How to make cooking more interesting? Food is the ultimate happiness and an absolute requirement. You cannot starve your body. To remain healthy you have to eat a proper meal at least thrice a day. All the necessary nutrition and metabolites like carbohydrates, fats and proteins are important. 

Some amount of vitamins and minerals are also necessary for your body to function properly. You need food to survive and cooking interesting food can be challenging. Of course, a balanced diet might not always be tempting to your eyes. It may not always taste good. A glass of spinach juice is one of the healthiest foods, but it is not delicious. 

We often eat junk foods because they are tempting and mouth-watering. A change of flavor is essential for healthy taste buds. For you to enjoy cooking, the technique has to be understood.

We dine out in restaurants and cafes. Then we complain about the food at home tasting nowhere near to the ones you had in a cafe. Cooking is an art. 

But this form of art can be easily mastered. A little bit of practice and some cool tricks are enough for you to enjoy cooking. There’s a lot of secrets behind the art of cooking. Here we will provide some great tips on ‘How to make cooking more interesting’.

How To Make Cooking More Interesting

Here we have listed some of the amazing ways that how to make cooking more interesting

Authentic Spices

Spices originated from our land. There are so many varieties of spices available apart from the common ones. Adding these authentic spices would not only make your food taste more delicious, but the aroma would be magical. That is why it is fun to cook with spices.

Adding spices to your food, not always makes it unbearably spicy. Add a little bit of Cardamom, Asafoetida (Hing), Cinnamon (Daalchini),  Mace (Javitri) or Star Anise (Chakri fool) to chicken curry.

It would bring a taste which is similar to the ones you have in a restaurant. You can use herbs like Oregano, Parsley to add some international flavour to your dish.

Cutlery And Crockery

To have a fancy meal you need to be served in a fancy dish or plate. Crockery sets and cutlery will make your food look more delicious. The food that is garnished properly looks more appealing.

Cooking More Interesting
Cooking More Interesting

Get some expensive china dinner sets. A few fancy table mats, spatula, wine glasses to give your kitchen and dining a new experience. This is a brilliant way of cooking interesting food.


Eating the same rice and curry every day could get dull. Try some new dishes that are fun to cook. There are so many interesting foods to cook. You can choose from any international cuisine like Chinese, Continental, French or Italian. There are so many choices to select from.

If you are new to cooking and do not have the recipes with you; search it online. Get yourself a cookery book. Plan your meal. Get all the necessary ingredients. Invite your friends over so that they can share the lip-smacking food that you have cooked and prepared.

Feel Like A Chef

Cooking interesting food at home is not difficult. To be a good cook and to turn cooking more interesting you can imagine yourself to be a chef. Put on an apron, a chef’s hat.

Dressing like an actual chef would make you feel like one. You will notice a different vibe and the interest with which you will cook is going to be amazing.

Cooking More Interesting
Cooking More Interesting

Some fancy knives for every kind of chopping and cutting; the utensils could be according to your choice. Your kitchen decor can be set to resemble a professional kitchen.

Drinks And Beverage

A meal served without a beverage is incomplete. You can make some mocktails or a glass of fresh juice. You can serve the ones available in the market; a ready-made one. 

You can have a meal with a glass of wine. Red wine is really good for your health. It is fun to cook with Red wine. The food that you have cooked looks alluring when served alongside a drink. 

Organize The Meal

If you are cooking for a dinner party for a couple of friends. Never forget to organize your meal. The first item to be served is a glass of drink or juice or any other beverage of your choice. Followed by siders or starters. 

You don’t have to cook a lot of things, in a huge quantity. Make smaller portions, but have more varieties. Interesting foods to cook for a party are Pasta, chicken popper, sandwiches, etc. The main course has to be fulfilled. And no one can forget dessert at the end. 

This is how a meal has to be planned. You have to focus on preparing the starters first and then the main course. Prepare everything and keep it in your fridge and microwave it when you are ready to serve.

Get A Grinder

A grinder or a food processor is very important. You cannot sit with a chopping board every time you want to cook something. Use a food processor to cut all your vegetables in one go. It is an important instrument if you want to learn how to make cooking more interesting. 

It can make a flour dough as well. You can even mince the meat or chicken in it. It will save a lot of time and extra work. Also, have an electric batter mixture to beat the eggs and cake batter. It reduces the extra load you have to do while cooking.

Microwave And Griller

These are absolutely necessary things that your kitchen should have. You will need a microwave to bake and cook items that cannot be made on a gas stove. 

It will make cooking easy and fun. It can also be used to warm the food. Using a Griller you can make a homemade BBQ. You can also make Chicken and Paneer tikka on a griller.

Readymade Ingredients

There are some ingredients available in the market. Like peeled garlic cloves, chopped onions, even the paste of ginger and garlic. You can get these products to skip a few steps in your cooking process.

But if you prefer homemade items, then you might not want to use these. As they might have chemical preservatives. Also, use fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables in your cooking. Preparing your own ingredients is important for cooking interesting food.

Sizzle It Up

Get yourself a sizzler plate. And have hot and sizzling food served on a cabbage leaf just as they do in a restaurant. You can add wine to your food to make it flavorful. Even though it’s fun to cook with alcohol; be very careful when handling alcohol near the gas. Sizzler tastes good and it would add an interesting touch to your cooking.


If you are bored of frying and boiling the food. Why not bake it? Bake a lasagne with extra cheese on your cheat day. Baking and cooking are different. 

Baking could be a change from your mundane preparation of food. There are many interesting foods to cook and bake. You can make muffins, tarts, cakes, cookies. The list just goes on and on.


You will enjoy cooking once you learn how to do it. Pay attention to details. Marinate the chicken or meat if you want a well-seasoned curry. Use the right spices, in specified quantities. Do not overcook or undercook your food. You can season it with butter as well.

These were a few tricks on how to make cooking more interesting. You can’t rely on tiffin service or your office canteen every day. All of us need to understand food and culinary art. So that we are independent enough to cook our own food.

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