily basis.
  • How to take care of premature baby ‘s skin:- If your baby has dry skin, then avoid using skincare creams of your own wish. Consulting a healthcare expert would be beneficial in such a case. Also, when your baby’s skin is wet, do not keep him that way for long, rather keep a towel in hand to dry it off as soon as you take the baby out of water. And not all products suit every skin type, so avoid using chemical products on a baby’s skin under-prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner.

These are some important tips on how to take care of premature baby. Embrace your little one as beautifully as you dreamt about it. A little adjustment can solve it all for you and your little one. Try reaching out to more such mothers like you! 

Happy motherhood 💚