Rejuvenate Your Lip Makeup Stash With These 8 Products

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Lipstick is such a bold yet versatile accessory, you can easily choose from innumerable shades and match your lipstick shade with your outfit. But more than that, a lipstick tends to add a splash of colour and makes our overall look more chic and definitive. 

But were you aware of the fact that besides lipstick and lip balm, there are other lip makeup products too? Yes! Now you can add different types of lip makeup products to your makeup routine and rock any look effortlessly. 

Lip makeup products and types 

Lip primer

Wait, what, there is a primer for lips too? Yes, you heard that right! 

The way you prepare your face by priming it before makeup, same goes with your lips too. Lipstick being the makeup for your lips, it is highly recommended to prime your lips before putting it on. It tends to act as a foundation for your lips, thereby ensuring that your lipstick lasts through the day. And not only that, but a lip primer also makes the application of a lipstick or lip gloss smoother. 

Matte lip gloss 

Cream lipsticks and shiny lip glosses seldom go out of style, but a change is always for the better; switch to a matte lip gloss instead. 

Matte lip glosses are an infusion of a smudge-free and long-lasting lipstick and gloss. How very convenient, you get a matte finishing as well as a glossy coat together as one! So, don’t forget to update your makeup shopping list and add this to it. 

lip makeup products

Lip plumper

You can have the perfect plump and flushed look on your lips with the help of lip plumper. As the name suggests, it is used to plump your lips or in simpler words, make them look bigger. Although it might irritate the skin around your lips or the lip itself at times, it is the in-trend right now. Just don’t forget to hydrate and moisturise your lips before using lip plumper for a smooth application as it is a no-go for chapped lips. 

Lip tint

Lip makeup types keep changing according to the trends, but a lip tint never gets old. After all, it is one of the simplest ways to add colour to your lips. 

Don’t feel like putting lipstick but still want some colour for your lips? Easy, just moisturise your lips and then add some lip tint to it. 

Now you have pretty and colourful lips even without lipstick. 

Blossom lip gloss/gel

This lip makeup product is a clear lip gel which contains an actual dried flower in it, hence the name. How exciting! Not only it is perfectly safe to use, but this stunning lip gel will add a brand new feel to your makeup stash and will give you the feels. 

Let your lips blossom with this beautiful lip gel/gloss. 

Lip stain 

These have just popped in the market and are currently the brand new lip makeup accessory. Compared to different types of lip makeup products, lip stains are like fluid markers that give a lasting effect to your lips. Although these tend to dry out a bit faster than other lip makeup types, they do add more colour to your lips. 

Just don’t forget to moisturise and exfoliate your lips before and after the application of a lip stain. 

Metallic lipstick

If you are looking for a crisp and classy look, then this is the best choice for it. These metallic lipsticks give your lips a shiny and glamorous look and also make them look plump. 

With a metallic lipstick, you would be making a style statement. So, what are you waiting for? 

Get these now and flaunt your bold lips! 

Lip liner

Compared to the other types of lip makeup product, this one is still quite common. A lip liner is used for outlining your lips before filling your lips with lipstick to help you with a smudge-free and proper application of the latter. 

First, line your lips with a lip liner and then simply apply your lipstick. But be sure to use a shade close to your lipstick because if you use a dark shade of lip liner and a light shade of lipstick, then it isn’t going to look extremely weird and improper. 

Bonus tips for your cute lips

Now that you are well aware of all the new and different types of lip makeup product, its time to shed some light upon ways to style your lips and take care of them. 

  • Apply a lip balm or lip care regularly, on a daily basis to keep your lips moisturised. 
  • Exfoliate your lips at least twice a week to maintain their health. 
  • Steer clear of those lip makeup products that you know are having a bad effect on your lips and are leaving your lips dry or chapped
  • Do not skip prepping your lips before using a matte lipstick/gloss or a metallic lipstick for that will only turn your lips dry and flaky. 
  • Avoid applying too many layers and coatings while using a lipstick, especially in the case of a lip gloss because it will make your lips look unnatural and will also lead to smudges. 
  • Use a lip brush for a more proper and clearer application of lipstick and gloss. 
  • Never go to sleep with your lip makeup on. Always use fresh wipes to clean it and apply lip care after that. 
  • Do not pick scabs and dry skin from your lips, unless you want to worsen the condition of your lips more. 
  • Develop a habit of hydrating your lips regularly. 
  • Scrub your lips often. Only go for a non-irritating and natural lip scrub. Or you could even make a lip scrub at home
  • Carry your lip care with you and keep applying it for healthy lips. 

Using lip makeup can be super fun and pretty, but you also have to think about the health of your lips; keep giving your lips some time off by not using any lip makeup for a while, and let your lips enjoy the air and space too. 

Keeping these lip makeup types, styles, and tips in mind, choose your lip makeup products wisely and flaunt those beautiful lips into a wide grin. 

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