Calming your baby down is hard when you’re new to the whole parenting thing. Most of the time, babies cry for a reason. It is their only way of communication to express their needs and feelings. Gradually as you will spend time with your baby, you will be able to recognize and understand the reason behind your baby crying. 

Reasons of A Baby Crying Normally

There can be many reasons why your baby is crying. We have listed a few of them for you to check and see what your baby wants from you. 

1. Hunger

Whenever the baby cries, the first thing that comes into your mind is mostly that the baby is hungry. This is correct and crying is a late sign of hunger according to Paul Horowitz, MD. To evade this, you have to be able to recognize the early signs of hunger in the baby. Signs such as lip-smacking, rooting should be taken into notice. You can also try to feed the baby timely just to check for hunger. If the baby is hungry, you will be able to feed. 

2. Sleepy

Until the age of four months, babies are not able to establish a circadian rhythm according to Kim West. Unlike us, babies don’t fall asleep if you put them down to sleep. It is pretty much a skill to be learned. If the baby is going through a busy day full of visitors and a crowded house, it is natural for the baby to feel tired. Once babies get overtired, they tend to get cranky and start crying. Try to make them fall asleep by using different techniques like rocking or singing a lullaby while you swing gently in a quiet room.

3. Tummy Issues

If the baby keeps on crying persistently irrespective of all the comfort given and feeding, it may be a sign that the baby is suffering from colic. The root cause of colic in babies is not known completely but it is related to an intestinal issue that may start around 2 months. Other than colic, the baby may have gas issues or acid reflux which causes stomach aches and discomfort in the baby.

4. Wants to be held

Sometimes babies want to move around and go out of the house as well just like us. Can you imagine sitting or lying in the same place all day long?? Babies love to be held and cuddled by everyone. Some also say that babies can even identify the mother’s scent and heartbeat which gives them comfort. Also, they want to explore their house as well and want to have some playtime.

5. Dirty Nappy

Some babies do not even realize that they are sitting or sleeping with a loaded nappy until it’s too late, while some babies start to give their indication immediately by crying of course. Remember to keep checking the nappy from time to time to avoid crying. There are even some diapers with wet indicators which is such a convenience and you can skip the part of undressing your baby every time to check if it’s time to change. 

6. Burping

Your baby may sometimes feel discomfort after having a meal and this will lead to crying. What happens is sometimes when the baby is being breastfed or with a bottle, the baby may also swallow air along with the milk. This can be solved by rubbing their back in a particular move which will make them burp and viola, there’s a happy baby after burping.


7. Temperature 

Keeping the baby warm is a tricky job for the new moms, isn’t it? You may feel constantly what if the baby is feeling cold or what if the baby is feeling too hot. To make sure the baby is warm enough, you can test it out by feeling the baby’s back or belly. 

8. Teething

The teething in babies usually begins around six months and as the pain intensifies, your baby will cry at some point. A few signs to find out if your baby has begun teething are the tendency to nibble and excessive drooling of the baby.

9. Unwell 

If you have done everything you can and still your baby is cranky and crying, it is possible that your baby is down with fever or worse, any other illness that is making your baby feel not good. You can consult your pediatrician in this case for guidance. 

Bringing up a baby is a wonderful yet stressful journey for the parents especially. The bottom line is there is a different cry for all of their needs and discomforts. You just have to learn the baby's language until they learn to speak. Babies grow up fast and before you realize they will begin their own life full of adventures.

Take care♥

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