Have you got bored with the same old mehndi designs? Do you wish to add a spicy twist to your mehndi designs? We are here with the latest back hand mehndi designs. 

Throughout Indian celebrations, mehendi has always been a part of the festivities. It is a cooling agent in the heat and a deterrent to evil spirits in folklore. Mehndi designs are still drawn on the hands and feet because of their auspiciousness, even in the modern era. Mehndi-painted hands are a must-have accessory for any celebration, be it a wedding, Diwali, or Eid. 

Want to learn about the newest and top mehndi designs for the back hand? It is the correct spot for you. In this article, we have provided you with a list of the latest back hand mehndi designs. These eye-catching mehndi designs will ensure that you're festival-ready. So toggle down to check them out.

12 Best Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Here are some of the best back hand mehndi designs you can try out in upcoming events and flaunt in style.

1. Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Design

The Arabic back hand mehendi design is simple, and it's simple enough that even a newbie can do it. However, the attractiveness of this design is not compromised by its ease of application. This simple mehndi pattern features floral and leaf themes and is easy to apply; and it is one of the best and the latest back hand mehndi designs. 

2. Back Hand Finger Mehndi Design

The back hand finger mehndi design is the next on the list of best back hand mehndi designs. It's a finger-only mehndi pattern. You can incorporate a mandala or floral pattern into the middle of the fingers, resulting in an identical pattern on both the front and back of the fingers.

3. Paisley Love Back Hand Mehndi Design

Paisleys have been used in mehendi designs for centuries, and they're simple to make, and the results are stunning. In addition to paisleys, this design also incorporates motifs such as teardrops, semicircles, dots, and net to fill in the empty spaces on the palms and fingertips.

4. Mandala & Net Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mandalas and nets are a stunning new combo in the latest back hand mehndi designs. In a mandala design, the starting point is a circle, and the design grows from there. This design is seen as a symbol of the universe in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The net design is all that is needed to finish the fingers, and it is among the most preferred and easy to draw back hand mehndi designs. 

5.Aztec Pattern Back Hand Mehndi Design

The Aztec pattern has inundated the fashion industry, and you can find this pattern on everything from bags to dresses. The Aztec pattern mehndi design is one of the latest back hand mehndi designs you can try. The design looks very complicated to draw, but it is not, and any beginner can draw this mehndi design quickly. 

6. Flower Pattern Back Hand Mehndi Design

Do you recall how fun it was to draw flowers with hundreds of individual petals when you were a kid? It is a mehndi design from 2022 that will transport you to a bygone era. You can apply the densely petalled flower pattern to this simple back hand mehndi design. In the centre of your hand, doodle a simple floral pattern and continue to add other designs that mimic its petals. It is one of the top mehndi designs for the back hand.

 12 Most Simple and Easy Latest Back Hand Mehndi Designs
Latest Back Hand Mehndi Designs

7. Jewellery Back Hand Mehndi Design

No one ever said you couldn't wear hathphool outside of jewellery. The hathphool design is one of the most popular back hand mehndi designs based on jewellery. The cuff and finger decorations begin with a flower in the centre, and a chain-like design extends upwards. This elegant mehndi design is the result of just a few strokes.

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8. Geometric Cuff Back Hand Mehndi Design

This back hand mehendi design graces the cuffs as well as the fingers. It may appear similar to the jewellery mehndi design, but it is not. Instead, consider it an imitation of your costly clothes' with embroidered or sequined cuffs.

9. Flowers & Beads Back Hand Mehndi Design

Yet another floral mehndi pattern is in this back hand mehndi designs list. The beaded chain enhances the elegance of this simple mehndi pattern. It is a simple mehndi design that is ideal for an engagement since it allows your big rock to shine through.

10. Net of Roses

Step away from the basic crisscross net design and welcome a rose net. Rose is a popular theme in the current mehndi designs. So why not include them on the net as well? This beautiful mehndi pattern emanates grace and elegance and is ideal for any occasion that requires dressing up. It is among the most preferred and latest back hand mehndi designs that you can try out. 

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11. Lotus Back Hand Mehndi Design

You were incorrect if you believed the rose was the sole flower in our back hand mehndi designs collection. However, there is another flower that has grown in favour. In 2022, the lotus theme has grown in popularity, and it has found a place in practically every type of mehendi design, from complex to simple. The geometric design with lotus at the top is a simple mehndi design that is highly fashionable and beautiful.

12. Lacy Glove Back Hand Mehndi Design

A lacy glove inspires this back hand mehndi design, which necessitates precision and delicacy. This simple mehndi design with hanging chains on the backhand will draw the attention of everyone, and it is one of the most beautiful back hand mehndi designs.

Final Words

So these were the 12 latest back hand mehndi designs that you must give a try on in your upcoming events. There are numerous ways to gain inspiration, ranging from pleasant and simple to intricate and meaningful. The tricky part will be deciding on just one. On this list, we attempted to include designs from every category. So check them out and get the one that suits you the most.

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