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shape of your lips
Supriya Singh
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We can judge the personality of you based on your intuitions and by observing the actions of you. But there’s a much easier way to find out your personality just by looking at your one aspect. The shape of your lips!! 

Did you know about this? Well, I didn’t know until today that the shape of our lips speaks a lot about our personality. It is hard to believe but it is somewhat true. There is even a study that specializes in lip prints and their relation to the personality of a person, known as Lipsology.

I have no idea how to read lips, the technique where you can understand what someone is saying just by looking at the lip movements. 

But from now onwards I can for sure will be able to read lips to find out the personality of a person. You can too if you keep reading this article. Here, I will mention a few shapes of your lips and what type of personality they represent.

Know the shape of your lips here

Full and Plump Lips

shape of your lips

If the lips are full and plump naturally, it means the person is very caring and possesses strong parenting instincts. Such a person tends to take care of others and is a natural caregiver. Individuals with such lips love to help out others and find happiness in doing so.

In short, they are compassionate with everyone. They also really value their relationship and love to maintain a close circle of friends. 

Thin Lips

shape of your lips

Such individuals are usually loners and don’t mind if they have to spend time alone. Such people are said to have high ambitions for success in life. Also, they love their alone time and are somewhat rusty with maintaining relationships but are still capable of loving someone. 

They display characters like that of an introvert if simply put. They are quite the opposite to a person with full lips. They are often a practical person and shy in person.

Wide lips or Lips with no cupid’s bow

shape of your lips

People with such lips are very reliable and are known to have no emotional boundaries. Individuals with such a lip shape mostly shine in life with success and can make good leaders. They are also good at getting along with everyone in no time. 

Lips with sharp cupid’s bow

shape of your lips

People with the cupid’ bow lips are very creative and romantic. They indulge in self-expression in a very productive and artistic manner. They tend to be independent and are often witty, spontaneous and impulsive. 

Lips with slightly rounded cupid’s bow

shape of your lips

Such people are kind and sensitive. They can easily get emotional or upset if they notice any injustice or cruelty around them. They love to provide help to the needy and are very compassionate. 

Goldilocks lips

shape of your lips

Such lips are neither thin or full and have a slight cupid’s bow – Balanced lips, in short. Just like the lip shape, such people have a balanced life and have the ability to overcome any hurdles in their path. They possess a positive mind and think logically. 

People with goldilocks lips are great listeners. They do not show any signs of being needy in a relationship and prefer a drama free relationship. But they do love to have a deep connection with the people around them.

Lips that are plump in the middle

shape of your lips

Individuals with such lips love to be the centre of attention. They are mostly natural performers and are considered as the life of any party. 

They prefer spending time with their friends and close ones rather than alone. They like to have fun and indulge in leading a life full of excitement.

Small mouth with round lips

shape of your lips

This type of lips is also known as doll lips. Such people are joyful and playful. They are people with a high energy level.  Unknown people may mistake them to be rude and selfish but once they get familiar, they get to know their true nature. 

Augmented lips

augmented lips

Trying to change the natural look indicates the person’s underlying tendency to be needy and controlling. 

It is said everything happens for a reason. According to Chinese, if you change any of your natural attributes, it will change your destiny or your path on which you were meant to be by fate.

So, which one is the shape of your lips? Who knew the shape of our lips could tell the personality of a person? From now onwards, you can now tell how a person will be even before talking to them. You just have to observe the lip shape. But, keep in mind not to stare for long, otherwise, the other person will think something is wrong with you. 

Have Fun♥

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