Are you a fan of all the witchy-woo that goes on in the supernatural world of witches? Then you certainly must be knowing about their practices and beliefs. But are you aware of the intriguing moon phases witchcraft? Well, if not, then don’t worry because now you will be! Let’s find out what this type of witchcraft is. 

What is Moon Phases Witchcraft? 

The term ‘moon phases witchcraft’ simply refers to the way the different phases of the moon affect witchcraft in different ways. This type of magic that is associated with the moon is commonly known as moon magic and numerous witches and practitioners use the phases of the moon to perform rituals and ceremonies that usually involve change and transformation which can be either physical/psychological change or both. This is because the cycle and stages of the moon tend to affect us to quite a great extent. 

Moon Phases Witchcraft
Moon Phases Witchcraft

These rituals or ceremonies generally tend to occur either on or around the full moon but at times, these even take place during the new moon phase.

What is Full Moon Magic? 

The full moon, one of the most important phases of the moon, is a stage during which the moon looks perfectly round and brightly illuminated. This characteristic feature of the full moon usually symbolizes a sense of completion or fulfillment, a clarity within oneself, and a celebration of the reflection on one’s overall growth. It is also associated with intensity and a heightened sense of emotions.

And this is why full moon magic is often considered to be quite a vital part of witchcraft and the most important part of the moon phases witchcraft. However, while carrying out full moon magic, one has to be extra cautious because not only any spell performed becomes more potent than it would be under normal circumstances, but during a full moon, one’s psychic abilities also tend to get heightened. So, it is important to follow your instincts, even if your emotions feel like they’re on a high. But how do you access full moon spells? Well, let’s take a look at that now!

Full Moon Spells 

Here are some of the most commonly used moon rituals and spells that even you can use at home!

1. Charge your Crystals 

A full moon is a perfect opportunity to charge your crystals and stones with lunar energy. And it’s super easy too! Simply place your crystals near a window or any place where they would be exposed to the light of the full moon. And voila, you can now use your crystals that are charged and powered by the full moon’s light and energy!

2. Manifestation Rituals 

A full moon is highly linked to intuition, creativity, and connecting more deeply with oneself. So, naturally, a full moon is the best time to set specific intentions and define what you wish to attract. And what better way to carry these things out than manifesting them! Get ready to journal and tune in to the cycles of the moon along with some magical lunar knowledge. Schedule your moon manifestation beforehand if you like, and sit with your journal during the full moon.

Start with writing one intention down or one goal that you wish to attract the most, fill your head with the most positive energies and start manifesting it. Remember, a full moon is a time when you connect with yourself so manifesting self-empowerment can also lead to some incredibly positive changes. Keep a track of the cycles of the moon this way and keep journaling and manifesting for the changes you want in your life. 

3. A Moon Ritual Bath

A moon-themed bath is one of the most calming and effective ways to access full moon spells and channeling positive energy. Research thoroughly on the kind of crystals and herbs that will help you to manifest the intention through this ritual. For instance, if your focus is fueling your self and intuition, then drop the necessary ingredients needed for that in your bath water; you would need crystals like amethyst and labradorite along with sandalwood and myrrh essential oils.

And if your goal is to attract money and good fortune, then use a citrine crystal and make your essential oils with ingredients like cinnamon, patchouli, etc. So, get your facts on the type of crystals and ingredients you’re going to be needing based on your goal. Then, line up your crystals around you, put some dried lavender and/or hibiscus leaves in the water along with your essential oils or bath salts. Burn some sage in the bathroom or light up scented candles, and let your mind and soul relax as you pop into the bath.

4. A Simple Meditation Moon Ritual 

Practicing meditation and mindfulness even without a full moon tends to bring tons of relaxation and inner peace, so think about how the effect would get even better with the presence of the full moon’s energy! Find a quiet place where you can sit or lie down; once you’ve picked your position, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing and think about the moon, its position, its phase, and just visualize everything about it. And feel the tension release as the effect of the moon’s energy takes place on your body and mind. 

These full moon spells are really easy to carry out and are highly effective considering you put your true energies into these rituals and focus while you’re doing them. So, now that you know all about moon phases witchcraft, make sure you fully utilize the next full moon or any other phase of the moon for that matter and let the lunar energy shower your life with all you want! And remember, you attract the energies that you put in, so fill your mind with positive and relaxing energies and see the moon do its work! 

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