Rose has been the symbol of romance for centuries. It’s easy to get lost in the amorous smell of the rose.  No other flower has gained such global prominence as the Rose, and its beauty-enhancing properties have been vetted by Cleopatra herself. 
So the next time someone gives you a bouquet of rose, don’t just put it in the vase for decorative purpose but use rose for glowing skin. We will unravel to you the secret of the rose – the humble rose is an essential beauty product for glowing skin.

Beauty Benefits Of Rose For Glowing Skin

Following are the some different forms of roses which are used to glow your skin:

Rose water: This is the most famous by-product of the rose, and its usage in the skincare industry is vast. It is made by distilling dried rose petals in distilled water. 
Rose oil: It is one of the most relaxing essential oil, whose healing properties are world-renowned. It neutralizes the free radicals in the skin and is a high source of antioxidants, which prevents premature aging. It is also known to help in fighting stress and depression.
Rose petals: Luscious rose petals are not only good for its aesthetic appeal but it is an essential ingredient in various face packs.
Rosehip seed oil: The small bud that remains after the petals fall off is known as rosehip, and the oil extracted from it is essential for treating various skin conditions. It is a natural source of retinol which is highly effective in anti-ageing properties and it is high in anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes the skin, and helps in maintaining hydration and prevention of pigmentation and scarring.

Rose Products for the Various Skin Type

Rose Products
Rose Products 

As every human is unique, so is their skin type. Some people have oily skin, some dry and others have a mixed skin type. But the ubiquitous rose provides a solution for every skin type. Rose helps in preventing acne breakout during adolescence and revitalizes maturing skin. 

Rose Water: The solution for your entire skin malady

People with oily skin experience frequent acne breakouts, remember to clean your face twice with rose water, it removes the dirt, sebum (oil) and the makeup from your skin while lowering the pH level and opening the clogged pores. The anti-ageing properties of the rose water make it very popular with women. It moisture the skin and prevents lines and wrinkles from appearing and also helps in regenerating skin cells. Acne marks and scars can make you self conscious, but not any longer, the antibacterial properties help heal.

Rose water is beneficial for treating dandruff too. Surprised! The moisturizing property makes your locks look luscious and fights the bacterial infection on the scalp. Those tired puffy eyes can spoil your party plans, just soak a cotton ball in rose water it will reduce redness and the puffiness and at the same time use rose for glowing skin as well. Growing up, I have seen my grandmother swear by the rose water and it would be the same in every Indian household. Look for products with rose extract, or DIY with other natural ingredients and have glowing skin in a matter of minutes.

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