Sunscreen is an important part of every sunscreen routine and incorporating mineral based sunscreens in your skincare can be a life-changing experience for your skin health. Sunscreen helps you prevent many types of skin conditions including skin cancer, that’s why sunscreen is considered the greatest necessity in your skincare regimen. 

Sunscreen has a type as well and you must know the difference. There are two types of sunscreens available in the market, mineral-based sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Mineral-based sunscreen today comes with improved and new formulas. 

So, why should you use mineral-based sunscreen and what are some of the best mineral-based sunscreens for the body? Read on to find out! 

Mineral Based Sunscreens : Why should you get yourself one? 

Sunscreens have either a physical (mineral-based) or chemical filter to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. So what is a mineral-based sunscreen? 

A mineral-based sunscreen, also known as a physical sunscreen, has Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Unlike chemical sunscreen, which gets absorbed in your skin, physical sunscreen does not. They stay on the skin surface and deflect the UV rays, shielding your skin.  

The minerals inside these sunscreens do not absorb which means there’s a lesser chance of any irritation as well. 

Mineral Based Sunscreens

So what are the other benefits of mineral-based sunscreen that can help you achieve much better skincare? 

Here are some amazing benefits of mineral-based or physical sunscreen: 

1.Works quickly 

If you’ve been using chemical sunscreen, you must be aware of the fact that chemical sunscreen takes time to work. You need to apply chemical sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out under the sun but not with mineral-based sunscreen. 

They work immediately after applying on the skin. So, you don’t have to wait to make it protect you from the harmful sun rays. 

2. Works efficiently 

Mineral-based sunscreens contain zinc oxide that provides both UVA and UVB protection. Most chemical sunscreens only protect your skin from UVB radiation. 

Mineral-based sunscreen, on the other hand, provides full spectrum or broad-spectrum protection. Hence, they are super-efficient. 

3. Benefits your skin 

Mineral-based sunscreen might benefit your skin as it contains zinc oxide, a key ingredient in many skincare formulas like acne, burns, and wound treatments. It is antibacterial and a building block for your skin. 

So, it’s a great product to incorporate into your skincare regimen. 

4. Doesn’t irritate the skin 

Mineral-based sunscreen is great for people who have sensitive skin as this sunscreen is less likely to irritate your skin. They sit on the skin, act as a barrier, and do not get absorbed by the skin. 

So, it might be well tolerated by your skin but a patch test is always a great idea. 

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Best mineral sunscreens to buy

Finding the right sunscreen can be a hassle as you need to analyze every feature and consider the skin type as well but we’ve made it easy for you. 

Here are some recommendations for mineral-based sunscreens to try out: 

Mamaearth Mineral Sunscreen SPF 20 
Mineral Based Sunscreens
Source: Amazon

Although this sunscreen is designed for kids an adult can use it too, especially if you have sensitive skin. The sunscreen is formulated with natural emollients and occlusives, so people with dry and sensitive skin are most welcome to use it. 

Get it here.

Coola Mineral Body Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 

The Coola Mineral Body Organic Sunscreen Lotion has SPF 50 and is also fragrance-free! It provides mineral formula without causing any white cast on your skin. 

It is broad-spectrum sunscreen and also super hydrating and non-greasing. It is also lightweight and sheer on the skin. 

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StBotanica Vitamin C SPF 30 Pa+++ Sunscreen Oil 

Formulated with Vitamin C, E, B3, and other natural extracts, StBotanica Sunscreen Oil provides a broad spectrum and avoids sunburn, tanning, and photoaging. 

It is mineral-based and water-resistant as well. It also hydrates and protects from sun damage with its high SPF formula. 

Buy now.

Z Block 25% Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Gel, SPF 58 
Mineral Based Sunscreens
Source: Amazon

If you are someone who breaks out easily, check this sunscreen out. Z Block Sunscreen Gel provides a broad spectrum and is non-comedogenic as well. It is free from harmful chemicals with no preservatives. 

It is water-resistant and protects against both UVA and UVB rays with its high SPF formula. It also provides no irritation. 

La Shield Pollution Protect Mineral Sunscreen Gel SPF 50

La Shield Pollution Protect Mineral Sunscreen Gel is enriched with minerals like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide which form a mirror-like shield on the skin and deflect the UV rays, giving you safe and effective sun protection for healthy skin. 

It maintains the skin’s natural barrier function, hydrates, and soothes the skin, making it look soft and supple. 

Shop here.

Soultree Sun Protection Cream SPF 30 

Soul tree Sun Protection Cream is formulated with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, and Vitamin E. 

It can be used by people who have extremely dry skin as it is super hydrating with extremely effective sun protection. It protects with its high SPF formula and is great for everyday use. 

Available here.

The Moms Co. Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50
Mineral Based Sunscreens
Source: Amazon 

For people who are super busy during sunny days, this might be a great choice. The Moms Co. Mineral Sunscreen has SPF 50 which provides effective sun protection and doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin. 

This sunscreen is great for people with dry skin types. The Moms Co. Sunscreen is designed for babies but it can be used by adults with sensitive skin as well. 

Buy here.

This was all about mineral-based sunscreens and how they are much more effective than chemical sunscreen. 

Make sure you check the label before you buy any skincare product, so you spend your money wisely and with sunscreen, you shouldn’t take risks as it is a valuable skincare product. 

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