It is in our nature to search for our soulmates with whom we want to spend our lives together. We all want a partner who will be compatible with us. When you start seeing someone who may turn out to be your forever after, life seems like a bed of roses. During this phase, everything in the world seems magical and filled with love. You can spend hours on the phone talking to one another, text all day with always a smile on your face.

Along with it, comes the day when you two will finally go out on a date. For us ladies, be it our first date night or the hundredth one, we always love to dress up, don’t we? So, here we are with some useful date night tips for all the ladies out there preparing for a date. 

The Perfect Date Night Location

Getting the location of your date night perfect plays an important role, especially if it’s your first date. Make sure to choose a location where both of you will feel comfortable. Then only, you will be able to have a heart to heart over a cup of coffee or your favorite drink. You must get to know each other better on your first date to understand your compatibility.

Your First Date Beauty Preparation Routine

Ladies preparing for a date, keep in mind to take up a beauty routine to sweep off your date’s feet. A naturally glowing skin always takes the cake.  Getting date ready is all about the perfect dress and mind blowing makeup look as well. Even though makeup can cover and uplift your natural beauty, going with the minimal makeup look is more appealing. 

So, here are a few skincare date night tips for all the women who are preparing for a date:

  • Use rose water, first thing in the morning after a facewash. Rosewater acts as a natural toner, hydrating your skin.
  • Always apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin or sunscreen, even if you stay indoors.
  • Always facewash before sleeping and use rose water again to clean your pores thoroughly.
  • For glowing skin, you can try a homemade face pack. The homemade face pack that I have found most effective is the besan face pack.

For a besan face pack- take two teaspoons of besan in a bowl, half teaspoon of turmeric powder, five drops of lemon juice, two teaspoons of milk and few drops of rose water. Mix well and apply this mixture to your face. Let it stay for 20 minutes and wash it off. 

The date night makeup look

Makeup is one thing that we women love to apply as it makes us look even prettier. However, it is also not uncommon if some of us prefer to go makeup-free. Honestly, there is no harm in applying some makeup to make yourself happy and secure, right ladies?

Perfect Date Night

You can for the smoky eye makeup look, clean and fresh makeup look, and there are like so many makeup looks out there. Try doing the makeup look that suits your personality                            

Dress to impress

The way you dress and carry yourself will also have a positive impact on how your date goes. Some of us even end up shopping for a new outfit. Wear something that you will feel comfortable in and at the same time look fabulous. For us ladies preparing for a date, the outfit is our secret weapon to make everyone’s heads turn, including our someone special. However, you don’t need to show some skin to woo your date for this. You may end up setting the wrong impression.

Make your hair date ready    

After putting all the effort into your skin, clothes, it will be crazy if you don’t get your hair date ready. You can go to a hair spa a day before your date, or you can also try home remedies for beautiful hair. 

Perfect Date Night
Perfect Date Night

My suggestion is, try the home remedies instead of going for a hair spa. There are more pros than cons in the case of home remedies. 

So, how to prepare for a date and have a good hair day

For all those who have dry, frizzy hair or curly hair, try the banana- honey hair mask. To make this mask, take two ripe bananas and two tablespoon honey in a bowl. Mash and mix it well. Slightly wet your hair and apply this paste. Wash your hair after half an hour. You will get amazed by the end results – shiny and bouncy hair. Other than this, you can also try the oat-milk hair mask to get shinier hair. Check these perfect date night hairdos by Femina while preparing for a date.

Date night tips on how to deal with some awkward moments of silence

The awkward moment of silence when both of you will run out of words or topics to talk about is the worst. Happens to most of the couples, especially on the first date! It is natural to feel tense before your first date, talk to your friend with whom you share the most to calm yourself. In case, you come across an awkward moment of silence, try talking about the things you two talked about while texting. According to Art of Charm, during such situations, admitting it out loud can also solve the issue. 

So, these are some date night tips that we are hoping that you will find helpful. For a date to go smoothly, always remember to relax and go with the flow. If you stay uptight and focus on the negativity, your date experience will most likely become a disaster. So, be yourself and try to have a nice time. 

Lastly, one more thing to take into consideration is the common interests of you and your partner. Indulge in activities that both of you like during the date to bond better. This way, the chances of awkward silences are also minimal. Open your heart out and communicate, the key to all relationships. 

Have Fun♥ 

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