We will take a wild guess here and say every woman on this planet has been through a disastrous haircut or hair color in a salon and hence never visited that particular salon ever again in their life. We understand. Women’s most valued physical attribute according to women themselves might be their hair. Why not obviously. It takes years of patience, proper oiling, shampooing, conditioning, a thousand hair spa appointments, and a gazillion range of products to maintain the kind of hair women have today. 

Anyone would lose their minds if some salon guy were to destroy the very appearance of their hair even by mistake. Sometimes it’s a bizarre haircut, or sometimes it’s a really ugly hair color, or it can be a haircut too short. It’s safe to say women even face mental breakdowns if their hair is not styled properly. We mean, even if you take an 8-year-old girl to a salon and get her hair cut, she would probably cry her eyes out. So, by now at least one thing is clear – never mess with a woman’s hair.

However, we hate to break it to you, sometimes the reason for your bizarre hairstyling could be you too. Yes, it sounds crazy but it’s true. Sometimes, you might be in the right salon, with the right hairdresser, and still manage to get your hair messed up. This is because you might have been unable to instruct your hairdresser properly. Or the reason could be your poor judgment of a hairstyle that might look good on you. 

Mistakes To Avoid At A Salon

These mistakes can prove to be disastrous for your hair. But in this article, we have mentioned all the mistakes you could do and should avoid before stepping into a salon again. Read along to find out.

1. Going For Something That Might Not Suit You

Maybe you saw a woman on the cover of a magazine with the most beautiful hair color and you want the same. Well honey, first of all, it’s a whole edited picture of the magazine. Secondly, the hair that you are wishing for yourself might not look good on you. Women should focus on sole beauty and their daily routine. And make sure to have enough time for real consultation with their stylist.

2. Not Considering Lifestyle While Getting Haircut

Again, your lifestyle might not go with the new hair that you saw in the magazine. That is a significant point and it’s a definite must to respect the hair. It’s not only respect for its texture and its natural movement but also the respect for what a woman does every day and how she likes to wear her hair. Creating a suitable cut means freedom of daily choice to every client.

3. Not Referencing Images To Stylist

Even though you think you are describing the style the perfect way it might still be perceived wrongly by your stylist because women use a different language to the specific and technical language of hairstylists. Using images will always help the stylist to better understand what a woman is asking for.

4. Too Much Focus On Face Shape

If you are stuck around getting the perfect hairstyle according to your face shape because that’s what the internet and the magazine say, it can be a bad mistake too. It’s an important part but every hairstyle must be in agreement with the person in general, not just their face shape.


5. Not Mentioning Previous Problems

Good and proper communication between the stylist and you are vital to helping to keep the relationship alive. You must mention how were you affected by the previous session, were you satisfied, dissatisfied, and what change in techniques would you like him to do. This will help him understand what you want more clearly.

6. Getting A Fringe Cut Without Seeking Advice

No matter how bad you want it or how good you think it might look on you. Chances are you are probably not right. There are some specific situations where a fringe is not suggested. Generally, with a small forehead where the hairline and eyebrows are close together. Another problem is with curly hair or when your hairline texture makes a natural hair separation because in this case, the daily maintenance would be very difficult. Therefore, it is recommended you always seek advice before getting a fringe cut.

These are all the mistakes you should avoid when you visit a salon. These will be of help for you to get the desired hair and also keep you from getting the bizarre hair that you never dreamed of.

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