Here are some healthy and light evening snacks for office that can help you avoid feeling sluggish and keep fresh and stay alert. Most office goers have to spend 8-9 hours sitting at a desk, which can take a massive toll on your health. Obesity, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes are some of the lifestyle issues that afflict office goers. To avoid this let’s focus on some healthy evening snacks for office.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a Japanese working policy – that allows you to get some afternoon siesta, it is known as Inemuri. The corporate policy does not encourage such behavior. As much as we crib or deny ( in some cases ), we all feel sluggish post-lunch and our productive level drops. So we need to focus on light evening snacks. 

Healthy And Light Office Snacks

So, if you want to stay alert and fit at work, this is what you should do. As in India, we don’t have a culture in an office to relax after a meal so let’s check how to stay alert and fit at work apart from eating healthy office snacks.

  • Take a walk: do not head straight for your cubicle after lunch. Stroll along with your colleagues. It will help not only help you burn some calories but also ward off the drowsiness.
  • Splash some cold water: if you are feeling extremely sluggish, splash some cold water on your face. It sends alert signals to your brain and keeps you active for the rest of the day.
  • Avoid carbohydrates: Rice has a tendency of making you sluggish, so try and avoid eating white rice during office hours.
  • Take a fix of caffeine: it is best to avoid caffeine in any form whether- coffee or aerated drinks like cola, but sometimes when you have an important meeting post-lunch, grab a cup of coffee or tea to feel refreshed and alert.
  • Stay hydrated: There can never be enough said about being hydrated. Dehydration is one of the major reasons for feeling tired, so remember to taking regular sips of water and remaining perky!
  • Chew a gum: Mint or gum has the ability to instantly energize you. So, just a pop a gum say goodbye to post-lunch sluggishness.
  • Eat a small portion of light evening snacks for weight loss: Junk foods are high in fat and sugar content, which are major contributors behind obesity and lethargy. Try out some light evening snacks for weight loss instead and take a small portion size. It is better to eat less than to overeat.
Healthy And Light Office Snacks
Healthy And Light Office Snacks

Evening office snacks for weight loss

Listed below are some healthy office snacks that you can try out

  • Dark Chocolate: Keep a slab of dark chocolate handy, instead of opting for a gulab jamun or other desert at the office. It keeps you alert and cuts back on sugar consumption.
  • Fruits: Carry a whole fruit that is easy to consume like apple, banana, grapes or oranges, instead of taking cut fruits. They make you fill full without loading on the calories. You can also have juice.
  • Food from home: Take your own food, instead of eating at the cafeteria. It’s hygienic and nutritious and you get a balanced diet. Eating salad is a healthy alternative.
  • Healthy snacks: Eating a small portion after 2-3 hours is a good practice. Carry unsalted nuts, wholegrain biscuits, fat-free yogurt, and other such healthy alternatives.
Office Snack Ideas
Office Snack Ideas

Eating Habits while Working & Office Snack Ideas

It is easy to get swayed by the temptation of junk food, but be firm in your healthy evening snacks for office. It’s okay to cut slack sometimes but to remain healthy and be successful, keep in mind that, your office diet has a significant role to play. Here are some easy-to-follow eating habits while working for busy professionals which will help you maintain the energy levels Never, Ever Skip Breakfast, Keep a Water Bottle Along, Replace junk food with light evening snacks such as fruits & nuts, switch to healthy caffeine & space meals equally.

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