While traveling, standing on a cue, washing clothes, talking to your friends, or while sleeping, do you get something popping out of your chest? Yes, do you get your nipples erected at odd times? Not a thing to ask though, we all have so. Do you worry about that? Have you thought about why this happens? All your queries regarding why you get your nipples to go hard at times you are not aroused, or if it is normal to have so, will be addressed here. 

Is it Normal to Have Hard Nipples at Odd Times?

You may think if getting nipples hard is only a thing that occurs to you or is it ubiquitous to everyone. First thing first, take a breath of relief because it is not only you, but every woman who faces such an accident. I prefer to call it an accident because it is awkward for women to be seen with their nipples out in a place. But do not get tensed, you can have inner wears that will perfectly hide those poppins.

Why Do You Get Hard Nipples?

Hard nipples are a result of the reaction of a nerve to stimuli that are both physical and psychological. So any thought of getting aroused, change in temperature, or even simple friction by the shirt against the skin can cause nipple erection. These have special nerves that are responsible for the goosebumps and the hard nipple. These nerves have a brain of their own. Hence, we get to see the effects on them unconsciously.

As per the journal of Nature Neuroscience, hard nipples are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system and are involuntary in nature. This nervous system also coordinates and regulates all our other bodily functions. One such example is the goosebumps and the nipple erection. They are caused by the neurons that manage these functions by controlling the erectile muscles in the tissues. There are some reasons that are health-related, and for these, you may even need to approach a doctor, so let us dive to know the causes better.

1. Allergy or Sensitivity

Sometimes, the products that you apply to your breasts can make them hard. This happens because you are allergic or sensitive to the product. Some of the other symptoms that you should notice in this case are:

  • Redness,
  • Itching,
  • Rash.

If you are stuck with hard nipples before a glamorous event, purchasing a hypoallergenic breast tape will be a life-saver for you. It doesn’t irritate the skin and prevent the allergy from growing.

2. Ovulation

To be specific, ovulation is different for each woman and hence they may have different symptoms as well. One of the symptoms includes breast tenderness, which causes nipples to go hard. This is due to an increase in the level of estrogen. Other symptoms to identify ovulation include:

  • Cramp or pain in the pelvic area
  • Changes in your cervical fluid
  • Light spotting
  • Surged libido
  • Bloating

3. Pregnancy

You will experience changes in the size of your breast (bigger boobs) when you are pregnant. Hormones will fluctuate, and the continuous flow of blood makes your breasts go haywire. In such a situation you are more likely to get your nipples to stick out and grow larger. Some other symptoms include:

  • Breast and areolas would increase in size
  • Areolas would grow darker
  • Breasts would leak yellowish liquid called colostrum

4. Piercing


Whether past or a recent piercing, it does not matter. When you get a piercing done on your nipples, you are more likely to have sensitive nipples. This means they will get hard frequently with a very slight touch with fabric or otherwise. Although a nipple piercing might look fascinating and trendy, it comes with some danger of bacteria. Some harmful bacteria can enter your breast via the holes made in your nipples. These bacteria cause a disease called mastitis, an infection in the breast tissue that triggers nipple hardness. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Breast pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness

5. Breastfeeding


You may think you are a freak to get turned on when breastfeeding, but it’s okay. During breastfeeding, the nipples tend to become sensitive because of which you get hard nipples.

6. Arousal

You may know this fact that whenever you get aroused, your nipples harden. This happens because the sensations felt by the nipples travel to the same part of your brain that receives signals from your genitals. The brain in return tells the muscles in the area leading to hard nipples.

7. Temperature

When in cold you may have had your nipples out for a long time. The reason behind this is: during chilly weather, our skin tightens and contracts, leading them to shrink and harden.

These are some of the causes which you can guarantee if you have by looking at the symptoms, and I hope after going through the article, you will be relieved because this is not specific to you or not at all something that is abnormal. It is just a characteristic.