Kick Start The Bridal Beauty Regime With Superb Ways

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bridal beauty regime
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Bridal beauty regime is an essential part and parcel of being a bride! It is an important session for the bride which makes her look gorgeous and beautiful on the D-day. A bridal regime for bride to be is incomplete without regular appointments with the parlour and the beautician for monthly facials, massages, hair packs and what not to shine on the wedding day. To make the bridal glow shine more, she should follow the following bridal beauty regime steps:

Bridal Beauty Regime For The Bride To Be

1. Weekly Manicures

The focus of the wedding will be the bride, her beauty, her makeup, ornaments and rings! Speaking of which, beautiful hands are a must. The bride should opt for regular manicures and keep the nails healthy and polished. The hands too would become smooth and supple with the manicures.

2. Teeth Whitening

Being a bride means constant smiles at all the guests! As such, whitened teeth would attract the people more and make the smile of the bride look more glamorous. The bride can schedule a teeth whitening session with the dentist for an effortless smile or she can go through some home remedies. This is the most important point to add in your bridal beauty regime.

3. Eating Right (Pre Wedding Beauty Regime)

A healthy diet and food habit are crucial for the bride to stay fit. She should avoid taking too much sugar and fatty foods to shed any belly fat. However, this doesn’t mean the bride to go on strange diets that restrict her from eating at all! Eating correct and the right proportions healthily is the secret of looking glamorous on the big day.

5. Regular Workouts: 

Working out regularly is essential for a fabulous shape and figure on the wedding day. It also helps the body to stay fit, gain energy levels and avoid the stress for the big day.  the bride may have a bridezilla moment and stress out! As such, meditation and yoga exercises are necessary to keep the mind and body in sync and on track at all times.

6. Lift Weights: 

Lifting weights like small dumbbells would give the bride toned arms. The flab in the arms would die down and the bride would look gorgeous in any outfit on the wedding day. Dumbbell presses are a good way to go in this case.

7. Dermatologist: 

Flawless skin is one of the topmost priorities of a bride. As such, an appointment with the dermatologist would be helpful to examine the skin condition and present state. It will also help the bride to plan the beauty regime according to the skin condition and type. A very important part of your bridal beauty regime.

8. Exfoliate: 

bridal beauty regime

Exfoliation is essential to remove the dead cells from the skin and to avoid any dull appearances on the big day. Regular exfoliation followed by the beauty regime is a must-do for the perfect glow. It removes dirt, dead cells and helps to improve the complexion and make it radiant. This is a very important tip to mention in your bridal beauty regime.

9. Bag of Quick Fixes: 

It is quite a important point in a wedding beauty regime. The bride should always carry a small bag of quick fixes handy for the wedding. This bag would include things like fake eyelashes, matching lip colour and deodorant among others which would be quick fixes on the big day. It should be ready and easy to reach to be used in case of emergencies.

10. Bronze Beauty: 

A sun-kissed look skin brings a healthy glow to the face. The bride should go for the bronzer to give that added sheer and shine to the face to glow on the wedding day. Get a good bronzer according to the skin colour that matches for the sun-touched appearance on the wonderful photographs.

11. Makeup Test Run in The Bridal Regime

It is essential to conduct a makeup test run for the bride just to avoid any hassles later on. This would give an idea of the look the bride would have on the wedding day. This is truly a very important part of the bridal beauty regime.

A wedding is about the bride, she should be beautiful in her own way! Makeup sessions, as well as regular bridal beauty regime, are a must to glow on the wedding day. it is essential that the bride schedules appointments with parlours well ahead to avoid any inconvenience later on. 

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