Rajshri Vishambharnath Maheshwari- is one of the most iconic characters in Indian television.

The matriarch of one of the longest-running shows, “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”, Lataa Saberwal is often considered the coolest on-screen grandmother. 

In real life, Lataa is one of the most down to earth actress whose aim in life is to become a philanthropist.

She has her own YouTube channel which allows her to stay connected with her fans. The Voice of Woman got talking with this extremely talented actress on her journey as an actress and a mother.

Interview with Lataa Saberwal

Here are the amazing answers by the talented Lataa Saberwal given in the interview by The Voice of Women

You started your career in “Geeta Rahasya” as Draupadi- can you recount your initial struggle?

My career started with “Geeta Rahasya”, but before that, I had a small stint at Lucknow Doordarshan. But this was a complete game-changer for.

Nitish Bhardwaj- whom I respect a lot and I am still in touch with him. He is my mentor and he taught me everything and took care of me because I was new. It will always be a memorable experience for me since it was my first show.

One more significant memory with that show is that Mr. Irfan Khan, who untimely left us, was also in that show.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any scenes with him but I still remember his dedication towards his craft and the hard work, which was extremely inspiring for me.

You have been quite active on your YouTube channel sharing your fitness tips and motivating your fans- has it brought you much closer to them?

I am a fitness freak, almost like a fitness evangelist, who likes to spread good health. I am also a qualified nutritionist and I believe that it is a blessing to be healthy and happy.

Anything can happen to anyone at any time, but you feel extremely happy when you are healthy and people are appreciating you and showering tonnes of compliments, and you don’t feel fatigued by the end of the day.

I want to share this with my fans, who I feel are like my family and close friends, and it has brought me closer to them.

Lataa Saberwal
Lataa Saberwal

You post vlogs for a variety of recipes- are you a foodie and what is your guilty indulgence?

I am a complete foodie and this was the very reason I did a course in nutrition. I wanted to learn how one can eat and be healthy, while still being slim. I have found the mantra which I keep spreading with everyone.

My cheat food is a pizza and I can eat a medium-sized full pizza anytime.

In “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”- you play the role of a mother and grandmother- how difficult is it to portray someone who is so much older than you?

“Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” has been a long journey. It wasn’t that I was initially cast as a grandmother.

The show has been running for the last 10-12 years, so the characters will age. This was the first show where I became a mother and the creators needed a young mother.

The story was about how a girl gets married at a young age and by 15-16 years old she becomes a mother and she grows up with her daughter and they end up looking like sisters.

It wasn’t very difficult for me since I was growing and loving the character for so many years and my get-up was great, so I didn’t mind.

How has motherhood changed you?

Motherhood has changed me because before doing anything I always keep in mind that my priority is my son.

I am a disciplinarian and strict mother. One thing that I have learned is don’t lose yourself as a person, because one day your kids will grow up and get busy in their life.

So, you should be prepared for that day. My mom helps me raise my son since I am a working mother.

As a mother of a son- what would be the one thing that you would tell him?

I always tell my son that you should be honest with whoever you love in your life. I teach him to speak the truth and not make false commitments.

Something that I keep emphasizing is that he should respect women and give them their share of freedom. I try to teach him these things through stories.

What is that one make-up item that you cannot do without?

I love make-up so much that I cannot do without any of the items as I love doing the whole make-up.

It changes my entire look and I start feeling so good instantly, it’s like therapy. But if I had to choose one thing then it would be my collection of lipsticks.

What is Lataa Saberwal’s mantra to remain motivated?

My mantra to remain motivated is to exercise daily as it leads to the release of happy hormones for me and I feel positive throughout the day.

I read a lot of motivational books, because if we don’t read, then motivation can go out of our head.

We need to feed our minds every day, so I keep reading a lot of books on the same. My favorite author is Robin Sharma.

Lataa Saberwal
Lataa Saberwal

If you had one wish- what would it be?

My one wish is to be one of the biggest philanthropists.

Any message you want to share with working mothers through the Voice of Woman

I would like to tell every woman to take care of your children as much as you can. Teach them by example, for instance, if they see you reading a book, then they will invariably pick up one too.

The most important thing is not to lose touch with yourself because kids grow up and get involved in their lives and you will feel left out. Don’t feel negative about it.

Children should be inspired by their mother, so that when they take a wife then they should give them equal respect, freedom, and understanding.