The first thought that probably came to your head after listening to lunchbox drink is the memory of your school. Another thing very close to our college life is beer since it's the first alcoholic beverage we have, usually with friends. So, here’s a drink that is a combination of both and will probably take you down on a trip to those bygone days. 

If you are in the mood for a cocktail and you only have an only beer in your fridge then the good news is this drink is for you. You can prepare it with minimal alcohol content and ingredients or even make it fancy if you like. This is a pretty drink that doesn’t need any garnishing and also minimal bartending skills. So, if you are intrigued to learn how to prepare the lunchbox cocktail then continue reading. 

Which Beer to Choose?

Now the first thought that probably came to your head after knowing that this drink is prepared by using beer is what beer should I choose. No doubt there are so many brands of beer available out there that you tend to get confused. The best part about this drink is you can choose any brand of beer you like. 

A Lunchbox Drink
A Lunchbox Drink

You can go shopping and get your favorite one for this drink or just randomly grab one of the beers inside your fridge. You can also use flavored beer if you like. Beer is going to be the most important part of this drink but you have all the control when it comes to this drink. 

How to Make A Lunchbox Drink?

A lunchbox drink is the perfect sophisticated drink for you and it tastes equally great. You don’t have to worry about garnishing it and just enjoy its taste as it is. A lunchbox drink is a mix of orange juice and beer to add a sweet taste to this you can use fruit-flavored liqueur and amaretto. This may sound like an out-of-the-box combination but when combined you can’t beat the taste. This does look like week beer but that is the best part about this. 

This drink tastes mostly fruity and bitter given the beer in it. As you drink it you are sure to taste a lot of flavors of the orange juice, beer, liqueur as you keep going on. This drink also tastes something like an Alabama Slammer but what differentiates then is the mild bitterness in the lunchbox drink from the pure sweetness present in the Alabama Slammer. The drink has tiny bubbles at the top and it is sure to leave you feeling refreshed like you just had a beer but the taste was different and better. 


To make this drink you will need the following drinks

  • Beer of your choice
  • Freshly prepared Orange juice
  • Amaretto
  • Fruit flavored liqueur

Other tools you need

Highball glass and a mixing spoon


To prepare the lunch box drink is effortless, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to make the perfect Lunchbox cocktail. 

Get the ingredients

  1. Though this drink is a hassle-free cocktail, you need to avoid running around while you are preparing this drink. One of the best parts about making a cocktail is the way you make it, so if you are preparing this cocktail for a party at your place make sure you have all the ingredients and tools that you’d need around you and ready to use.
  2. Another important thing is to measure them beforehand. So, you will need the beer and orange juice in the ratio of 1:3 you can take one and a half-ounce of all three alcoholic beverages and 3 and a half-ounce of orange juice.

Pour the Juice

  1. In the next step take a high ball glass. If you want to increase the taste and feel of the drink then you can keep this drink in the freezer for some time and this will make the glass chilled and ready for the drink.
  2. To the glass add 3 and a half ounces of orange juice that will fill your glass quarter full. The only thing that you need to remember for this drink is the sequence and the orange juice always goes first.

Pour the other drinks

  1. So, as we move ahead in the pouring process, the beer goes next into the glass. All three drinks go in the same ratio. So, after adding the beer to the glass, next in the series is amaretto which is followed by the liqueur.

Stir it

  1. This drink does not need any cocktail shaker, all you have to do is pour in the drinks in the given order and then stir it well using a mixing spoon. That is all you have to do. There is no need to garnish this drink, it is ready to serve.

This drink is not just easy to make but you can make it right away, an hour before, or even a whole day before your party. This means if you made it extra you can store it in your fridge and enjoy it a day later too. So, the next time you have a reunion or a gathering of old friends you know what drink you have to serve them. 

Variations of the Drink

If you enjoyed the lunchbox drink then you will surely enjoy these drinks that also use beer as their main drink. 

  • Margarita with Beer

Prepare a margarita like you usually do but using beer. For this drink, you don’t need orange juice but instead lemon juice to give the citrusy flavor. 

  • Boilermaker

Another fun way to serve this drink is by mixing all the drinks in the highball, leaving the liqueur aside for later, and then normally stirring the drink. Put the liqueur in the shot glass and then add it in between your drink and this could be a really fun drink for your parties.

  • Flavored Beer

For lovers of beer, you can enjoy a beer in different flavors. There are lots available in the market and you can also make one at home.

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