New to motherhood??? First of all congratulations, you have the prettiest baby! You must be very sensitive toward your newborn’s baby's safety. On this page, you will get some information about co-sleeping myths and truths. Oh wait, being new to this mother zone, are you bewildered about what co-sleeping is? Let me help you out here.

What is Co-Sleeping?

Co-sleeping is the practice of, a baby sleeping at night with his/her mom, dad, or both. This is the concept where parents share their room with their kid, instead of allotting a single room to your kid to sleep.

Myths on Co-Sleeping

Here are some myths concerning co-sleeping. 

1. Co-sleeping is not safe

You may get recommendations not to sleep with babies and I appreciate thinking that they are airing to the side of extreme caution. But a lot of crowds today, don’t know that safe co-sleeping is nothing to worry about. It is the only time when you will have your kid this small, will you be able to let her/him sleep alone? 

I love kids and even if that is my sister’s kid I would love to sleep with babies. Safe co-sleeping is healthy, it makes sense and it is natural. Only you need to take precautions so that you don’t hurt your little one. Make up your mind, grab your child, and when you are a parent you will automatically adapt to whatever it takes to keep your baby safe. Learn some tips to safe co-sleeping and you can have your toddler next to you all 24 hours.

2. Co-sleeping prevents intimacy

Co-sleeping does not exactly prevent intimacy, but it shifts intimacy. When you have kids, you anyway find other ways of being intimidated by your spouse and I think that is the way things should be. Intimacy does not always get clarified by having sex, it is more of an ‘inter’ thing and the result of your ‘inter’ thing (your kid) can never be a reason to slow down your intimacy. 

Having a child will make you more creative to stay connected with your partner so that both of you feel love towards and being loved by each other.

3. Kids who co-sleep will grow up unable to self soothe

This notion is not scientifically proven so why do you worry? Just like you, your baby will also adopt habits on their own. Ask your grandparents if they let your mom or dad sleep alone in a cradle. If they answer yes then you can think about this notion to some extent, but if they don’t know what a cradle is for then let the notion buzz off.  


Truths of Co-Sleeping

While many people try to condemn co-sleeping by stating some myths, it's time to look at the true face of co-sleeping and understand the truths regarding it. 

1. Co-sleeping is more common than you think

Do you think your colleagues, friends, siblings, etc. don’t co-sleep? Do you think so? I bet you will find more than one, habituated to co-sleeping. If you want to get clarified just go and ask them. Studies have also shown that the number of bed-sharing parents has doubled over a few years. 

2. Co-sleeping can help boost a baby’s development

Sharing your room and bed with your toddler is said to help develop your baby’s senses. They need to know your smell, aura, sounds, touch, and heat so that they can react to some other unknown identities. When babies enter the world, it is only you guys (parents) whom she can trust and so you must make her understand the difference between you and some other person.  

3. Co-sleeping does not break the romance between you and your partner

Co-sleeping does not stop anything from being romanced. When you have your baby with you, it is like you need to put more effort into getting time with each other and spice things up. All these will be helping you love each other more and more, hence in no way, you two will be reducing your love and chemistry. 

You need to know about co-sleeping because knowing these in detail will gift you a lot of precious moments with your baby. All the best darling, you are going to ace this motherhood.

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