Monsoon is, without a doubt, one of the best times of the year to enjoy with your loved ones. It is that time of year when the rain clears the air of pollution and dust, making the world look clean and green. Plus, the weather is a delight to the heart. So, if you want to visit a rainforest, a beach town, or a hilly city during the rainy season, make sure you are well-prepared and have everything you need to stay safe and alive. 

Here is a list of monsoon-friendly clothing that you definitely need to own. Keep reading to learn about monsoon fashion tips for women and monsoon-friendly clothing you should own.  

A List Of Monsoon-friendly Clothing Fabrics  

1. Cotton  

During the monsoon season, cotton is, without a doubt, the best thing to wear. It is not only light, but it also lets air through and dries quickly. During the wet season, fabrics made from natural fibres like cotton and mulmul that don't soak up much water are usually a good choice. 

You could wear a cotton t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts, or you could wear a colourful kurta with leggings. Make sure that the clothes you choose don't cling to your body because this will probably make you sweat a lot. It is one of the best monsoon-friendly clothing fabrics.  

2. Khadi  

Rainy weather and natural fabrics go together like peanut butter and jelly. Khadi is easy to wear because it is light, airy, doesn't wrinkle, and dries quickly. It is also stylish and can be worn to work and other places. 

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3. Khadi Cotton  

Hands are used to make khadi cotton fabric. It is also called muslin, and it is excellent for wearing during the monsoon. It is essential to wear clothes that dry easily in the monsoon. This fabric is light and dries quickly, just like cotton. It won't stick to the skin or soak up sweat or moisture, keeping the skin dry and letting air flow through. It is among the best monsoon-friendly clothing items.  

4. Chambray  

Chambray is a natural fabric that can be made from either linen or cotton. It is a great choice for monsoon-friendly clothing because it is very good at wicking away moisture, and it lets air through. It is strong and comfortable, and it does not stick to the body. It is usually a light blue colour, which gives it a look similar to that of denim. 

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5. Polyester  

In spite of the fact that polyester might make it difficult to breathe due to its light finish, it is an excellent choice for monsoons. It is one of the best monsoon-friendly clothing fabrics. Polyester is used to make a wide variety of shirts, blouses, and kurtas that are on the lighter side. If you do decide to wear them, though, you should be careful of how you smell. Polyester has a bad habit of absorbing sweat and making you stickier. Use a lot of deodorant as a result.  

Monsoon Fashion Tips For Women  

1. Floral Dresses

Floral Dresses
Floral Dresses

Because it tends to be cloudy and dark for long periods of time during the monsoon season, your mood and mental state may change. Wearing clothes with floral prints on them might be one of the best ways to cheer up both your mood and the gloomy weather outside. You can never have too much of a good thing, and floral print is one of those classic patterns that will never go out of style.  

You can make your day more fun by wearing a dress, skirt, shirt, or other items with a flowery print. These make a monsoon-friendly wardrobe for women. You can also wear floral patterns on important accessories like a silk scarf or on less noticeable things like your phone cover. 

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2. Say NO To Light Colors

Say NO To Light Colors
Say NO To Light Colors

The dirt that accumulates throughout the rainy season might completely ruin your outfit. Therefore, you should incorporate some bright colours into your attire, such as olive green, orange, yellow, and red. You can wear basic slim-fit pants with brightly coloured tops or shirts of any pattern, and vice versa.  

Avoid donning light-coloured clothing, particularly bottoms of that colour. Additionally, light colours turn see-through when they are exposed to water. Therefore, to err on the side of caution, dress in clothes of a dark or bright colour.  

3. Wear Shorts

Wear Shorts
Wear Shorts

Since it's rainy and there are lots of puddles, you should wear shorts. You can also wear your summer shorts when it rains. The best shorts for the monsoon look are those that reach or go above the knee. You will not only be comfortable in your shorts, but you will also look stylish and put together.  

4. Avoid Flip-Flops

Avoid Flip-Flops
Avoid Flip-Flops

The monsoon season is not the time to wear flip-flops. You are free to wear slippers, but you should check that they are not going to be too big for your feet. Because of this, you won't end up with unsightly dirt stains on your legs or bottoms. Tie-ups should be avoided at all costs because they will leave dirt stains on your otherwise spotless clothing.  

5. Add Layers

Add Layers
Add Layers

Unanticipated rainstorms might bring about a sharp drop in temperature as well. As a result, now is the perfect time to wear multiple layers of clothing! At this point in time, you should take out of your closet the fabulous cardigan or shrug that you have been saving for the next fall season. 

An additional choice is to top your outfit with either a chic cape or a knit shawl that is versatile enough to be worn during the colder months as well as the warmer months. This makes a monsoon-friendly wardrobe for women. Another tried-and-true method for layering is to dress in knee-high socks and boots that go all the way up to the calf. How utterly charming and posh!

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Summing Up 

The easiest way to get ready for the rainy season is to wear bright colours, make sure you wear clothes that dry easily in the monsoon and add trendy jewellery, string flip-flops, and waterproof purses to your look. Make sure you always choose something that is more natural and easy on your skin. We hope that this list of monsoon-friendly clothing helped you out. 

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