Nails: The Most Aesthetically Cared Dead Skin Cells

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The most aesthetically cared for dead skin cells!!! Isn’t it? Nails are the utmost valued and spent on dead skin cells of a female body. Right from manicure to choosing different shades of nail paint, we spend hours and cents on the same. 

But do you still feel unsatisfied of it??? 

Do you still feel that other’s nails look much more aesthetic than yours??? 

If that’s the case, then all you got to do is to go for a quick tip guide by us. Once you read it, probably your last parlor visit will become the least one! You will no more need to go for a professional nail touch up! So, here you go on with your little guide of hacks to an amazing nail touch up:

3 strokes and you are done:

Before heading forward to quote your nail with enamel, keeping one thing in mind is imperative. Ideally, only 3 fine strokes are needed to color your entire nail surface. According to a famous manicure beautician, “all that the brush has to do is to put the nail paint on the right place, the rest will be done by the spreading capacity of the nail paint as well as your nails.” The wise way to do it is to brush down the first stroke from the bottom to the left, then towards the right side. And finally, in the centremost area at the top of the nail. That is it! 

Basecoat is a must:

Of course, it takes a little more time than usual. But once you base coat your nails then your nail paint has a guiding shade. Didn’t get it? Well, with a base coat, it doesn’t flow weirdly rather it has a definite texture. Also, according to beauticians, it makes your manicure stay well maintained for an extremely long time! Also, the way it get shabby by pigmented nail paint, it looks really bawdy. But once you have a base coat, it saves from that too. 

Topcoat is as important:

For most of the readers, the top coating may seem like-“of course, who doesn’t do it! ” But you will find it really astonishing to note that there’s a huge number of women who don’t topcoat it! Topcoat is that covering that saves from chips. So, one should never avoid it. Choose a basic coat for the top layer and paint with it to keep your enamel luster-locked! 

Edge clean up!

Whenever we color something up, it’s too normal that it goes out of line. The same happens with nail paint. But once it goes out of line, we know we need to clean it up well, so that it doesn’t look shabby. It looks real-time cheap once you paint your nails with some other color while some other color is showing up outside your nails! True? So, to clean up well, we have a great technique for you. According to Whitehill-“You should use an old nail enamel brush by dipping it down into nail polish remover bottle. And then rub it all over your stained area. ” It works magically! 

The perfect white:

White manicure is something that will never go out of fashion! So, if you want to revive that fashion and try it on; you have got to choose a perfect white. One thing that you have to take care of is that it shouldn’t be too thin. Also, its texture should look too thick and white. It shouldn’t seem translucent. If looking at the bottle confuses you about the shade’s density, then go for trying it a stroke on. Or the other way can be trying on the nail paint bottle cap! 


Quick-dry polish-A clear no:

Okay! We understand the fact that trying out nail paints can be too hectic if it doesn’t dry up quickly. So, people go for quick dry nail paints. But note one thing that they use too vigorous chemicals to give you that effect. These chemicals ruin them completely. So next time when you nail polish it up, do make sure that you have got enough time to dry up the same. 

Cuticle oil usage:

If you envy the girls whose nails look too professionally done up, then all you have got to do is for a cuticle oil. Cuticle oils are those which make look rejuvenated instantly. Try applying that oil just after you have used nail polish. Also, if you accidentally get messed up by something, then your nails are safer by cuticle oil. As it has a slippery texture, so your nail paint gets saved and doesn’t get crevices all over it. 

Coldwater dry:

It may seem like the weirdest and most bizarre idea. But dipping in cold water or in the ice pack helps a lot in drying really fast. So if you want to fry it up quickly, instead of going for a quick-dry nail paint, go for a bowl of ice water! 

Grounding neon:

Neon nail paints are the utmost trending stuff right now. But what is tough is not to paint up with it. But the fact that it should seem like a salon perfect! So, if you want to give it that lustrous look, go for base coating with an opaque white polish. This will make your nail paint look lustrous as well as thick! 

Thinning it out:

This is something we always do. But for the ones who are yet not aware of it. You can thin up your nail paint by using your nail paint remover. It is basically a harmless thinner. Once you add 2-3 drops of the same in your nail paint, you will be amazed to see its fluidity. 

So, now that you know these 10 amazing hacks. Go for it!!! We assure you a professional manicure look once you head straight with these unfailing hacks! 

Stay beautiful 💫

Isha SurabhiIsha Surabhi
An English majors graduate, former editor to two magazines, former Senior Content Writer to DU Times and a dedicated litterateur, for whom writing is the most aesthetic form of expression!

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