Pubic hair or pubes have been with us since we hit puberty. To be precise, the basic function of pubic hair is to protect genital tissues, especially the very sensitive vaginal opening. It is important to know that your pubic hair is your physical barrier to protecting your skin; it traps discharge, dirt, and debris: it also traps moisture helping the vulva skin to maintain higher moisture content. Your vaginal skin is extra sensitive and needs special attention. Waxing and shaving are what’s trending these days. Many find those pubes to be gross and prefer to shave or wax every now and then. But some have befriended them and are okay to live with it. It is completely a personal choice whether to remove that hair down their or not. 

Hygiene Purpose

Your vagina has the superpower of self-cleansing. And those pubes are definitely not gross if you clean the area every day. If you wish to go for hair removal down there, it is absolutely a thumbs up for that. But it is also important to make a wise decision with the products you choose for the task. Exposing your vagina to foreign chemicals may disturb its pH balance that is required to maintain a healthy vagina

Hence, using those shaving creams may lead to skin irritation in or around your vagina. It is important to be careful about any product that you put near your vagina. If you choose to use a razor, make sure it is clean and well sanitized before use. You need to be extra careful while using a razor as it may cause small cuts or inflamed hair follicles. Similarly, even waxing down there can cause tiny wounds that may increase the chances of vaginal infection. But, as long as you are being hygienic and cautious, you can go ahead with waxing or shaving your pubic hair. The added benefit of hair removal is zero chances of pubic lice. 

Pubes Are a Natural Barrier to Germs

Pubic hair acts as a protection from yeast and bacterias, and to protect the tender skin of that area. Shaving or waxing may put you at the risk of venereal diseases like genital warts. Pubes act as a cushion in guarding the skin of your vagina that helps to avoid injury to the skin. Although pubes do not guarantee complete protection from STI or Sexually Transmitted Infections, but they are a protective barrier. A study revealed that those who wax or shave those pubes are at a higher risk of picking up sex bug since they have found to be more sexually active. So why to remove the guards of your vagina.

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Pubes and Sex
Pubes and Sex

Pubes and Sex

Most men trim their pubic hair while women go completely bare. A survey has found out that men expect more from their partners when it comes to grooming down below. Some women shave off their pubes to make their man happy in bed. Some men find pubic hair to be a turn off which could possibly be the reason for his partner to be pushing herself into waxing or shaving. The bottom line is shaving down there should be a personal choice whether its a man or a woman. What you do with your hair should be your decision.

Some of us like it tidy while others might just want to leave it alone. There is no point in feeling pressure because there is no right or wrong when it’s about grooming your pubic hair. It is important to make sure to keep your genitals clean either with or without hair. Another choice is that it’s up to you how you want to groom your vagina. Your bush is your decision. 

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