Microblading has been the talk of the beauty town for some time now. Celebrities and people in the showbiz all around are into microblading nowadays. It has gained rapid interest among women in the early 90s in Asian countries. Some claim it has a Japanese origin but there is no authenticity to it. The origin of microblading is a bit of a blur and unclear. Microblading is done on the eyebrows to give them a fuller look in a natural way. In short, if you undergo microblading, then bid goodbye to eyebrow products for a year at least.

What is Microblading?

It is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts up to a few months and starts to fade gradually. Microblading works almost the same way as getting a permanent tattoo. The only difference is that fine-pointed needles are used to inject pigments in the upper layers of your skin by making scratches unlike in permanent tattoos where the needles penetrate deep into the skin. The needles inject the pigment in the form of fine hair strokes in areas of the eyebrows which need filling giving your brows a better shape to suit the shape of your face.

No electrical equipment is used for the procedure. Microblading is done using a handheld needle or a blade sometimes. Before the procedure, the area is cleaned and anesthetic cream is applied to make the area numb. The technician will recommend the appropriate eyebrow shape for your face and use pigments matching the color of your hair and the undertones of your skin. At the end of the procedure, an ointment is applied to the area to help with the healing process. 

What Do You Need To Know Before Microblading?

Look for a certified and experienced person for the procedure, in simple terms approach an expert in microblading. Check the duration of the training that the person has gone through. Choosing a technician with a 2-day workshop certificate with minimal work experience is a risky bet. I’m repeating going to an expert with proper certification. Choosing the best in this field is necessary because apart from performing the procedure for you, the perfect eyebrow shape and pigment must be chosen for you. You don’t wanna eff up your eyebrows, do you??

Coming to the post microblading times, the pigments on your eyebrows will be darker in the initial days but as the area heals, the skin will dry out and the scabs formed will fall off making the pigments comparatively lighter. Some women have also claimed to experience redness and itchiness after the procedure which can be reduced by applying Vaseline. But that is not the case for everyone, you may or may not have any major side effects. Microblading is mostly safe, it all depends upon your technician.

Preparation for Microblading

You have to follow a few instructions that will be given by the microblading expert before you undergo the procedure. Such as, if you are on any kind of medications like aspirin, retinol-A, you have to discontinue taking those before the procedure. Bid goodbye to alcohol and caffeine as well. 

Aspirin and Retinol-A are blood thinners that make our skin thin and skin cuts may lead to more bleeding than usual, taking such meds even after the procedure is not advisable until your eyebrows are completely healed. 

The Aftercare 

After the microblading, taking care of the eyebrows is essential otherwise your brows may become susceptible to skin infections. So, until your brows heal completely, you will have to take extra care and follow the aftercare instructions without failure.

You will be advised to wear sunscreen, particularly, in your eyebrow area to protect it from fading. After going through microblading, you will have to abstain from any sort of workout which will make you sweat, swim, and no washing of that area, especially for at least a week. With time, the pigments in your eyebrows will fade just like the tattoos do. 

The longevity directly depends upon the type of skin that you have. Microblading done on oily skins are most likely to fade away faster than normal or dry skin. Depending upon how you take care of your eyebrows and your skin type, you may require post-treatment touch-ups. 


Microblading is on the trend ladies, getting out to have our eyebrows done and making them perfect with eyebrow pencils feels like a chore sometimes. The shape of your eyebrows affects a lot our looks and fuller eyebrows help in bringing out our eyes. This is where microblading comes to our rescue to give us the perfect eyebrows.

Take care♥

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