Hola senorita! How are your summer plans going??? I hope everything is as expected. With a well-wisher’s note, today this page is dedicated to all the cute chubby faces. I always wanted a page like this, so I thought of making one myself!!!  Introducing the theme, here you can get some of the amazing tips of makeup for chubby faces. With these makeup for chubby faces tutorials, you can transform your cute pumpkin face to a much slimmer and lissomer appearance. Without any further ado, let us get started.

List of Ideas For Makeup for Chubby Face

These are some of the best makeup ideas for chubby face

1. Contouring

The advice that I will start off with is you should be contouring your face. Contouring is one such process that will make your face appear less chubby. It will also help to give dimensions to your face, in case you have a flat surface as I do. Use comparatively darker shades of foundation, bronzer, or concealer than your skin tone. Doing this will help create an illusion of slimmer face structure. Prefer using quality products when it comes to your skin. You can get some of the amazing suggestions for contour products here.

2. Lipstick Trick

Lip touch-ups are one of the hacks that work best when embellishing your face. Even if you do not go for eye shadows, contours, and other beautifying makeups, a simple touch of color to your lips can do great work. Even a colored lip balm can do amazing work. Your lips play an important role in maintaining the look of your face. If you want your face to look slender, try to apply something that is dark.

Give a try. You can also go with lighter shades if you want to stay cute and pretty. Try matte if you wish to stay with the trend or a little shine, gloss is always gorgeous. You will better know the color that your face goes with. Here are step by step guides to having perfect lip touch-ups.

3. Right Eyebrow Shape

Having the right eyebrow shape is another easy way to add slimmer and slender look to your face. Opting for a higher and more pronounced arch can help to downplay the chubbiness thus allowing your face to look slimmer. It will also make your eyes look uplifted thus creating an illusion of a toned face. 

Makeup Tips For Woman With Chubby Face
Makeup for Chubby Face

4. Bronzer

A lot of people stay bewildered about what is this bronzer and how is this different from contours. For makeup amateurs, look for the difference here. Now that you are aware of the difference, I hope you accept that applying bronzer will divert attention from your cheeks and will make your face appear slim as hell. So, it is always good to accentuate your cheeks with bronzer. Always make sure that you apply bronzer on the jawline as well.

5. Use More Brown Tone

Using a pinkish tone will give you more of a plumpy look. To avoid this, you can go for using brown textures so that your face looks more natural and complementing. They will help you highlight the best features of your face instead of your chubby cheeks. 

5. Blush

Using blush all over your features that you want to highlight is an amazing way to grab eyes. You can go all stylish by using a blush of colors such as orange, brown, pink, etc. For the best result, you can use Australia’s Show Some Cheek Blush Fame.

6. Haircut

Yes, a haircut under makeup for a chubby face is something you should pay 40% importance to. Hence, paying attention to your haircut while shaping your face structure is a must.

The haircut that you adopt will highly define the way your face appears. If you have a chubby face, go for haircuts that will make your face look thinner. For the best result, go to a salon and the salon specialist will provide you with some of the best haircuts for your face type. For some ideas, you can go through haircuts for chubby faces.

7. Never Forget Your Forehead

Your forehead is one such part of your face that will help you give a slimmer look. Contour your forehead. Blend the blush (darker shade) into your temple thus emphasizing your bone structure. This simple trick will hold the slender appearance.

With the utmost care and concern, the last thing that I want to deliver is, please use products that have a good brand name and that suits your skin type while doing makeup for chubby faces or for any other face type. You have to be sure that the products are reliable when it comes to your skin.

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